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I am honored that we can say Youngblood is our 3rd consecutive #1 album in the US. I don’t have the words to thank the people that support us except that we fucking love you. thank you to our team for helping us see through our vision and achieve what we set out to do. I fucking love 5 Seconds of Summer.
happy special day to the ultimate person in my life. every year gets better with you. 
you look cute today, btw
don’t fuck with me
favorite album ever. we love you guys so much. thank you for your undying support on this record. also sorry I talk so awkward
release day is here.. 📸:@ryanfleming
UK/EUROPE hold on to your handlebars, we are coming for you.
my dreams are still bigger than my pupils.
Youngblood has officially gone #1 in Australia. I don’t even have any words. thank you all so fucking much.
I love my mum more than anything in the entire world ❤️
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hands up @spencermilller