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A poem by me. For #worldpoetryday
This is the theater where the Oscars were held. No offense to Hollywood's best & brightest, but I think we had a better audience tonight. @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @alex8calvert  #PaleyFest #Supernatural #Scoobynatural
ZOINKS!!! What a turnout. Thanks, guys. #Supernatural #PaleyFest #Scoobynatural
Thank you, @samhighfill, for posting the first-ever image (albeit a cartoon) in which I'm taller than @jaredpadalecki. I owe you big time.

This morning my son wrote his very first note to me… (BTW, don't worry! He actually loves everything about his school; he always speaks fondly of his teacher & school mates & it’s where he learned to write. But it does appear he’s inherited my spelling skills, poor kid.)
As you may be aware, a Supernatural/Scooby-Doo cross-over episode will be airing soon. 
This Scooby-Doo is much heavier than you may expect (double entendre intended). In all seriousness, I had to train for WEEKS to be able to lift Scooby in this scene. 
I went out surf-skiing with world-class paddler Heather Nelson this morning. She was fast. I was wobbly. (Also my wet suit was so tight my feet turned purple.)
It's #WorldSleepDay! To celebrate this important holiday, I've negotiated a higher place in the afterlife for anyone who takes a 20 minute nap today. Be sure to cash in.
There has never been a zippered #IwishForThis hoodie... until now! It’s kind of a big deal. It’s a fashion statement (and a way to manage your unruly children). Be one of the few. You only have a few of days. 
Not many people know this, but a large percentage of the global population growth from 2011-2017 can be attributed directly to @officialgishwhes. (You're welcome.) Tell me your #gishwhes stories! 
Education changes the world. Thanks to all the @randomactsorg volunteers, donors, & staff (and my dad!) working together to bring this school to life. 
We're so close to being complete! Help us cross the finish line: http://randomacts.org/donate

My mom wanted a girl, but she got stuck with two boys. Nevertheless, she persisted in being a great role model to us, showing us what a strong, fearless, & giving person should be (of any gender). Thanks, mom. #internationalwomensday2018