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eleven/ millie posts💕💕
thank you for 69.2k!


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thank you all for sending in your fan art!! 💛 WOW im jealous- look at these !!!!!
if i didnt post ur art, it is NOT because it’s bad (YOU ARE ALL SUPER FKING TALENTED). i did this really fast BUT i want to post fan art more often! if you were left out, i will try to post urs in the future!!
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angel baby
i love you millie
im going to italy too soon!! im so excited
HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY TO THIS BABY ANGEL!!!! 💞 millie i am SO proud of you!! look how far you came at only 14 years old! you deserve an endless amount of love on this day and everyday. im so sorry for not making something special this year ((i tried making a vid edit but i couldnt lmao)) I hope you have the BEST birthday ever. we all love you !!
this is CUTE 💙
she say, “do you love me?” i tell her, “only partly” I only love my bed and my momma, im sorry (millie liked x9 THAT GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK OMFG)