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Jim Moginie's 'Perpetua EP' is out today, get it here: http://radi.al/Perpetua

In Jim's own words: "This picture of me was taken in Fluntern Cemetery in Switzerland, where James Joyce is buried. We came there to honour the great man and his wife Nora. "During recuperation after the amazing Midnight Oil world tour I was mostly horizontal. So I put together an EP of songs I recorded a couple of years ago, along the lines of last year窶冱 窶篭nder The Motherland窶冱 Flag窶 EP. "In 2016 I had just turned a significant age, so barricaded myself into the studio with engineer El Ninety and banged them out during the winter months, playing most of the instruments myself with my son Sam on drums. "The text was thus. 窶狼he moment is now. There is no time to dilly dally around the periphery窶. So, while I'm thus philosophically engaged, I'm releasing the 4 song EP, called PERPETUA, on Ash Wednesday (or if you like) St. Valentine窶冱 Day, February 14. Because there窶冱 a song called Eternal Love on there. There窶冱 a co write with Sarah Blasko on there too, and another with some Nashville cats. "Perpetua. The title fits: it's in honour of the glorious dead: ancestors, relatives, friends, childhood heroes. We are but passing through, it窶冱 feckin perpetual. OK. That窶冱 a mawkish idea to some. And I say 窶郎ou窶决e on earth, there窶冱 no cure for that.窶 窶朗o, I regret nothing, all I regret is having been born, dying is such a long tiresome business I always found.窶 Actually that was Beckett." Share the 笶、ク on Valentine's Day.
Unfortunately it窶冱 not possible for Midnight Oil to police every item that is sold on the internet, but as a general comment, buyers should always beware that there are lots of scammers out there, and fans should therefore always act with appropriately high levels of skepticism before making any unofficial Midnight Oil-related purchases. In this particular instance, given the price and quantity of the items, we want to make it clear that Midnight Oil did NOT sign these guitars. In other words they are NOT authentic as the seller is claiming. This has been communicated to the website which is enabling the sale and the seller. - Oils HQ
See Midnight Oil featured in the Australian Music Vault, opening at Arts Centre Melbourne from Dec 19. More info: www.australianmusicvault.com.au
Repost from @peterrgarrett 窶廬n conversation with Al Gore on the Australian perspective  of climate change and how we will stop the Adani Mine.窶 www.24hoursofreality.org
Today, Peter Garrett is joining @AlGore and @ClimateReality for #24HoursofReality. Check out Peter窶冱 interview with the former US Vice President from 2:00pm-3:00pm AEDT - head to bit.ly/VoiceofReality to watch the live stream. Climate change is one of the most important challenges we face.
Repost from @jimmoginie 
Thanks everyone for all the lovely get well cards. After the operation (which happened on Tuesday) I'm fine, but on a long road to recovery. A time for learning and growth. 泗 for the love, it's what we need and it sure got me through. X Jim
PS Check out and follow this unreal playlist 
PPS that's Jimmy Stewart and not me in one of the photos.
Head to www.midnightoil.com/postcards-from-australia-part-4 for photos and highlights from the final leg of #TheGreatCircle2017
Sydney. Nights are warm.
"Midnight Oil are a very Australian rock band 窶 rough and dynamic on stage and on record; a no-bullshit aesthetic; and an ability to produce memorable songs that challenge and provoke our sense of who we are." Check out Midnight Oil's J Files on Double J, hosted by Peter Garrett: www.doublej.net.au/programs/jfiles/midnight-oil
Good things come in 3窶冱 - thank you Melbourne and thank you Sidney Myer Music Bowl.
YES, we do!
Read about it in The Big Issue. Hear about it in The Gong. #thegreatcircle2017 #midnightoil