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I heard that there's a 5-year-old future gisher out there named Nash that was pretty bummed that he didn’t get to join the gishwhes.com winners’ trip to explore volcanoes in Iceland. As a fellow geology buff, I can relate, so I made this message for him while in Iceland...
Later today, I'll be giving away this actual prop signed by @robenedict (and me) to someone who has signed up for gishwhes.com. Register now, if u want in. (Also, I'm randomly calling some of the people who have signed up today.)
I just got back to LA from a great trip in Europe. This is a real thing here. This is not a joke. Kind of makes me love LA...
Sometimes, you are a part of something that you are proud of, and you tell people about it. This is one of those times. 
I traveled thousands of miles to taste the world's freshest popsicle. Worth it. 
Want to join me on next year's winner's trip? gishwhes.com (LINK IN BIO)
One word: Biblical. This is what a #gishwhes winners' trip looks like. You want in? gishwhes.com (LINK IN BIO)
Not to get too existential, but life is short! If "getting 300 Bonus Gishpoints in 2017" is on your bucket list, carpe diem— today's the LAST DAY! Join now: gishwhes.com

I'm sick of people trolling me online, so I'm gonna start trolling people in the real world! #gishwhes (LINK IN BIO)
For mothers' day: A poem written by me for my mom and her dog. Printed in the Columbia Poetry Review.
Hoy dia, estoy practicando mi Español. #FelizCincoDeMayo!(Que no tiene afiliación con independencia o aguacates o aguacates independientes.)
Your daily reminder that poetry is not dead.
I am mortified that this SEX TAPE has been leaked! What me and @spntapeball do in the privacy of our own bed is our business!