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Congress is putting our internet browser data up for sale, but that's okay. I'm not ashamed of my browser history! #ProfitBeforePrivacy

In honor of #WorldPoetryDay, I've hidden a poem by Matt Baker in the most unlikely place to find a poem: http://www.snapchat.com/add/mishacollins
I feel like my earlier statement on Facebook (http://bit.ly/2lY3WoO) was confusing to some, so just to clarify my position... #HappyPiDay
Don't throw away your shot! Last week to get in on @robenedict's #RockGod campaign & support  @natlstrokeassoc! @Lin_Manuel @creationstands
Hey, @speakerryan, sure you want to uninsure 24 million Americans with #Trumpcare... but folks overlook what a great stunt double you are. (Thanks, Shawn!) http://wapo.st/2n6YeAO
Daylight savings time has brought high-level discussions of space and time into our home. (The thing she's asking Siri for here is a "map," in case you don't speak Canadian.)
Last year, my #E4K event drew some harsh criticism from local haz-mat teams. 
So this year for #E4K, I'm skipping "Extreme Baking" for something entirely different (and you're invited to join me): http://bit.ly/2n2XyfH @randomactsorg
This steamy scene with @spntapeball was inexplicably deleted from tonight's episode of #supernatural
Congrats to @randomactsorg's Rea (@RARepGermany)! She’s the first to raise $5K for 2018's Nicaragua trip! We finished building #1... Now for #2! http://bit.ly/2lVKdCa
This year my agency, UTA, canceled their Oscar party. 
Instead, they are doing something much more debaucherous... this: www.crowdrise.com/unitedvoices #UnitedVoices
Tomorrow,I'll be bringing Valentine's love to seniors with Random Acts & Wish of a Lifetime's #ActGlobal! Join me! http://bit.ly/2k6oc4X
Guys, I need your help with a project. You'll be rewarded with a higher place in the afterlife (and yes, I have authority to deliver on that): http://bit.ly/2lcU2Pn