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Western Kenya's best kept secret, a luxury island paradise on the shores of Lake Victoria. Part of @governorscampcollection

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Home Grown Goodness from our Gardens served at Mfangano today.
Freshly harvested arrow root. Happy Friday from all of us here at Mfangano.
Drying basil, harvesting cabbage and a new member of the Mfangano family who arrived a few days ago and lives in the garden shed. Anyone have any ideas what we should name the latest member of the family at Mfangano ?
Collecting Fresh Salad from our Permaculture Gardens.
Thank you @mamamgeni  it was a pleasure having you.
We have the pleasure of hosting @mamamgeni at Mfangano this weekend. Thank you for this lovely photo.
In keeping with our permaculture movement we have begun a small fish farm experiment which is doing very well, currently we have 300 Nile Tilapia ranging from 1/2 inch to 6 inches and we expect our first harvest of plate sized fish by the end of next month. The idea behind the garden and the fish farm is to promote abundance and sustainability at low cost. If we can prove that this is possible without pesticides, large areas of land or expensive equipment then hopefully these principles will spread throughout the island. The members of staff have already shown huge interest and some are starting small kitchen gardens and composting at home. The fish are fed on cheap readily available meal and all filtration/aeration is done manually, on am island of fisherman being able to provide your family with fish for a month without leaving shore would have a huge impact.
A gorgeous sunset to end the day with fresh  #beetroot and #basil from our gardens.
#HappyFathersDay to all the Fathers out there from all of us at Mfangano.
Hands up who likes Kale Chips? #plentyofkaleinthegarden
It's an exciting day at Mfangano Island Camp as the first of our beehives are being installed in our permaculture gardens!@mfangano_island_camp
Photo courtesy of Miles Macdonald #permaculture #bees #beekeeping #sustainableliving #sustainabletravel #kenya #lakevictoria #africa #travel #governorscampcollection
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