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We got a new dog yesterday. He seems to be housebroken, but his food has been drawing ants all day. #sdsafaripark #gishwhes 
5 DAYS LEFT!  You know the old saying: it's time to gish or get off the pot. Come on, guys! This is the last time... I want you to be a part of it! Don't hold it any more! GO! gishwhes.com/register.php
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Your not-so-friendly, heartbreaking reminder: Gishwhes registration is about to close. 
It’s the last gishwhes.com, so we are doing something special— for every person that registers, we are buying an acre of critically endangered forest habitat in partnership with the Rainforest Trust. SO REGISTER WHILE YOU STILL CAN! (You’ll have a blast while doing good.) I want you to be a part of this! Join now! 
Though I’m not what you would call a “tree hugger”, I do copulate with trees from time to time. Because of this ongoing romance, this year we’re going to do something special in these last day to register for gishwhes.com… We're saving the world! 

I know it sounds bombastic, but it's true. From this point forward, for every person that registers for gishwhes, we’ll buy an acre of forest in Nepal to protect an ecosystem there. Our goal is to secure 20,000 acres to protect thousands of animals against poaching, which will mean we're literally saving thousands of thousands of tiny, amazing lives together.

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This will be the last gishwhes. I hate to see it go, but I love to watch it leave. Let's go out with a bang! 
Get in on the last-and-best gishwhes.com. The final gishwhes, this summer's gishwhes, will be the hunt our grandchildren talk about. 
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‪What's something you love about this country? #IndependentsDay ‬