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Hold up... wha??? #seeyouinSD
Ughh... my crew... miss them sooo much! 🌝🌚
Last chance to vote for @teenchoicefox #choicebreakouttvstar love to all of you 🐥🐥🐥🐥
When the AD's try to prank you but instead you prank your director. It's on #michaeldougherty #handinthecookiejar #godzilla
Wow...what a crazy journey we've been on the last year! I'm so happy and grateful to be a part of this amazing show with these awesome people. And it wouldn't be what it is without the beautiful fans, thank you all so much❤ you have all played a major role in making Stranger Things what it is and what it will be! Roll on Season 2!💡 #HappyBirthdayStrangerThings
Just in case you want to vote for me for the #teenchoiceawards, link is in my bio😉😘 I love you all! (even if you don't vote)😘❤😘❤
it's only 1:00 pm and A LOT has happened. Stranger things is a show to represent equality, fairness, and outcasts. Im grateful that I am a part of that. I'm extremely excited  that the show has been nominated 18 times! A huge congrats to all the other nominees! Chief hopper- you completely deserve this because you are a phenomenal actor and to watch you work is inspiring and educating! To all of the directors, writers and producers, congrats!Wohooooo! Let's win this thing 🌸
GO VOTE @teenchoicefox link in bio!!! 🦄
Miss my big sister soooo much! I'll see you sooo soon P! @peytonnbrown and I need a sleepover soon! #TBT to this cool night when I won a best actor in a tv show at the #mtvawards with my girl! 🐳
Some doors can't be closed. #StrangerThings2 arrives on October 27!!!
Have fun. Stay safe. Drink water. Happy summer 🦋
I absolutely love @the_mad_sketcher's drawings😍 so talented, keep doing what you're doing❤

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[EDIT: she liked!!! Thank you to everyone that tagged!!]-- look at things d i f f e r e n t l y 🌹☁️ hey guys! So as soon as I saw @milliebobbybrown 's new photoshoot, I just had to draw a pic lol, I also wanted to do something new, therefore I made her dress 3D/ Holographic. I personally think it looks better in person 😂 but I hope you guys like it! Feel free to tag her, I doubt she'll see it but it's the thought that counts🌹 #milliebobbybrown #milliebobbybrownfanart #milliebobbybrowndrawing // song of the day: Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! at The Disco (this one is also dedicated to @artsyamateurr becuz her birthdays coming up and she deserves the world)