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I know that I'm just responding to the passing of @MacMiller, but I was confused about what I would say. I don't know whether to be mad sad or indifferent about the passing of this young man. Right now, all I know is that I'm very sick of saying our RIP's to fellow rappers and entertainers dying because of drug use and drug abuse. It's time that we as rappers and entertainers take a step back and see exactly what we are influencing and pushing to these kids. 
It's time that we stand up against drug use and drug abuse to prevent incidents like this from going on over and over and over again. These artists are using their music as therapy to get their message out to those that will listen. It's as if their music is a cry for help. 
We need to start listening and making sure that we are helping our artists and favorite entertainers to get over the difficult times.
Somebody find this pilot homie!! I need to see if we can make some money...
Guess the beef is finally over! Shout Out #drakeandmeek #drakeandmigos #beefsquashed #Top5
This is some real shit and encouraging as hell @6ix9ine keep grindin bro. We see who you do it for.
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See Nike knows where their money comes from. And they ain't trying to lose the black dollar.
Dear White Ppl...........Stop! #hilariousmemes #ridiculousness #embarrassing but #funnymemes
The album was weak. Em was way too serious about ppls opinions. NOT LIKE EM AT ALL. In the past, ppl would criticize Shady and he would come with the jokes, now it's like he's tryna prove that he can out-rap all mumble rappers. But @eminem is missing the point. WE KNOW THAT YOU CAN OUT-RAP ALL MUMBLE RAPPERS!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE HERE SIR!! Your wittiness won us over bro all those years ago, not how tough you can be and not the way you rap. And I have to be honest, my niggaz then always seen you like we see Lil Dicky today. We took you serious as a rapper, but your music had comedic value and wit. Bring that EM back.
Bruh.......... #yourthoughts #wtfreally #areyouserious #smh
Like #magic ......