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I don’t like to brag, but as this #Supernatural high school yearbook page proves, I was quite the child prodigy. #WBSDCC
The midterms are coming, & @jaredpadalecki, @dicksp8jr & I want you to VOTE! Check your status & register here: vote.org

Then, set up a registration drive (it's so easy, even we could do it.) bit.ly/RunAVoterReg

Slow-mo makes everything better.
I, Misha Collins, totally of my own free will, am thrilled to announce I am keeping GISH registration OPEN! gish.com
Move over, Mary-Kate & Ashley: Congrats to @jensenackles & @jaredpadalecki on their new line of designer totes, available only at #SDCC2018! (Too bad about the creepy voyeur on it. No idea how he got on the design.) #WBSDCC
Hey @creationent, thanks for facilitating letting me and @dicksp8jr set up the voter registration table (with all the work actually being done by our awesome volunteers) at your Chicago #supernatural convention this weekend! Makes us proud to work with you! #VOTE! #spnchi
Persistence pays off! We told @tvguidemagazine we'd hold our breath until we turned blue if they didn't put us on the #WBSDCC cover, so they gave it to us. @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @alex8calvert
This summer, we're going to make the world better, brighter, and flat-out weirder for a week in August. Join the GISH Hunt! Today's the last day, so sign up now, guys!

Sign up: http://you.jointhehunt.com/register.php 
Learn more about GISH: http://gish.com 
'Tis the season, guys.... Tomorrow's your last chance to sign up for the Hunt!

This behind-the-scenes video shows a typical, mundane day at #GISH HQ. Last days to join! http://you.jointhehunt.com/register.php

First day back at work was a little rough... Join the hunt. bit.ly/4MoreFun
Don’t let the summer pass you by— grab it by the cojones! Join the Hunt & help me shake up the world for the better. Less than one week left to join! bit.ly/4AKickassSummer