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Repost from @ouget??! This Ant Queen costume ... holy smokes
@richardsvalley will be ending tomorrow
Moul D playing this concert for/at Faith/Void later this month. Look at how precious and small this concert is. This concert has only been with you a short while but as you cradle it in your hands and stare down at its big beautiful eyes, you think to yourself ... “I’d do anything to protect you, little concert!”
I got a DM asking for shelf pics so here are shelf pics. Thank you btw for DMing me a request that was both wholesome and unrelated to what tools I use to draw with
The cool thing about spending all day reorganizing your bookshelves is that after you finish not a single person will be able to tell the difference at all
“Fixing” my cube
Back in the saddle after some travel (stomach still addled?? watching GP Seattle...??????)