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@begoodnatured turns all kinds of cool animals into incredible art including Gladys Goat 💫 #feltart
I did not filter!
#Repost @msalisonpill ・・・
HJ resolution 69 just passed the House. This allows for inhumane hunting practices (shooting in dens, shooting pups, painful traps) IN WILDLIFE REFUGES. I repeat IN REFUGES. Which kind of renders pointless the whole 'refuge' concept. @repdonyoung put the bill forward as a way to protect states' rights. But this is just an excuse to allow for cruelty to animals in places designated as safe. Please call your senators to tell them to vote no when it comes before the Senate. I know there are big issues for humans, but protecting wildlife in the midst of deregulation must be a priority too. @humanesociety #animalcruelty #hjres69
His'n hers
tbt to #thelastword and it's coming very soon! 
February 15th treasures #nofilter
#happyvalentinesday, folks
@finnsite captured in popular open-mouth instapose
Tbt to one week ago. Shot taken as I finished up work on a very special film with the great Paul Schrader. #firstreformed
I'm so grateful for the front row seat to all that you've created @riccardotisci17. You're a most inspired man.
Mrs. Gladys Goat #rip