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As of next week, I’ll be working out of cafes every Friday. Time to explore my city :> #mtlcafecrawl #th3rdwave
merci bathroom mirror
neighborhood spot 👌🏼 #홀리몰리
big ass hands, better to wave at you with 👋🏻 #dossiermagazine
Barely even partied when I was in Korea recently. WHO IS THIS QURL? Take me back - I need to dance. 🥂💃 (whats a good schpot in mtl these days? swear im gonna have to become a dj really soon) #놀러가고싶다
Every time I buy a new pair of shoes, I think I’m good for a while.. and then 5 minutes later I see another pair I like. 🐷 #gimmegimme
Craving a fruity drink on the beach. 🏝
If I spent less time scrolling on my sofa, I would have more time for workouts. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy and I don’t sleep well either :/ I feel like being active again will fix a lot of that. #summerbodyinprogress as of .. tomorrow 🤔 hehe MOTIVATE ME PPL
#oldferrydonut | I drank way too many coffees that day, and I couldn’t resist drinking one more because of the cute donuts on top :> way too hyper and really weirded out @edweird0 lol ma bad. #한남동 #한남동카페
Tea for ☝🏼 at #teakha.
new @minandmia update coming on may 1st. so pleased with the feedback so far. 🌚🙏🏻 just curious, what’s your fave in this little roundup? #minandmia