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These earrings make me feel like a modern day Ms. Frizzle.
FEELING THANKFUL <also feeling like i need to get my shit together>
with my winged beans 👼🏻
#sosofoodclub #nonewfriends
1. do u 💛 me? 2. r u riding?
My telenovela debut.
Little things that can make your day : ) 🎈 #besties
When you remember Kraft Dinner tasting so good as a kid, but then try it again as an adult (can we talk about how it’s neon orange). Also, I feel like everyone’s coming of age is when they start liking grapefruit. #maturingtastebuds
she sells seashells by the seashore
blue velvet 💧
my first love: bubble tea, my side bitch: tiramisu mille crepe cake. 📷 @garrettnaccarato
sweet, salty, spicy, sweet
Don’t let others dictate your outcome and definitely don’t let your broken record thoughts get in the way of your own potential. 💭

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