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I do silly faces while on shirts. 🤪
Mihalis Safras - #Afrodance out now on @moonharbour_official. Requests: josh@paramountartists.com - Listen:👇🏼


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Ibiza was not fun 😂 Not fun at all. #area10
Team Lalaland 📸 #wenailedit
Los Angeles Im coming for you with the #lalaland fam! 🕺🏻👯‍♀️
Feeling ready to dance. #Lalaland @reliefrecords @echostagedc @area10records @thefactory93
LaLaLand with the fam. 🙏🏻 @thefactory93 #LA
It says Russia but Im so ready for the USA tour next week. #LaLaland Props to big man @chadzc11 from UTA. Also, Monday back to Ibiza for a set at @area10records @cuckoolandibiza
I feel a bit ready for the weekend👯‍♀️
Also, pretty excited to announce that my new release ‘Afrodance’ will drop on @matthiastanzmann label @moonharbour_official end of August.
#losangeles #dc #ibiza
In August Im gonnna do some faces for you 🤪 📸
That is the essence of what I do. People dancing, capturing moments of fun and we receiving that love and smile. Blessed🙏🏻🕺🏻
We are going to nail this year. Glad to be joining @paramountartists 🦹🏻‍♂️
Living in the 80ies... 🏠 #housemusic
The story goes like that... being in the game for over a decade, have seen  the ups and downs and how this bizniz really is. But never gave up and never will, music is stronger than any glu 🥊 so to all the young acts trying to make a breakthrough , have faith keep trying till you make it , and do faces  always 😂🙏🏻