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An after-midnight, behind-the-scenes tour of the Capitol building in DC this weekend. (Thanks Capitol Police.)
My grandfather Dorr ("Pop") was in the US Air Force in WWII. He had the best stories. Today, I'm thinking of him & of all who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you all. #veteransday
I think I just saw God in a bar. (@robenedict)
It's #Supernatural night! I've been spending my downtime on set experimenting with "craft cloning", and as you can see, it's really going well! 
Order your microbrewed @misha individually, or pick up a six pack (as shown)! (Photo Credit: @creasser)
This memo is so important, I've been carrying it around in my pocket all day so I wouldn't forget to share it with you! Please read it & help us spread the word. 
@jaredpadalecki & @jensenackles kept trying to make me break during our @rogueonline shoot. As you can see from this behind-the-scenes image, it worked. (Shocker, I know.)
My poems have always been too long for Twitter. But last night, with 280 characters, I managed to squeeze this one in. I thought I’d share it here as well.
One of my favorite art groups turned a wildfire-ravaged canyon into a place where the trees glow of gold... but the installation closes Nov. 12. 
Find what you've lost there: https://www.archivesandrecords.info/upcoming/ @upcomingla
The #Supernatural crew really looks up to me. In fact, they’re even starting to dress like me. Flattering, but creepy. (Photo evidence thanks to @creasser.)
Tonight, the whole world caught me talking to myself. Embarrassing. #Supernatural
@neil.tyson, my son is you for Halloween. He also wants to know what’s past the edge of our universe (& “nothing” doesn’t cut it. I tried.).
My daughter and her bff are young environmentalists. They love unraveling tree pulp when I’m not looking.