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Minc is the startup house in Malmö
This week we’re w game studio #MidnightHub at #SwedenGameConference 👩🏽‍💻🎪🎯


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Busy days with our friends over at @ideon_innovation 🚀🌟🌿
Last day of takeover week! Lake Ridden is an upcoming video game made by Minc incubated game studio Midnight Hub. Today they are showcasing an early prototype at Sweden Game Conf. Swipe for more photos 🎮 #LakeRidden #gamedeveloment #mincgame #indiedev
Day 2 of 3 at Sweden Game Conf! We’re showing our game Lake Ridden to other developers and startups to get that all important feedback. Here in Skövde they have the GSP games incubator 🎮 - @saxen8 #swegameconf #lakeridden
Day 1 of 3 at Sweden Game Conference! There are plenty of startups and established studios displaying their games here! Midnight Hub from Minc and Divine Robot from Malmö representing! - @saxen8 #swedengamearena #lakeridden #divinerobot
Rest of the week we’ll follow amazing CEO, founder and game dev @saxen8 as she’s at #SwedenGameConference to promote her game studio #MidnightHub. Stay tuned! 🎯👩🏽‍💻
Today we’ve been exchanging ideas and experiences with our friends from @StingSthlm, @SISP and Blekinge Business Incubator who are here to peer review us 🔎
#mincmalmo #malmostartups #incubator #startup #startuplife #entrepreneurs
“You have to try this, is feels like you’re floating.” 🤤✨
We went to try @thekokon at @mediaevolution today. It’s basically a chair designed as a cocoon that uses neuroscience to help reduce stress levels in just 7 minutes. Super cool! Head over there and try it yourself this week - more info on their FB-page 🤗
#mincmalmo #malmostartups #thekokon #neuroscience #stressrelief
We’re back from our NYC journey. The intensity has been sky high, but the experience has been mostly valuable to us. 
In short this journey has helped us understand the US market a lot better and given us the right connections when deciding to launch our product there. Apart from that we feel more ready as entrepreneurs and have learnt to think bigger. 
We thank you all for following this trip and if you want to keep following us, do so on @animushome . We hereby remove us the takeover and thank Minc for the opportunity 🙌 #malmostartups #takeover /Animus Home Out
I guess you don’t need to have any human interaction at all nowadays. Order, eat, stare at a screen and pay on the terminal next to you - don’t even look at another human. #digitalworld / @animushome
One of the visits today is at @techstars NYC. An accelerator that is very focused in having mentors that have founded successful startups before. #startuplife #animushome #malmostartups
Connecting with interesting companies and investors at @sparklabs  #startupsweden #ventureoutsweden #malmostartups #animushome
Here at @wework in #newyorkcity. Creative environment, almost as good as Minc 😉 #malmostartups #animushome