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Sharing what I've seen while traveling around the world. “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” -Bob Marley


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Unpacking day!
Back home, welcomed by sakura :)
Rio de Janiro, Brazil.
#peaceboat100 Halfway around the world!
Day 1and 2: 【Yokohama and Kobe Departure 横浜&神戸出航】


Finally the departure! We left Yokohama on 26th, and Kobe on 27th.


With GET teachers and volunteer interpreters, we welcomed passangers at the gate.


For this voyage, about 40% of all the passangers are 'repeater' who have joined Peace Boat before and supported its history continues. 
Though I have been on board only for two times, which is relatively small number comparing to other staff members, I could see many familiar faces such as former students/passangers and crew members. So nice to see this circle of 'onboard family' is getting bigger and bigger everytime when I get on the ship.



We celebrate each departure with departure ceremonies, but the first ones at Yokohama and Kobe are always special to me .


It was pretty hecteck distributing champagne, so even didn't realize when we actually departed. Having said that, departure with a lot of 'Ittekimasu' and 'itterashai' is my favorite moment.


It was also nice to have team members around for this special moment to start the voyage! 

I'll see you, Japan, again in March!

Day 0【The beginning of the 100th peace boat voyage. ピースボート100回クルーズのはじまりはじまり。】 12月26日から3月31日まで、ピースボート地球一周の船旅に乗船します。

I'm joining Peace Boat 100th around-the -world cruise from Dec 26 to March 31. 
It was last August when I first participated the Peace Boat cruise as a volunteer interpreter, then that experience led me to start my new career as a coordinator for the onboard language program GET (Global Englsh/Espanol Training).
So here I am now on the ship aka our floating home and preparing for the next  journey! This one will be my third voyage with even more excitement.


I've been longing for joining this sourthern voyage, and this is also 100th anniversary cruise! I'm really greatful to be part of this and excited to vist ports all over the world and work/live/travel with all the staff members, guest educators, and passangers.


Whenever I talk about Peace Boat, many people show their interests. However, I feel I have not shared what we are doing well enough. So I will try my best this time to post here on facebook to share what's happening!

One more day to go😫⛴️

久しぶりのラルク、大満喫。ウィング席は、セットは全然見えなかったけど、メンバーがすぐそこまで!肉眼で生hyde...! 幸せでした。あー、名残惜しい。。。

#南伊豆 くらし図鑑 http://minamiizu.fun/detail_003.html

Thanks to a kind invitation from a friend, we visited a family living in Minamiizu, Shizuoka last weekend. Before making fruit jam, Chieko-san introduced family garden to us. She said she doesn't plan much what or where to grow plants, but rather enjoys the randomness that nature brings to this world. I was amazed how she finds unique ways to use things which could be abondoned otherwise. More pics will come along soon. #Minamiizu
A tourist from China took 30+ pictures of us, and Google automatically made them into a short animation. It's a bit scary but I liked that. うむ。
One of my dreams is to live in a house like this...❤️