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Said to Paul three years ago that we needed two more people to complete the photo (referring to my mum/brother/whoever) and here we are. (We’ll wait until the boys can sit still for more than one second for the proper attempt..)
Inching closer to putting roots down as deep as the wisteria in this beautiful garden.
Doing a bit of plane spotting
Remembering how lovely/handy this little pocket book is that’s been collecting dust on the shelf. I’ve just been flicking through and have found out the names of plants and grasses I’ve plucked from the ground during all of our little walks 🤓 (I can guarantee I’ve forgotten them all already though 🙄💭)
Queen of soul indeed 🖤
There’s a charity shop at the bottom of the road that has a little table outside full of ‘free’ (donation) stuff. Grabbed this (and the rest of the bottles needed for @catherinemaryl ’s wedding! 🕺🏻) for this afternoons entertainment and can you hear that? SILENCE & LAUGHTER! Muahaha  #imoff
Nabbed two lovely St. Michael check shirts for the boys today! 😍
@catherinemaryl LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD! 👰🏻🤵🏻🎊
“Wheresit gone!?” - Genuine confusion over where the passing train had gone
Wednesday. 🐒🐒