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This week has definitely been one to remember. This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of my 21st year with some amazing people! I was able to have coffee and lunch with some great people, then I had the opportunity to hang out with @mv_youth, then to finish off the night I was able to get some sushi with some of the best guys around! I personally want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and who I had the opportunity to spend time with on my big day! @mv_youth @allyouneedisdan @sheianaplz @joshua_charlton @davidsantie14 and everyone else that I was unable to tag! Thanks everyone!
Great day getting to hang out with @michaelstewqrt and @allyouneedisdan at Chase Field! Even though the D-backs lost we had a great day! #baseball #diamondbacks
Great day getting to hang out with @michaelstewqrt and @allyouneedisdan at Chase Field! Even though the D-backs lost we had a great day! #baseball #diamondbacks
On our way to Water Wars at Tempe Nazarene Church! #AZNYI @mv_youth @tempenazyouth
AZNYI Summer Camps! Connectivity 2017 was a huge success! I am excited for more adventures with AZNYI!
It was a great time getting to hang out with these spectacular human beings again! I had truly missed all of them over the summer  and  this dysfunctional family that we have formed. It is great to be back. I am looking forward to all of this years shenanigans and adventures, this is going to be a great semester! #dysfunctionalfamily #collegelife #bestpeople #whyamisowhite #iambadathashtags @sarah.sanders @pandabeaw
One benefit of living on campus is being surprised by awesome friends with amazing cookies! Thank you @Sarah.Sanders! :)
A little over a year ago, Tyler and I had this amazing idea to move from Colorado to Phoenix Arizona  for college. A year ago today, we loaded up the cars and left for Phoenix. At first, we thought it may have been a mistake. Due to the fact that on the day we left Colorado Springs it was 72°.Once we arrived in Phoenix it was 118°, just a bit hotter than Colorado (much hotter actually haha). It was wake-up call for sure, also known as “Welcome to Phoenix!”. It's hard to believe that it has already been a year! So much has happened in such a short amount of time. However it has been a fantastic year filled with great memories, amazing opportunities, and good friends. 
This day also marks another very important occasion, I want to take a moment and wish my best friend Tyler Brooks a very happy birthday! I hope that you have a fantastic day buddy! I am glad that we took on this adventure together  and have had a fantastic year together! I am looking forward to another great year filled with good times, late night movies, and great memories mam! :) Happy 20th birthday man!
Defcon 24 Day 1! #defcon24 #lasvegas
I honestly couldn't ask for a better night with some amazing people!
Sometimes the best days happen without any warning, Today I had the opprtunity to go spend the day fishing with my college friends at a beautiful location!
I have some pretty awesome coworkers!