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We like to welcome Norman, our recent addition to the @mfnperformance ambassador team! Norman is former track and field athlete turn 3x World Champion Powerlifter. His best lifts include a 390 lbs bench press, 565 lbs squat and 600 lbs deadlift. Our goal for Norman is to push him to become better than ever while promoting the high performance lifestyle. Congrats Norman!
When you aren't sure which protein to get, try both just like this online customer order! We offer both whey and vegan protein powder options if you are sensitive to whey or prefer a plant based option. Both protein contains our world class quality standards by having zero artificial ingredients, under 1g of carbs and fats, and over 20g of protein per scoop! Shop on>supplements and don't forget to join our free rewards club to get $10 on your first order! #mfnnation #mfnperformance #mikefit #mfn #natural #gotprotein
Our new and updated ambassador application is now open! We are looking for self-motivated and inspiring individuals nationwide to represent our MFN high performance lifestyle while getting full support to achieve your goals. Swipe to see our new exclusive benefits for current and new ambassadors. When you're a member of the @mfnperformance team, not only will you receive exclusive perks to our full line of nutritionist designed supplements, clothing apparel and workout programs; you have the opportunity to build your personal brand through our tremendoes network and grow with us along with shaping the entire health and fitness industry for the better. We are looking for not only athletes, but also those who are naturally involved in frequent training and/or requiring to be in peak physical shape. Apply by visting at the bottom of our website or through *For those who have applied in the past, we always encourage you to try your chances again!
Our @mfnperformance grass fed collagen protein peptides! Mixes perfectly with coffee for an all-in-one fat burning, energy, skin and joint health improvments. 📸@anxiousentrepreneur . Shop our mug and collagen formula on>supplement store.  #mfnnation #mfnperformance #mikefit #antiagingskincare #naturalbeautytips #coffee #caffeine #healthybreakfast order: Some MFN Whey Protein,  EFA Lean & Tank Tops. Did you know? We offer flat rate shipping $8.99 or free shipping + a free gift for orders over $100 like this one! Free gifts ranges from premium shaker cups to coasters and drawstring bags!
Ben @benji_kuun repping our @mfnperformance shirt in style! #mfnnation #mfnperformance #mikefit #mfn
Game On Pre-workout + Fuel & Repair [BCAA Amino in Pill form] . The ultimate performance combo designed to fuel your strongest workouts. 💪🏻📸 @britanywinkle . #mfnnation #mfnperformance #mikefit #mfnathlete #energy #focus #wednesdaymotivation
Some of our @mfnperformance gear! Flexfit Hat, Womens Flowy Tank, Hoodie & Sports Bottle. 📸@pmhuynh86
Check out our new @mfnperformance revolutionary S3 circuit training system designed by @mikepro_champion !  With 7 different programs available. Each plan contains 4 weeks of workouts with 3 different circuit routines per week. S3 circuits are super intense 24 minute workouts that focuses on shred,  strength and symmetry training in one so you can be leaner, stronger and balanced from left to right, top to bottom. Video demos are included and performed exclusively by Mike and the @mfnperformance team along with warmup/cool-down tips and nutrition tips. Our S3 circuits are guaranteed to get you sculpted and lean in 4 weeks. Available on >workout ebooks.  Starting $25 - $35. #mfnnation #mfnperformance #mikefit
Our @mfnperformance training towel with gold metallic print, double zipper drawstring bag and leak free shaker cup. All available on Designed for function, performance and style! 📸 @raynanarama 💪🏻🏃‍♂️ #mfnnation #mfnperformance #mikefit #mfn #swag #style
Whether you're leaning out or building strength,  our @mfnperformance superior whey protein isolate is sure to have you covered! With 26 grams of protein per scoop. Zero Fat. Zero carbs. And Zero aritificial ingredients. 🏆Made with the highest quality whey thats high in BCAAs and completely lactose FREE. Perfect for all fitness driven lifestyles. 📸 @myfriendjudy  #proteinpowder #chocolatelover #cleaneats .