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Quick segments on the news don't always give me the opportunity to delve deeply or adequately into concepts for the good folk listening from home. And when on the news, I don't always have the opportunity to speak to the precise queries I would like to unpack with you but am at the mercy of my interviewer. I'm often asked questions on social media and on the streets; I wish that I could sit down and answer you each individually. 
What I offer to you instead is this: check out some of the sermons/talks I've posted to my Facebook page, head to google to look up one of my many essays or check out one of my many books from your local library. 
My latest book, #tearswecannotstop,  is also available as an audiobook if you are an auditory learner. I promise that I spend a lot more time on many of these complex issues in my writing. Additionally, for those who are constantly asking me how to expand their vocabularies, it gives you time to digest some of the language I use.

And if you run into me at a bookstore or a restaurant or an airport, feel free to say hello. Taking that moment to shake your hand and learn your name is my honour.

Peace & blessings,
New Day post script...
My man @marvthebarb came to get me looking right for @goodmorningamerica shortly after 7am ET.
I'll be on @msnbc with @thebeatwithari shortly.
On @outsidethelinesespn now. @espn
@CNN with @donlemoncnn starting in a few minutes. And I'll be back doing more media starting bright & early tomorrow to continue to add my voice to the conversation and frame my understanding as things unfold.
Starting at 8pm ET.
Wondering how you can effect change? These are all advisors on the President's Manufacturing Council. Use the power of social media to tag their businesses in your posts and demand that their CEOs make a clear stand against racism and oppression. Be sure to check online for the latest information as changes may have occurred after this list was posted.
Michael Bennett-- Brother, I salute you for your ongoing commitment to community , equity and justice. @mosesbread72 #sittostand