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40 years ago, at 6:37am on May 22, 1978, this precious, beautiful child entered my life and changed my world. I was a teen father, and I felt inexpressibly blessed to be the father of Michael Eric Dyson, II. From the beginning he was a highly intelligent child full of wonder and curiosity. He has grown into a brilliant, gifted, handsome man -- and sports genius -- who is hitting his full stride and learning more about himself and the world around him each day. I consider it my highest blessing to be, in part, the vehicle for his existence, and gratified at the extraordinary promise he continues to bear as a member of this fragile but relentless species. Happy 40th Birthday my beloved son, my dear and deep friend, and my partner in satisfying an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about this universe we inhabit. Love you my man!
Learning about the work of Ujamaa Place and how they are helping young black men in their community make positive changes in their lives.  #brotherhood #ujamaaplace
Looking forward to reading this @questlove
Munk Debates this evening. I’m in Toronto. 🇨🇦 #Repost @munkdebates with @get_repost
The best-selling author and academic Michael Eric Dyson fights for political correctness in the pursuit of social justice. #munkdebates
I’m so proud of my nephew @the_cole.anthony . USA Today named him the #1 player in the country in the class of 2019! I’m telling y’all this young man is a beast — a marvel of athletic spectacle and graceful skill! Keep up the great work splendid warrior!! And blessings to you on this, your 18th birthday. Never forget that you are so much more than an athlete. In the tradition that your parents have set, you are first and foremost a black man who carries with him the dignity, pride and excellence of the generations.
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#ThisisAmerica... How do we initiate a drastic change in a system that can’t allow us to merely EXIST? Share your #TuesdayThoughts below @michaelericdyson [🎥: CNN]
Happy Mother’s Day to all those who selflessly nurture, love and protect their children.
Congrats to @gabunion on her new film @breakinginmovie !!!!!
‪Toronto, I look forward to seeing you in a week. https://www.munkdebates.com‬ 🇨🇦
Honored to appear with the legendary #harrybelafonte in a conversation that will be moderated by the wonderful @shaunking . We will talk about the groundbreaking meeting Belafonte & Baldwin had with RFK, & contemporary racial, gender and class politics. Can’t wait! See you there!
Head to my Facebook or Twitter page to watch video of my appearance on @CNN earlier today.
Social media posts and segments on the news don’t allow me the space to work through the important questions of the day. Writing books like #whattruthsoundslike is my opportunity to wrestle vigorously with specific queries. I hope you’ll engage in these explorations with me.