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#MGIZipSeries OUT NOW!

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With the full directional remote control, your #ZipNavigator will echo your direction with the touch of a button! #TheGameChanger
Want to save more boot space? Easy. Simply place the wheels in an inverted position. #TheGameChanger
Make every course an even and level playing field with the MGI Zip X5. #TheGameChanger
We know that not all electric buggies are the same... With the MGI Zip Series you’re amongst the best equipment in the game #TheGameChanger
Walk free, play hard with the MGI Zip X1 #TheGameChanger
For effortless play, the MGI Zip X3 buggy is built on a platform of signature MGI Features to help improve your golfing experience. #TheGameChanger
With one press of a button, you’ll be able to relax and reminisce about the time you chased after an out-of-control buggy on a rapid downhill descent, confident the park brake will halt the MGI Zip X5 on even the steepest of slopes ⛳️
Trivia time!
Stealth in look, effortless in play. The MGI Zip X3 has a range of features designed to help you play your best game. Total game changer.
Monday mood…
How we wish every day played out... 👍