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Marie Antoinette Attitude with Drake Feelings
I like to draw and travel a lot
Cute & tiny things ♡︎

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Work in progress ✨ 
I think I change the background completely I went a little crazy with it 😅🌴 maybe because it is officially fall now and I am dreaming myself away to sunny California ☀️ #illu #procreate #drawing #illustration
✨🍂 I am so in love with the little cute bat and the little ghost pins 🖤I was thinking of putting them back for sale (only very few) in early October when I shipped all the pre orderes out. Would you want me to put them back in October for Halloween? #halloween #kawaii #kawaiifashion #lolitafashion #eglcommunity #illo
Work in progress ✨ lately when I am sketching I like doing more portrait close ups rather than drawing scenes like I usually do. ✨
#illo #procreate #characterdesign #sketchbook #artistsofinstagram #wip
The one dress that you never wear but hold so dearly to your heart 😅 I found moon lit castle at the ClosetChild in Ikebukuro and love the little details and all but I think I really just bought it because the price was good and the little star buttons ✨ but I love it so much ~ do you have something that you love but never wear? 🤔#moonlitcastle #angelicpretty #eglcommunity #lolitafashion #doyoulikecheese?!
Should we bring this one back? It‘s of my favs for so many reasons ✨ 🖤 🖤 We teach girls to shrink themselves
To make themselves smaller
We say to girls
"You can have ambition
But not too much
You should aim to be successful
But not too successful
Otherwise you will threaten the man"
Because I am female
I am expected to aspire to marriage
I am expected to make my life choices
Always keeping in mind that
Marriage is the most important
Now marriage can be a source of
Joy and love and mutual support
But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage
And we don't teach boys the same?
We raise girls to each other as competitors
Not for jobs or for accomplishments
Which I think can be a good thing
But for the attention of men
We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings
In the way that boys are
Feminist: the person who believes in the social
Political, and economic equality of the sexes
You wake up, flawless
Post up, flawless
Ride round in it, flawless
Flossin on that, flawless
This diamond, flawless
My diamond, flawless
This rock, flawless
My rock, flawless
I woke up like this
I woke up like this
#eglcommunity #lolitafashion #kawaiifashion #jfashion
The Meurice is an absolute dream their tea room and wedding venue are absolutely gorgeous 💖 I went to the Juliette et Justine Tea Party in Paris ~ the theme was Cats and Roses~ I‘m always a slightly anxious potato but it was such a good weekend with some of my best friends in Paris 💖 #paris #eglcommunity #metamorphosetempsdefille #lolitafashion #julietteetjustine #jetj
☁️✨ I did not want to leave this place 😭☁️✨ #chateau
🍑✨ lazy Sunday afternoon scribbles. The sunlight is falling trough the curtains so pretty in the bedroom. #illo #procreate #scribble #eglcommunity #angelicpretty #meltycreamdonuts
I fell in love with Claude Monet‘s gardens and his house. I can see why he was so creative. Such a magical place #giverny
Aloha 🌺 I usually don’t like “painting” but I really wanted to try the brushes and now I am quite happy about the result. I tried some new brushes and I think she looks like @wonderfinch a little ☺️ #illo #digitalart #procreate
I guess I found my future home ☺️🇫🇷💖 the park behind the chateau is so beautiful and it even has a small tropical 🐠 🌴 garden. The Family that lived here was really lucky #birthdaytrip
I miss Paris 😭 but only 7 more days and I am back in France 🇫🇷 💖 #travelinggirl