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Wife + Mom + Int’l Mentor transforming women's image, confidence + mindset to attract their next level of success + joy.
Living life colorfully.


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:: Sometimes I forget why I paint. And then I remember why I paint. 
I Understand - The Deep & The Light
:: B and I hit up Micheals. I got new acrylics. 🤤 Ug! Aren’t they gorgeous? I don’t even want to use them - I’ll mess up the Hues! 🌈🙏🏾🤣 #imgoingtousethemanyway #artist
#colorobsessed #colorexpert #HueAndStyle
:: Understanding what life is teaching us makes everything we experience purposeful. 
The lessons are always about us. Never about others. And it’s pretty cool when you can start to see the lesson early in its teaching, shift course in yourself and become better, deeper and more whole. 
Funny thing, when we don’t “get the lesson” it presents itself again and again until we address it. 
Think about it in your own life. What lessons repeated until you got it? Or which are repeating now that you’re not getting yet? #beyourbest #lifelessons #instaquote
:: The story of our marriage... glam and goof. #MeeshandWistopher
When he dresses up...😍 ❤️#MeeshandWistopher
:: It gon’ be a {color} party, y’all!🌈
Details for tonight’s formal fundraiser event. Be clear. There WILL be color. 🤣💜 #HueAndStyle
#cantstopwontstop #colorobessed #colorexpert
:: I dance in the dark but if you watch closely, you’ll catch my Joy - in a snap and two spontaneous smiles. Happy Friday. I hope you catch your Joy today! 😘✨✌🏾#DanceIsJoy #Gratitude
:: Sometimes you need to celebrate the ridiculous awesomeness of yourself. 
I did this afternoon with a Honey Tea Latte, a brisk walk in Fall air, some fast moving Grupo Niche salsa in my ears. #imamazing #notafraidtosayit #celebrateyourself #confidence
:: For those that know... you know I have a problem with black boots. 🙄Too many pairs!👢 We live 8 months under snow so I supposed I’m justified. 
I broke the mold this fall and went with these @poppybarley Gotham Grey heeled Chelsea’s and, Man, am I glad I did. Still in my #HueAndStyle color palette so they go with everything I own and they are ridiculously comfy too! #win
:: Heading into my client coaching call with a little bit of color. This combo’s psychology is built for inspiring optimism and personal power for the gals finishing this step of their process with me. Let’s see if they know what their color-expert mentor is working with this morning. 🤣💜 #HueAndStyle
:: Sundays are for comfort food in the slow-cooker. Iranian Chicken is cooking in mine for the the next 7 hours. This paprika-turmeric blend with the onions, ginger, garlic and cloves are making my house smell
"Dressing well is not about fashion or vanity.  It is about self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love and teaching others how to treat you!" 💜MCG #HueAndStyle