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👾 wanted to use the opening ceremony vsco filter on these opening ceremony stairs lmao
throwback 👐🏼 haven’t got my 2019 self together yet tbh. still writing out my goals and organizing my brain hehe BUT i am feeling hella motivated and excited and creative. also: wanted to say ive actually been getting a bunch of people messaging me (somehow it’s ramped up a crazy amount in the last week) with questions about working/living in korea and also how to start your own business. if you send me specific questions, im gonna make a video answering them! 🤙🏼 also also: do i deserve a bbt right now? 🤯
another addition to the pink sneaker fam #rafsimonsxadidas
in a relationship with 편의점/konbini sandwiches. 💕
palace flagship. next time we’ll hang fo sho @ugqwamoto! cc: @kneesus 👋🏻
poodle transformation complete 🖖🏼
have been an ambush fan since high school. my face was just like 🤩 the whole time. #ambush
if you knew that you would suddenly die in one year, would you change anything about the way you are currently living?
background sounds: kids playing in the park, trains going by, soft jazz, coffee grinding. i dig. #onibuscoffee #nakameguro
when you have that proper coffee ☕️
cuffing season 🔗
this week is gonna be brutal *_* but then tokyo on saturday ✌🏼