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Joyfully intentional. Color-expert. Wife+Mom. Image confidence strategy far beyond fashion for purpose-driven women ready to dress to attract success.


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:: {Warning⚠️Weird screenshot but super important “teach”} 🙄🤣This morning on my FB Page I talked about the “silent language” of your image and the essentials of getting it right to communicate with those you want to connect to and attract? If you miss these essential image elements, chances are you are missing the mark with making yourself visible and confident!

Link in bio and click through “new video lesson” to learn all about it! #hueandstyle #personalbranding #womensfashion
:: It was a great balanced day of work with women and recovery from last night’s live workshop - I couldn’t get to sleep, I was so charged up. So now I’m just getting up from my regular afternoon siesta... my buddy takes it with me daily and is still sleeping. 😹 #MikkoSpam
:: Tonight, I teach. 🙌🏾
I get to teach live to my Elite Inner Circle clients - my Confidence Coalition. A league of women who have taken their confidence into new realms starting with their image.
Tonight they learn a process of goal achievement that has won me every big goal, captured every prize I’ve ever put my finger on and that goes far beyond a vision board. It’s bullet-proof.
I can not wait to see what they create in 2018 with it! #goals #HueAndStyle #confidence #mastermind
:: ’Art’ is a form of work that is an expression of emotion. ‘Craft’ is a form of worth that results in a tangible result.
I was reminded by a kind, young and insightful executive chef this weekend of the difference. A craft has a sense of doing and creating an end result to be sensed, used, enjoyed, touched and even tasted.
It occurred to me, our lives are a craft first and then an art.
When you find joy in the “doing” of what brings a tangible result to ourselves and others, we feel fulfilled. The thing you “do” with your gifts and talents is also an art. It is an expression of your own emotions and as we go about the “doing” - the ups, downs, lows and triumphs. That is the art.
So, here’s to an amazing start to your week in the craft of your life. What will you be creating?
#joyfullyintentional #mlk
:: Back to that Alberta sunset...in #Oilers colors no less. 💙🧡🙌🏾 #letsgooilers #lasvegasstrip #yeg #sunset
:: Connor’s Birthday party in Vegas is shaping up nicely! 💙🧡💙🧡#happybirthdayconnor #connormcdavid
:: I’m laughing because he’s a goof! {swipe} We’re #gameready #letsgooilers #lasvegas #MeeshAndWistopher
:: My night included playing roulette with a movie star, a 14 course tasting menu prepared at a Michelin starred chef’s restaurant, a private tour of Joel Robuchon’s kitchen and meeting of his executive chef & brigade, plus great friends laughing over food with wine pairings. I teared up multiple times tonight for the art, the beauty, the service, and the joy that comes every time I get to experience the craft of fine food and those that create it. Amazing. Happiness and Joy achieved, Folks, let me tell you!! 🙌🏾#mypassion #foodie #fridaynight What passion lights you up so much it makes you want to cry when you are experiencing it? #truepassion #MeeshAndWistopher
:: All the color! 😩🙌🏾 🌈#iliterallycanteven #colorlover #lasvegas
:: I’ve always liked how Vegas does a nice job recreating the Venice I remember.... and I don’t have to worry about the pick-pockets here. 🤪👍🏾 #TheVenetian #LasVegas #notrealtherealitaly #weekendgetaway
:: Prelude to a weekend.... #leavingonajetplane
:: Getting my water in with this cute 🐝 reminder of how much is possible within ourselves when we first believe and then take action and “do.”
Scientists have proven that it is aerodynamically impossible for the bumble bee to fly. Its body is too heavy, and its wings are too light. But it doesn’t know any better - it defies science and just flies anyway.
I learned about the story of the bumble bee early on in my 15 year Mary Kay career. The year that I set my sights and action on earning my first diamond bumble bee for team-building, I achieved it as the #5 top recruiter in all of Canada. Did I ever think I would be #5? Nope. I didn’t know any better I just did the action and the result was I flew!
Here’s to you remembering your own bumble bee moment and how it’s shaped you! Tell me about it if you have a second, Gal!  #dreambeliever #dreamitdoit