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I'm a singer song writer and vocalist.


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Than you very much♪
I'm at JAPAN EXPO in France.
Please find my booth.
It is called "WABI SABI" booth.
Come and see me:) #mikakobayashi
【Announcement on JAPAN EXPO】

Please come and join me!  I will sing songs for the very first time in France. ★Mika Kobayashi’s Performance Schedule
July 5th (Thu.) 13:30~14:00 ART Stage in WABI SABI
July 5th (Thu.) 14:45~15:15  SAKURA Stage ※ In collaboration with Samurai Artist KAMUI
July 7th (Sat.) 12:15~12:45  ART Stage in WABI SABI
July 8th (Sun.) 15:55~16:15  KARASU Stage ★Autograph session
July 8th (Sun.) 11:45〜12:45 SUMIRE ★Regarding Display Booth
【K2 Company Inc.`s Booth】
Booth Name:WABI SABI
Booth No.:P187
<Items for Sale>
CD Mika Type I
CD Mika Type RO
Item: 3 types of cloth wrappers 
Item: Key chain
Item: 2 types of posters 【ART Stage】Section for Public Relation
<Items for Sale>
CD Mika Type RO
CD Tamashii-no-hanashi
DVD Semushi-otoko-no-koi
DVD Hitokata-no-yume
DVD Meikyu-iri, Italian version

I will go to France at first time!!!
Come to see me:) https://www.japan-expo-paris.com/en/actualites/mika-kobayashi-la-chanteuse-de-vos-generiques-danime-favoris_105685.htm?k=2cc27ac432d4109349da6091e2c775e0

なかなか更新が出来ませんでしたが、鍵盤が大好きなタッチのアーク栄サロン、名古屋のライブはまたここで開催したいです(*^^*) #mikakobayashi


I will go to Singapore♪
Please watch a new MV♪ ‪小林未郁「迷宮入り」イタリアver.‬
‪[ Mika Kobayashi "Meikyu-iri"MV (Italian Version) ]‬ ‪#mikakobayashi‬
‪#ozzon‬ ‪https://youtu.be/eH3nXsn8AxU
“Mika Type RO” NOW ON SALE

You can get it :)
iTunes Store/AppleMusic、Spotify AB、Amazon、Google Play Muic、DEEZER and more.. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* "I will catch you someday"

This is the second best album created by a singer and songwriter Mika Kobayashi after she established her own label "miccabose". Mika is a musician who cherishes live performance the most. 
Just like her first album, this album reflects her unique approach of not using pitch modification and punch-in which are widely practiced recording techniques in music industry.  Recording her solo performance of singing along the piano was carried out by one shot process.  She also played all the percussion instruments herself to complete the album.  Two tracks of band performance joined by guest musicians are included as well.

The album consists of two CDs.  One is titled “Anatasagashi” containing her original songs which may take you into her world emotionally while listening.  The other CD is titled “Utau Watashiro” which consists of popular sound tracks performed during the Greater China tour which Mika took part in as a vocalist.  The jacket picture was designed for this particular album by a world-renown illustrator Yoshiyasu Tamura.

中華圏ツアー、そして「Mika Type ろ」のレコーディングに参加してくださったメンバーの皆様、