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Raya first itu hari. Atok dah ada cucu.
Ada budak itu hari demam sebab nak tumbuh gigi. Tapi lasak sangat tak boleh nak tangkap gambar. 
Ingat raya ni dapatlah sakan bergaya tapi raya kedua dah serah diri demam dengan anak. Raya ketiga terus lembik dah sampailah sekarang. Harap cepatlah sembuh sebelum balik Subang. Nnt dah duduk rumah sendiri takut nangis sorang2 sebab tak boleh nak handle. πŸ˜‚
Our first raya as parents and it's a handfull. My son and I are both sick but it's okay. Raya kan sebulan.
His first raya be like:
Alhamdulillah, keluarga kami membesar dengan jayanya! 😁
Maliq's first Eid went well eventhough he seems so tired. Poor baby.
If ur wondering why he's suddenly out of the colour theme, well it's because the parents were too focused on the son that they forgot about their own outfits, so we just wore what we had.
Belanja sikit #MOTD Raya. Dah lama tak makeup all out so comot sikit. Tambah bila dah ada anak ni semua benda kena cepat. Memang kelam kabut pagi raya ni tapi at least dapat self satisfaction bila dapat makeup akhirnya. Haha...
Harap skill makeup yang dulu kembali dan juga muka yang kurang bulat macam sekarang. πŸ˜…
Look who'se ready for the holidays. πŸ˜‚
He got tons of new clothes since it's his first Raya but the parents didn't even bother to look for theirs. Haha...
We're already happy enough having him with us.
I didn't drink maternity milk last time when I was pregnant because I couldn't find a one that I could drink. Tried so many samples but everything made me super nauseous, so I went for fresh milk instead. After birth I didn't really bother to drink milk but when this came I was tempted to try it out and it tastes super YUMMEYY!! The best part it isn't only for Maternity but for Lactation as well.
#FrisoMumGold #FrisoMumGoldMY #MaternityMilk #LactationMilk
Blogged about our first holiday together with Maliq. Even though it was a lazy holiday, quality time was the most important.
P/S: I'm thinking of our family hashtag but everything seems funny. Haha
#TheSyafiqsFam #TheCikcitPeks #SyafiqsFam #CikcitPeksFam
Budak banyak bebel 😧

Yesterday I went to check out @thebodyshopmalaysia's newest fragrance at Sogo KL and the place was swarming with people. It seems that everyone was taking the opportunity to enjoy the 0% GST sales. The Body Shop also includes by offering awesome discounts at their Sogo Outlet from 1-3 June.
Their newly launched Black Musk Night Bloom fragrance smells amazing and with the festive season coming up, there's also various gifts sets you could choose from. 
I shared more details in my stories and there's definately a blogpost review because someone (not me) has been so excited about the newly lauched fragrance that he couldn't wait to open it. He even wore it to work today. πŸ˜… Guess who? 😜
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