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Today marks exactly one year since the Women’s March. We are gathering in Las Vegas to show that women are not backing down; we are bringing the power of our movement to the polls. Help us reach our goal of getting 1 million people to register to vote: text P2P to RTVOTE (788-683) to make sure you’re registered to vote! #PowerToThePolls #WomensMarch2018
Swipe right for some very practical ways to help make Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream come to fruition.
We would be remiss to not also honor Coretta Scott King on this day. She is part of the rich legacy of Black women in America who were the strength and sustenance of the Civil Rights movement, and every other movement in the name of justice and love. None of these achievements in humanity would be possible without the powerful women who often worked unrecognized for their mighty contributions. #CorettaScottKing #MLK
( 📷 by Thomas Shillea)
Visit my FB or Twitter page for the link to my #MLK sermon from @dukechapel yesterday morning.  youtu.be/nltzVKDQOlo
This morning, I’ll be preaching at @dukechapel in commemoration of #MLK. Check out the live link if you aren’t able to attend in person.
Thank you having me this evening @bethunecookman #floridanaacp
Today marks eight years since the earthquake that further devastated the already suffering country of Haiti just days after celebrating the anniversary of its independence.
In the face of slavery, colonization, embargos, political and civil unrest, natural disasters, and other oppressive and destructive forces, the Haitian people remain unbreakable.
This statue, Le Marron Inconnu, represents the strength, resilience, grace and beauty of the Haitian people. 
#ayiticherie #stilltheyrise
“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it”. (Zora Neale Hurston)

I’ve been focused on my next book, #WhatTruthSoundsLike, but needed to take a moment to briefly address some of the buzz from these last two days. Representation matters. Imagery is important. People of color deserve to see themselves fairly, authentically and beautifully portrayed in the media. We cannot be silent. We must make our pain known. We will not be dismissed. This is our truth. #TearsWeCannotStop
Bravo to the brilliant, precocious, committed, dedicated, formidable @yarashahidi on the premiere of @grownish tonight! Proud of you!
Thank you for the ongoing support of my work. Peace & blessings to you all in 2018. #2017bestnine
Putting the final touches on my next book #WhatTruthSoundsLike.

The print and audiobook are available for preorder now at:




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