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Proud daddy of Penelope Grace🦉and Piper Lotus 🌺taken by a 🧜‍♀️ . Cleveland Indians pitcher✌✌#TEAMUNDERARMOUR #iWILL

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From telling dada’s car goodnight to eating corn on the cob at 12:45 am these nuggets are a trip of their own🌞✌️♥️
🌊Be yourself, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind🌊 #BeFun #HaveFun #OhanaFirst
She’s even kinda crazy bout my farmers tan
She’s the only one who really understands what gets me
She thinks my tractors sexyyyyyyy
🌊🌞 ‘ This is my family, I found it all on my own, it’s little, and broken, but still good.....yeahhh still goood ‘ -Stitch🌞🌊
Happy birthday to my gypsy queen, my lefty, my judge and jury, my sidekick, my fashionista/stylist, my sunshine and most importantly my best friend. Love you to all the moons and back little duck 🌞🌊🌻✌️😘🌔🌗
‘I will carry you here, in my heart♥️ , you’ll remind me that, come what may, I know the way’ 🌊Moana🌞
Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the dads around. I will always take with me the work ethic you somehow got through “my thick skull” but more importantly I’ll always remember how you made me feel loved through the good times and my not so good times and will make sure Penelope and Piper always feel that way. And thank you to @monica_lotusgrace for making Father’s Day morning like Christmas with getting up early for gift opening with the nuggets.
🌊🌻Then As It Was, Then Again It Will Be, Though The Course May Change Sometimes, Rivers Always Reach The Sea🌻🌊
The grooviest guitarist of our generation @officialjackwhitelive  killed it in The Land ✌️✌️🎸🎤——-📷: @davidjamesswanson
“If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can get lost in the sauce” 🍦Gucci Mane🍦
🤙Life Begins 
At The End 
of Your Comfort Zone -Jay Moriarity🤙
🌞You have to go on and be crazy, craziness is like heaven🌞