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It's time to restore my mind with good music! 
What does music mean to you? 
Let me know in the comments.
if you listen to this voice running in the wind, you can see yourself.
What’s the point? Why we always had a need for acceptance? Don’t forget the real meaning of this life my friend. It’s not just money and success. 
It’s something more and you can find it looking under the horizon line.
Finding... 2018
I often spend the night writing songs. I can see things more clearly when other people sleep. I love sunlight coming through the window… After a long night digging through memories and feelings I always want to watch the sunrise. 
Who cares about the sunrise ? 
Who cares about soul anymore ?
I usually walk down the Westminster Bridge Rd during the night when I'm in London. It's not the place I grew up in but I know every inch of this city. It is one of those place that still feels like home.
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There was a time when I was able to hold a star in my hand. 
I’ve been living cycles of light and darkness through the centuries and I understood that we need to savour every nuance and shadow of our lives…
Raise your head from this screen and look at the sky. Hear the sound of life ! It's wonderful isn’t it ?
Here's a cover of still loving you (Scorpions) waiting my album "finding" 
This song is a way to express our love towards music even when everything falls apart. 
I'm so proud to have recorded this song with my student and friend @_frankmusic_ 
Click the link in bio to watch the full version
We're still stuck here, with no clue, surrounded by abstract barriers, fighting for no one, killing each other in the name of some invisible entity. 
We're still stuck here, In the most hidden dark era of human history, watching talent shows and forgetting art. We're throwing away our precious time veering between the irrelevant and horrible events...
I can see a window of opportunity to run away from this invisible cage... we can change, we can achieve a new level of evolution..
What's your next move ?
Many years ago Glam Rock was born. Glam musicians wore outrageous costumes, makeup, and hairstyles. I can see a spiritual and social meaning behind those choices.
I think that you can experience a sort of freedom working against common social rules. 
What's your opinion about it ?... Can we express ourselves in different ways or we have to act like cyborgs ?