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Guess who got a new carseat this week? Yes, this little guy got himself a bigger and wider carseat since he has outgrown his old one. 
He was given a chance to choose which one he wanted. While the parents were lucky enough to be shown a demo on the proper way to fix the belt on the carseat and even comparisons of other carseats by the boss himself. The most advanced ones were the carseats with isofix which one of them even has an alarm if we don't set it up properly. How advanced is that?
Since our daily car didn't have isofix, we had to go for ones with belt options but the designs were as stunning as the ones with isofix too. So we ended up with Koopers Lavolta Carseat. They had 3 colours to choose from so which one did Maliq choose? Well, keep updated to my posts to know more.

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I know... dah bambam
Makeup comot sebab dah ada anak ni tak boleh nak fokus, nak makeup tak sampai seminit anak dah terjerit2. Macam mana ibu lain buat? 😅
I've been using Paula's Choice Hydralight range for about 2 weeks now. This range are for those with combination skin, especially you guys with oily T-Zones. I didn't know about this brand at first since it isn't found in our local drugstores but after some research, it totally got me tempted to try it out. Why? Well, you'll have to read my blogpost on this coming up today and read if it worked for me.
P/S: Check out my IGTV for my first impression on Paula's products, how I use it and also the results after 2 weeks! 
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Look who unlocked a new milestone at 8 months.
Finally owning Breena's famous Blending Pearl since I started makeup again which was the very first thing I added in my makeup need list. But still I couldn't resist the charm of their Velvetcream lipsticks so I had to add on one, well two actually in my cart. 😂
Can't wait to try out these babies and if I get pregnant again i hope it's a girl this time coz I don't wanna hate makeup for no reason. I feel like I missed out a lot especially when this local brand which started of with makeup brushes are now offering mesmerising makeup! I'm still stunned with their new lipstick especially the packaging. It's so beautiful. 😍
#BreenaBeauty #BreenaBlendingPearl #BreenaVelvetcreme #breenavelvetmatteliquidlipstick 
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Going for a more softer look since now I'm a mom. Even bringing back bawal in my life instead shawls. What do you think? Anyways, full video of this look on my IGTV.
#MamondeMy #MamondeCreateYourBestLook #MyCreamyTint
My lil superhero 👏
Husbands' birthday was a few days ago and I just felt like posting about it now. Selamat Hari Lahir yang ke-30 suami. Ehh... 26... 😝 Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sentiasa menjadi imam yang baik untuk kami sekeluarga. Harap Maliq membesar menjadi seorang yang pemurah dan penyayang macam abang.
A'ah boolat.
#MaliqSyafiq #CikcitPeks
Guess who is 8 months today.
Received a sweet surprise a few days ago with a few of Mamonde's Creamy Tint Squeeze Lips. It's something new to look forward to because these squeezes are not your typical lippies.
#InspiredByFlowers #MamondeMy #MamondeCreateYourBestLook #MyCreamyTint
I'm amazed with the NEW Neffos X9. This phone brand is currently growing and becoming familiar among Malaysians as it grows better and better every year. 
Currently I'm here at Neffos Summer Launch to experience myself their latest model the Neffos X9 as it is designed for elegance, performance and power. These photos were shot by the Neffos X9 camera itself and truly I'm tempted to own one now. See how clear these pictures are even without editing.
#ShotbyNeffosX9 #DualCamera #FullViewDisplay
Thank you for inviting me @neffos.malaysia