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I've been confident with my bare skin lately. All thanks to @muradmalaysia's facial as a kickstart. 
Read my blog to know more on it at www.miracikcit.blogspot.my
It's the weekend. All I wanna do is chill. 😎
This is what an active community looks like. An Xmas Party is like an annual gathering now and I'm so blessed to have been a part of TBP since the start. Most of us have known each other from here which then turned into good friendship. We don't meet everyday but once we do, the building cracks up with our screams and laughter.
A big thanks to @altheakorea for hosting @butterflyproject.my XMas Party! It was indeed a memorable one with a boost of @chubbeecloud's Magical Milkshake. 😅
Had so much fun last week with the butterflies. I bet if each member of the community were to attend, we'll be partying in a field making so much noise it might just hit the news. 😂😂
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This is the first time I bought him into a bookstore because only now he seems to be interested in books. I was thinking to just go for a stroll in there but turns out he wanted to explore the books I gave him. Didn't expect it though, probably he may be comfy holding the books in his Beblum Navi. 😅
He even screamed out loud when I pulled the book out of his hand and said enough. We walked out the store with him crying. 😂 I didn't want to buy more books because I just bought books at the BBW recently. Let him finish explore all those books first then we'll get him new ones. 
Besides, my old books during my childhood are still in condition for him once he learns how to read.
#MaliqSyafiq #MaliqSays
#BeblumNavi #BeblumStyle
It's raining here and it's 5pm which means it's the time where most of us at work crave for something to bite. Right now I'm thinking bout the kimchi toast and magical milkshake from @chubbeecloud. Nyummmsss!! 💕
This was before Maliq turned 1.
Cooked him cheesy mashed potato with bits of meat and let him eat on his own.
I was actually eager to try his new feeding utensils out because this time everything could be stuck to his feeding table. 😂
I'll share about his bowl in another post soon and my thoughts on it. In the meantime you mothers could already picture the mess I'll have to clean up without this bowl right? 😅
Thank you @bloomandgrowasia 
#BloomandGrowAsia #BuildingHappyFamilies
#MaliqSyafiq #MaliqSays
Being 'at' the center of the crowd. 😎
Get it? Get it? 😜
#syoksendiri #takadasiapalayanpun .
📸: @fishmeatdie 💕
Recently I shared a video of using @altheakorea's Milk Peel Cream Mask.
It contains AHA & BHA which helps to peel off dead skin cells for smoother skin.
Casein Protein 🥛 is included to provide moisture and help the skin to stay moisturised all day. 🌊
This sure is a fun mask to wear especially when you need a quick deep cleanse for yhe skin. Just a few minutes and the bubbles made is ready to wash off. If you have used other bubble masks before, this masks isn't that bubbly but it does foam up quickly.
After cleanse the feel is just amazing but I've noticed that it's quite drying after. So I usually put on a moisturizer afterwards.
It's priced for RM36 at my.althea.kr
#AltheaKorea #MilkPeelCreamMask
Missing hubs 💕
This was actually the first time we had Maliq step his feet on grass. His reaction was hillarious. 😂 He didn't like it.
Mothers, after a year of breastfeeding I've come to learn when it comes to nursing bras, it's better to splurge. Why? Bras are meant to help support and maintain the shape of our precious. Once our baby latches, you'll tend to loose our natural shape of what we had before if we don't really take care of it, if you know what I mean. 😅
I used to wear cheap nursing bras because I thought it wasn't important, no one will be seeing it anyway. That type of thinking is so wrong, bras are supposed to be worn to help maintain posture and give support.
Currently I'm using @mamawaymy's Perfect Seamless Nursing Bra as my daily bra and I feel so at ease now especially when I go out.
I'll tell you all the deets in my blogpost soon.
In the mean time, if you feel like you need something like this now, let me belanja you RM25.
Head down to https://my.mamaway.com/discount/MAMAWAY-CIKCIT and pick your bra.
You'll automatically get RM25 off upon checkout. Happy Shopping! 😘
#Mamaway #MamawayNursingBra
Still can't get over the Pink Christmas Party with @altheakorea.
 @butterflyproject.my @altheakorea #ButterflyMsia #AltheaKorea #AltheaExclusives #ButterflyXmas2018
When bubble masks first came out I was thrilled! The feel and sound of bubbles popping on your face is enjoyable especially on the first try. 
Did you know that @altheakorea launched their Milk Peel Cream Mask recently and it creates bubbles!! 🛀
Pop pop... this clay like texture mask will almost instantly create bubbles once masaaged on damp skin. It contains AHA & BHA which helps to peel off dead skin cells for smoother skin.
Casein Protein 🥛 is included to provide moisture and help the skin to stay moisturised all day. 🌊
What is my thought on it? Well stay tuned for my next post.