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企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」が本日オープンしました!デザインの面白さを見て、触って、体験できる本展では、未来館だけのオリジナル企画も展示しています。ぜひご来場ください。

The Special Exhibition "Design Ah! Exhibition in TOKYO" is open today!
こどもから大人までデザインの楽しさを見て、触って、体験できる、企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」。只今、鋭意設営中です。オープンまであと2日!ぜひご来場ください。
Special exhibition "Design Ah! in TOKYO" is opening in two days! Please come and experience the joy and fascination of design.
企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」
「生命」とは何か?メディアラボ第20期『「生命」になりたい!』は、アート作品を通してその究極の問いに迫ります。会期: 2018年10月31日(水)まで “What is Life?” The 20th Exhibition of the Laboratory for New Media introduces research on artificial life. Open until 31 October 2018.
.................................................................................... 作品:《マリア、人工生命、膜、魚》 池上高志 植田工 2018、《Moment of Perception - 認知の瞬間》 anima 2018、《Astral Body》plus one 2018、《未確認音源生物》未確認音源生物特別対策室 2018 《Maria, artificial life, membrane, fish》Takashi Ikegami, Takumi Ueda 2018,《Moment of Perception》 anima 2018,《Astral Body》plus one 2018,《Unidentified Sound Creature》Task Force of Sound Creature 2018
フロンティアラボ 「アルマで探るみえない宇宙」 

The new exhibition “ALMA?Exploring the Invisible Universe” is part of the “Laboratory to Explore the Frontiers” permanent exhibition on the 5th floor.

The photo shows three real radio wave receivers that were developed and assembled in Japan as a part of its contribution, and that play an important role in the success of the project.
What is this blue light? It’s a messenger that the Super-Kamiokande detector uses to detect neutrinos, tiny particles coming from various places such as the Sun. Two Japanese physicists have been awarded a Nobel Prize for research related to Super-Kamiokande. Masatoshi Koshiba, awarded in 2002, helped create the detector, and successfully used it to detect cosmic neutrinos. Takaaki Kajita, awarded in 2015, used the detector to confirm that neutrinos have mass. The exhibit is a 10:1 scale model of the detector, and allows visitors to experience what it might be like to be inside the detector when a neutrino arrives.

Hands-On Model of the Internet | 3rd Floor Permanent Exhibition
You mean these moving black and white balls are binary signals!? This device allows for visitors to send information using 16 physical balls. 4 are used to designate the sender, with another 4 used to desig-nate the receiver, and another 8 for the message itself. This exhibit is an extremely simplified version of the fundamentals of the internet. The latest 2017 version allows for sounds and movements to be sent as messages.
Tokyo is getting warm as sakuras are in full bloom. Enjoy Galaxy ice cream available at Miraikan Café.
Let's discuss about the links between ourselves and the Earth. An evening talk event welcoming JAXA Astronaut, Takuya Onishi.
Miraikan sablé, cocoa flavored biscuit newly on sale at the museum shop!
Happy New Year 2018! Greetings from Miraikan.
Happy Holidays! Thank you for your visits in 2017, and we look forward to welcoming you in 2018. Miraikan is closed from December 28, and open from January 2, 2018 for new year holidays.
"Producing" and "eating" rice have continued for thousands of years in Asian farming villages. Temporary exhibition "Beautiful Rice - For a Sustainable Future" analyzes the traditional rice cultivation methods from a scientific perspective. Open until January 8 (Mon), 2018.