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Everyone loves nice clean brushes! Upon receiving Breena's newest Sponge & Brush Cleanser I instantly got into cleaning mode for all my makeup mbrushes. Works like a charm for all types of makeup brushes and of course Breena's too. 😅
Retailing for RM15 (80ml). It's got antibacterial and conditioning properties so you'll know your makeup brushes & sponges will get the pamper they need. Happy brushes = happy you, am I right? Right? 😉
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Since we've got this Parklon Mat, it's now the favourite spot for our little family. I remember my husband and I were debating ages ago why he wanted to get a carpet but I wanted a Parklon instead.
His reason➡️ Looks proper and best to lay down n chill 
My reasonS ➡️
🔹️It'll also be a playmat for our son
🔹️It's waterproof so no worry for spills
🔹️We got no vacum, hence still easy to clean without it
🔹️Easy to wipe of dust too
🔹️Simple and nice dual designs back & front
🔹️and the list goes on...
So the debate went on for so long that in the end we both just left the hall empty until a Parklon made way into our home. I welcomed it with most joy while my husband looked like he lost a battle. 😅 He just played like he wasn't interested but slowly the Parklon kinda lured him on it. 😂
It started because of my son, since he's mostly on it playing, my husband sits down and play with him too. But after a while, it gets cozy and he starts to lay down. With its soft and cooling texture, I bet he couldn't resist the comfort that he can't even feel the hardness of the floor. Then comes the pillows accompanied by the Telly which is just in front. He says that he's playing with our son but after a while, I see him all comfy and ASLEEP! LOL...
Guys and their ego, I think he didn't know what a Parklon was before and imagined it was those thin rubber mats. Now we spend most of our time on this mat, we have our meals there, spend quality time there and have naps there sometimes too! So guys, if your wife has a long list of reasons why she needs something, just cut the debate and give it to her okay. She knows you'll love it even though you don't know it yet. 😝
P/S: Thanks @cobyhaus_malaysia for the Parklon 💕
#Parklon #ParklonPlayMat #CobyHausPlayMat #CobyHausParklon
Troubled with blackheads and whiteheads? I AM!
Let me introduce a new invention from @hansaegeenature created naturally to fight it.
😱 (Ughhh.. the footage might be a bit gross but if you're having the same problem as me, you might wanna read more on this)👇
Presenting the Ion Viviball, it's a 100% Natural Ceramic Ball with Natural Ion Stones insides. It contains high level of negative ions which helps to attract impurities and regenerates the skin naturally.
🔹️The Viviball purposes to absorb oil, sebum, remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads which doesn't harm the skin and tighten the pores too!
🔹️ It's used throughout the whole face for about 1 or 2 minutes once you wake up each morning. This allows it to absorb the excess oil produced overnight. While for the night routine, each session will be within 5 minutes after a clean face. These steps should be taken to be able to improve the skin condition. Some even have seen obvious results within the first use!
So how did it go for me? Well, you'll have to wait for my blogpost coming up probably next week. I still haven't concluded what I think about it, but I do see slight changes at my nose area. More deets on my blogpost, so stay tuned.
🍁Brand : Hansaegee Nature
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I was at shock when I opened my fridge this morning to find my Fernleaf Milk missing! I suspected no other culprit, it's my husband obviously but I just had to wake him up in bed and ask ' Abang habiskan susu saya ea?'. He opened his eyes a bit and gave an evil smile. 
So I went, 'eeeeeee.... saya belum tangkap gambar! Macam mana nak pergi New Zealand?!'
He laughed out loud and turned his head the other side covering his head with another pillow.
I went back to the kitchen annoyed, grumping about the milk that I only managed to have a sip.
I usually drink flavoured milk but I must have full cream milk with cereal while my husband only drinks unflavored milk. I didn't expect him to finish the big tub of Fernleaf milk in a day by himself! 😑 
At least I still had 1 small chocolate milk to take pictures off, I also couldn't resist the taste actually. 😅 So I got to work and started to take pictures, until a mini version version of my husband came crawling in. Wide awake, all happy seeing a tiny cow which he just had to grab. 😪 Whyyy... can my boys just be a bit supportive and let me go on a hoilday? 😂
Anyways my blogpost on Fernleaf is up on ITS A MUST READ as I've explained why Fernleaf should be made your choice from now on.
#FernleafUHT #100Mmmmm
As promised, here's a mini giveaway over the weekend. Since Maliq direct feeds and don't have much interest in pacifiers, I'm giving away these 2 items to a mother who would love to have it. I've heard that Umee Bottles are really good since it has an anti-colic air vent and a tempreture control insulator. Here's how you can own it.
1. Follow my Instagram @miracikcit
2. Visit @umeemalaysia 
3. Like and comment 'ME' so I know you're interested.
4. Tag a friend who might like this too.
🔹️Giveaway ends: 14 OCTOBER 2018 12:00AM
Terms & Conditions
🔹️Open for those residing in Malaysia
🔹️Winner will be picked out randomly
🔹️Winner will be announced on my IG Stories
🔹️Winner will need to get back to me within 24 hours after the winners announcement.
🔹️Failed to do so will cause your prize to be forfieted and another winner will be chosen.

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Welcoming the new addition of Breena Beauty with much joy as now I'll know just exactly where to go look for a brush cleanser. 
Breena just launched their newest Sponge & Brush Cleanser retailing for RM15 (80ml). It's got antibacterial and conditioning properties so you'll know your makeup brushes & sponges will get the pamper they need. Happy brushes = happy you, am I right? Right? 😉
Congrats @breenabeauty @sabrinatajudin for the achievements and thank you for sending me it to try ot out. ❤
#breenabeauty #breena #breenabeauties
#MiraCikcitsMakeup #MiraCikcitsBeautyStuff
#Makeup #Skincare #BeautyProducts
#BeautyBlogger #BloggerMY #BBloggerMY #MalaysianBlogger #MalaysianBeautyBlogger #MalaysianBBlogger #Scribbledydum
I can't thank enough @bpam_my for the recognition. Of course I owe Maliq and you all too for even being nominated. 💕
As you all may have been aware already, the prizes really came as a surprise as we pulled 2 trolleys back to the car and I even was squished at the back seat to get them all home. But my husband had to carry them all up to 3rd floor. 😛
Anyways, I did an IGTV for my HUGE UNBOXING! Check out my IGTV and also my Insta-Stories to get to know which baby brands are now Maliq's fav. We'll be doing a short review for each one from time to time. So stay tuned to #MaliqReviews 
P/s: Thank you @ayueidris & @anfaalr for the pics
Still here but have been a bit busy.
Momma said she's gonna share about my prizes from BPAM soon and there's gonna be a giveaway too! Stay tuned. #MaliqSyafiq
Morning guys, lately I've been going for @mamondemalaysia's newest All Stay Foundation. So here's a video of me using it with it's blending sponge.
Here's what I think:
🔹️ Foundation
Love it! It's lightweight and stays perfectly well on a long day. Doesn't get cakey as well. It has medium coverage and compliments a smooth matte look. Perfect to carry around as the packaging is small and light. I now have this in my daily makeup bag. That's how good it is.
🔹️ Blending Sponge
It's definately something new for me, a blending sponge which has a plastic layer on top so foundation don't get absorbed. There's actually a 3 way technique on how to use this to get the finest results out of it but I'm just failing. Probably I need more practise but for now I honestly don't much prefer it.
#MamondeMY #Mamonde #MamondeAllStayFoundation
Attended @clozetteco party for the first time and it was nice meeting a lot of familiar and new people from the Beauty Community. 
P/s: I really should start being more confident in fashion  though. 😅
#ClozetteParty2018 #Clozette
Sharing more like SHOWING the goodness of Fernleaf UHT Milk to Maliq. 
He's like 'where this momma cow come from?' 😂 🐄 NEW ZEALAND! LOL...
I love milk especially full-cream and chocolate milk. So does my husband, which I bet Maliq will grow up and enjoy the goodness too. We always make sure we'll have milk in the fridge since it contains much goodness. 🥛
Right now we're drinking Fernleaf Milk since this milk is 100% Mmmmm. I'll tell you more deets about Fernleaf in a blogpost soon. 
Stay tuned and wish me luck to meet the cows that gave me milk at New Zealand! 😋🛫
#FernleafUHT #100Mmmmm
Maliq twinning with Marissa using Beblum's Navi Stroller at previous Baby Fest.
If you haven't yet heard about @beblummalaysia, well your in luck if you're looking for an affordable stroller.
Read my review: 🔎 Beblum's Navi Stroller at
#BeblumMalaysia #BeblumStyle #BeblumNavi #BeblumStroller