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Exciting things coming for 2019.
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I’m excited for 2019, new adventures incoming! My feed will look a lot different - and yes, there will be a feed at all again 😁 more on that later. Much love!
Beauty in abundance.
Hi, it's been a while. Thanks for staying while I was awaying ❤ 
Here's a leaf that I found while traversing the forrest for no reason other than reasonlessness. It was muddy, cold, gray and dirty outside. Much like it can be inside, oneself. I thought to myself "surely there must be beauty somewhere here...?" so I stopped at a random place, picked a random spot, zoomed in on a random object... and surely, there was beauty. And reason.
The brightest flame burns quickest.
Mm... <3
Matt Costa - Behind the Moon
However heavy your thoughts may seem; this cloud weighs more. More than the combined suffering of mankind in its entirety - past, present and future. There's peace and comfort to be found in this.
Let's get weird.
As the midday sun traverse the muddy river, I leave my weight and charge my peace - to the sound of passing steamboats in the whisping breeze.
As I juggle your thoughts in a fire of truth - my well turns empty; bone dry from your obvious youth.
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