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Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow. #workinprogress #illustration
Late night drawing #workinprogress #illustration
This was my fav dress of 2016 so I might as well end the year in it. And my new slippers because fuck i'm old and have no desire to stay up any longer than 30min past midnight ✨ cheers to a new year ✨
My fav purchase in 2016 were most defiantly the RT brushes ✨ Too pretty to use 😭 I put them in my 2016 favs Blog Update
Hello there cozy homewear 🐑✨🌌✨🌙✨🍵✨🐑
Let them eat cake 🖤
We put a few brooches aside for #Barcelona
❄️🌸 when the roses in the front yard won't bow down to the chill temperatur 🌬
Bonjour 🍾