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Check out this very cool story from Michigan hunter Nick Ostroski....... Realizing that the "Golden" years aren't so golden and realizing that applying for and purchasing multiple Pure Michigan Hunt chances for elk wasn't getting me any closer to my own elk roast. So, Saturday November 3, at 3am, i climbed out of bed and told my wife I'm heading to Colorado and see her in a couple of days... I packed my gear and left.  Five miles down M-61 I completely obliterated a doe, hardly recognizable in the road behind me. I used a pipe wrench from my tool box to pull the front fender away from my tire and continued. Just shy of Grand Rapids, I blew a tire. Probably damaged from that deer that got steamrolled earlier. Now with my spare on, I'm in panic mode again, gotta find a tire shop with aggressive winter tires! After several attempts, I find a major national chain with ONE on hand. I said I'll take it.
 I got to the area I intended to hunt Sunday afternoon. Fair amount of snow, but very little sign. The following day, I saw more tracks. Sat most of the day, but saw nothing but tracks -whitetail, elk, Mt lion, black bear, and mule deer. Tuesday am looked better, more elk sign and bright, calm, sunshine!  So I decided to head in the direction they were all coming from and actually had the highest concentration of tracks. I walked beyond other human tracks and posted on a high knob overlooking a wide valley.  Well before dark, maybe mid afternoon I spot a legal bull in the middle of a large opening slowly working its way towards me. Then I lose it in the sage, then I see it, then I lose it. Panic again. I slowly move forward but stop because the snow was too crunchy. Lost him... Then movement just 80 feet away. He stopped broadside, framed in sagebrush for me to make my  life's next adventure a reality.  Within minutes of my shot, I watched a group of 21 single file off a mountain and feed within 150 yards of me. Six bulls in that group, one shooter. Oh, how I wish I could have found at least one person to accompany me! I'm so glad I never gave up!! It's 4 am and I'm eating that roast! #perseverance #coolstory #livingthedream
Only one thing can make this better.  #bigbuck @vanguardoutdoors @jayssportinggoods @dartonarchery @killerfoodplots
Hello snow.  I can’t say I’m glad to see you, but you are kind of pretty.  #snow #puremichigan #november #gooddaytohunt
This week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show...
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Congrats to Rich Hudacek for shooting this nice buck in Missouri while hunting with Gary Morgan and Wild Game Dynasty
This is going to be a fun event.  Good food and great giveaways.  Love to have you join us.  #forwardcorp #wednesdaynightlive #westbranch
Check out the new website and let me know what you think.  mikeaveryoutdoors.com
This week on Outdoor Magazine Radio...
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These have become my constant hunting companion.  @vanguardoutdoors
Gotta love the @primos_hunting see through blinds and @vanguardoutdoors shooting stick.
Gotta love these Missouri back roads.  #deerhunting
The view from my blind in Missouri.  #deerhunting