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montreal x seoul
shop owner @minandmia
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My photobooth pics are a solid compilation of sheet masks, pyjamas, dogs (sometimes a 3-for-1 deal) with a dash of #feelingmyself at 5am.
Seeing the owner of these feet so soon! @itsdayji 👯‍♀️
ill have you know i almost melted to pieces while this was being shot. 90000 degrees in the studio. #dossier
Help me choose! 🤔 Taipei or Hong Kong next month? Both have delish food and I have friends in both.. but I’ve never been to HK! Did I answer my own question? #icantasteitalready
The thing with croissants is they taste so good, but they also weigh 0.00000001g in your belly, so you have to eat 1000 of them. #goodmorning #livebymyrules
Happy Love Day 👧🏻❤️
The adult equivalent of Christmas is online shopping. Except it’s all year long. And you get what you want. #ssense #eytys #stellamccartney
Always invest in blazers. #lovemeback #supy
Need to book a flight to Seoul sooooon.
Been so busy, I haven’t even had time to get a haircut haha. Sometimes people think I’m avoiding them because I always say I can’t go to hangouts:( I’ve just got other priorities and I’m not getting any younger lolol. YES I’m currently in a bar and drinking beers with a friend, but we are also glued to our laptops hustling on a startup.  Gotta get on that 30 under 30 list l-o-l. Who is withhhhh mé?!?! YAY NAY OKAY (low key forever 14y/o tho)
When you can literally fall asleep at any given second. Thank god for coffee 🙌🏼. <- I wrote this last night and fell asleep on my phone before posting haha - guess I proved my point. 👧🏻
All white in the winter. #ihatethissnowstorm #sparklysocks