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Due to the rapidly changing nature of our local State of Emergency, we encourage all to please refer to the LA Fire Department site ( for the most current information on the fires, and the Los Angeles Animal Services site ( for their most current needs for, and assistance to, pets. 
Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) has an urgent need for foster volunteers for shelter dogs and cats to make room for incoming pets who have been displaced by the fires. To help, please call 888-452-7381 and after the language choice, press 4 and then press 4 again to choose a shelter. For evacuees, any LAAS shelter will hold your pet during the evacuation period. 
Per the above, the Best Friends' admission team has been strategically pulling from the LAAS shelters to assist in opening up room for the temporary housing of pets. We remain at the ready to provide further assistance to LAAS as/when needed. 
Additionally, our contract with the city calls for us to reserve space at our Mission Hills facility to be available for shelter overflow from other city shelters in the event of a disaster of this kind. 
Lastly, with regard to our Mission Hills population, due to the continued poor air quality, we are restricting running, playtime, playgroups, or off-site walks. Extra precautionary measures, including the relocation to only inside kennels, have been taken for all of our heart/respiratory/geriatric dogs. 
Thank you all for your continued concern for, and support of, the animals. Stay safe! 
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For some it might just be a #cat. But to others it’s a friend, a loved one, a companion. The #LAPD has a motto, “To Protect and to Serve”, and our #officers have been displaying that in many ways during the #CreekFire & #SkirballFire
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Pretty damned excited to have received this today. Even more excited to crack it open! Thanks @theyearofelan!! Love you like a brother and fear you like a priest!
Sweet @clarewaightkeller, Deli will be the best-dressed and easiest to find on the farm...thank you! ❤️🐈
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DRILLING IN THE ARCTIC WILDLIFE REFUGE IS IN THIS TAX BILL. Whatever your issues with this bill (I have quite a few relating to increased  inequality in a country already paralyzed by it), the addition of drilling in the Refuge is politics at its worst. Yes, in ten years it will generate a lot of revenue for Alaska. But when polar bears are already starving, it seems short-sighted and dangerous to take even more of their habitat for fossil fuel production. Please please please call your senators, support @nrdc_org , and make your friends aware of what other things are stuffed into this crazy tax bill. It’s not just taxes.
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@bestfriendsanimalsociety is my other favorite organization and their passion and hard work has paid off so much so that Los Angeles is just about to become the first NO-KILL city and will pave the way for a NO-KILL county in a few short years. Please help these organizations if you can. Thank you!! #Repost @bestfriendsanimalsociety ・・・
Happy #GivingTuesday! Today is extra special, as it also kicks off our holiday matching challenge, which means your donations are doubled! Make a gift to the animals today, and you’ll be making twice the impact. Let’s kick off the match in a huge way — by helping raise $500,000 for homeless pets before the clock strikes midnight tonight! Join us to help #SaveThemAll and make your gift via the link in our bio.
This #givingtuesday I want to support and promote @inaraorg founded by the extraordinary @arwacnn. This organization in Beirut, Lebanon  gives life-saving/altering medical treatment to children in conflict areas.
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