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#myvintagekid1 - I’d like to put forward my cheeky little 16 month old identical twin boys, Gene and Elliott. They both adore their pet cat called Suki and their favourite toys at the moment are their wooden fire engines and papa’s matchbox cars from when he was a little boy! 🚗🚙🚒 @my_vintage_kid
Went for a nice walk today! Boys are in a better mood which means so am I. They’re now scoffing pin wheels whilst I sip on this nettle tea I made (which isn’t that nice but hey ho it’s good for me.. plus I’m out honey/nice things to add to it). I also spotted this awning and now have awning envy, if that’s a thing..
Some lovely pictures from Paul’s birthday yesterday..! We’ve had a difficult week as Elliott really hasn’t reacted well to his jabs and yesterday was particularly bad unfortunately :( Fever, rashes, loss of appetite and sleepless nights, then throw teething into the mix and you have a VERY irritable, upset, poor little baby. Boo. (I did manage to make a DELICIOUS vegan coffee and walnut birthday cake though 🎈)
Paulie’s birthday celebrations start now 🍷
Seconds after saying how we should be careful with flies and bees coming in, this thing flies in.. unbeelievable! 🐝
Squishy munchkins! 🌝🌝
Lunching in the sun (shade)! 🌞
And darling Suki 💕
It’s like trying to walk a pebble
Well so far today, four people have told me I’ve got my hands full. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary but when someone says it whilst walking past me unloading the car or even whilst closing my front door I am not amused 😒
A photograph of little Paulie sent to me by his parents. It’s spooking me out so much because I didn’t realise just how similar the boys look.. right down to the hair curl! 👀 (so flipping cute)