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Ginala ng very quick c baby for the sake of picture taking. C #kuyaAZ meron dn picture dto. So Mikayla should have one dn. (Although tatlo yan) haha.
Kht may bulutong ganda pa dn.
Kht san mo tlga dalin. Smile parin basta nakakita ng camera. Haha. Sayang nd na kasama c kuya. Miss kna nya for sure.
Past is past nga ba??? Hahaha tra move on na tau. 😅🤯
We hate frames kasi maalikabukin sya and puro kmi may asthma pero one thing I wanted to put on a frame soon are these pictures ♥️♥️♥️
One of the privileges of a baby is that they are entitled to mess around without consequences but happiness. 
Ngiting tagumpay nnmn sya sa food trip nya yesterday!
Bka sakaling maging healthy. Tssk
Sherep nmen ng wallpaper ko. 😘😘😘 @colesprouse #jugheadjones #jughead #colesprouse
Touch down MOA. Woooohhh we're now two hours away from home. If we're lucky then it'll be just an hour. Tsssk
Aun oh. Ibig sbhn nd na ko masyado sakitin hahaha
Haha ang cute ng gawa ni #kuyaAZ at ate iyang. Happy birthday anak. You're a blessing to us. I love you. 💕❤️😘