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Official account of Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, in Tokyo. Facebook: Miraikan, SNS policy: jst.go.jp/en/sns.html


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"Animators Desk". This easel was used by animators in the Disney Studios for producing and tracking artwork. The animator draws the characters actions across a number of different sheets of paper.
(c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.
The area at the sea deeper than 200m is referred to as "deep sea". The manned research submersible SHINKAI 6500 for the first time in the world has confirmed an open crack at Japan Trench in depth of 6,270m.
"The Samurai Genie"
Special Exhibition “The Art of Disney - The Magic of Animation” is now showing at Miraikan!
「ディズニー・アート展 いのちを吹き込む魔法」は未来館で開催中!(c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.
If you slowly move the image from side to side, the text looks like moving up and down. "Visual Illusion Lab in the Land of Mathematics" is until May 15, 2017. Work by: Hitoshi Arai, Shinobu Arai
Mickey Mouse is enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. See the moment when life is given to the characters! Special Exhibition “The Art of Disney - The Magic of Animation” is now showing at Miraikan.
ハワイでバカンスを楽しむミッキー達。いのちを吹き込む技=魔法がここにあります!「ディズニー・アート展 いのちを吹き込む魔法」開催中。(c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.
The cloud images of the Geo-Cosmos are provided by 5 geostationary and 5 polar satellites. The data are updated daily displaying the earth during the last 90 days.
A Special Exhibition: "The Art of Disney - The Magic of Animation" is open from today! Through nearly 500 artworks of original art, sketches and concept art starting from the legendary Steamboat Willie to the latest Moana are shown at Miraikan. Discover "The Magic of Animation" that was brought by Walt Disney and his animators’ imagination, innovation and the technology that made it all true.
企画展「ディズニー・アート展 いのちを吹き込む魔法」が本日開幕!ミッキーマウスの誕生から最新作『モアナと伝説の海』まで約90年分のオリジナル原画が出展、そのほとんどが日本初上陸です。ディズニー・アニメーションの想像力と技術を解説します。
His Majesty the King Felipe VI of the Kingdom of Spain and Her Majesty the Queen Letizia of the Kingdom of Spain have visited Miraikan today.
For the first photo © Casa de S.M. el Rey
With a brand-new uniform, our science communicators wait for your visit!
Miraikan's original tapes are now on sale at the Miraikan Shop. Decorate your goods with science! Available only at the Miraikan Shop.
オリジナルマスキングテープ、Miraikan Shopで新発売!新学期の文房具もこれで素敵になるかも。Miraikan Shopのみの取り扱いです。
What is the color of your other self, "Me"? It is always by your side and serves as your navigator! Welcome to the world of digitized data of our surroundings, "Songs of ANAGURA", 1000 years in the future.
Membrane ceiling is covering us safely. The ceiling which fell at the Great East Japan Earthquake six years ago, was changed to light and soft membrane.