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Buzzing like that no vacancy
Just when we thought rocking the monkey forest together would be nice, them monsters chased this poor little dude harder than Paris Hilton partying. So here we go.
On sunday we went green #throwback
Beast of the shore
Just a normal day on the island
Two months ago with some help from friends, I started a tiny creative hot shop called @dothis.co ~ It's crazy how we have really hit the ground working on some projects with the coolest clients on the island remembering I had no expectation and rather see this as a break time for me. I guess I'm just overwhelmed by how blessed I have been in 2018. Thanks for all the generous support for anyone we've been crossing path with. (:
And yep, it's me again because grid's rule is an obligation✌️
I was told my IG is minus of personal touch so here's a zoom of my face after 2 weeks of sleep deprivation. Enjoy (:
Can't believe my dirty 23 is almost over and I'm scared the hell out of it. 5 from 7 on to do list has been checked yet can't seem quite ready for the dirty 24. Smh
This place made the crazy expensive unfriendly taxi ride worth it
Tb to Antipolo day