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i couldn’t choose - 1 • 2 • 3 ? *also thx to @heyketsia for the squatting skills to make me look taller lmao ahaha
it glowz
sad that the long weekend is over, but happy that it’s a 4-day week. in other news for things to look forward to: less than a month left until @pochamtl, the first korean food and culture festival in montreal. 🇰🇷
bonus: can you guess which #blackmirror episode inspired this ahaha?
매너남 일등 ㅋㅋㅋ @seolwoohyung
chilling in my WERQWEAR™️ at @33apartment with the kitsuné buddi @thegreatearvin - good luck with the move to spider land aka hoju! bring with you to australia muhaha 🇦🇺.
onibus is one of my fave cafes in tokyo ~ chill hangouts with mom 🥰🇯🇵
다시 캐나다로 .. ㅠ #출근하기싫다
a cake a day
so happy 🥳👽👾 #dasistprobat
this skirt was in a bag with some incense i bought and now i smell like the baddest witch. so happy to be back in seoul. ❤️
next week -> 🇰🇷
a t m o s 🤙🏼