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How’s your weekend? 🥰
We are in a world full of people asking you to HUSTLE. I think it’s great, i hustle everyday too, but when we hustle, do we take good care of our body, our mind, and our soul? what was your reason to hustle to wear out your body & mind? what was your WHY? to be debt free? to be respected? to travel the world? or for freedom to buy whatever you want? for materials? or for ur family? whatever your reason to hustle was, remember to take 5 mins, lay or sit on comfortable position, close your eyes and take a deep breathe, listen to the sound of the rain, the traffic, your breathing and the air, take notice of tension in your body and breath some air into it, so you release the tension, and remember to feel gratitude for the universe have grant you the life you deserve at this very moment. 🥰 there’s always a reason why you are at where you’re at, dig deep and find solution to each challenges you are facing everyday. ❤️
think i gotta fix my hair soon
was out in a wild for a bit in sekeping serendah for coaches retreat with my fit family, to bond and recharge, and to understand our goals and purpose for 2019. For 2020, i’ll bring my very own team 🥰 so excited for those who are starting to learn how to be a coach, you have no idea how this platform will grow u as a person as much as it did to me. We rise by helping others to rise •
thank you for the fun guys, i’ve been headbanging and shuffling the whole night 😂 
#fitnessentrepreneur #wxscoachesretreat2019
小bruce oppa 去了美国种玉米🌽 ahaha jk 加油 have fun (¿)in Iowa, don’t come back as frat boy ( i mean, no offence to all my frat boy american friends 👻) 为什么三个不同的照片,都是一个pose
the city of sins.
ok the sun is on my side. kinda like how this lip gloss or velvet lip idk lol, look on me.I always prefer matte over shiny finish but this looks damn good on me . i look unfriendly tho 😂 truth is i’m always smiling in real life no worries HEH, btw gonna start creating some makeup videos here cuz i wanna give away all make up for ya’ll ❤️🥰 BTW OMG OK I WANNA HIGHLIGHT THIS, I HAVENT BEEN USING FOUNDATION FOR A YEAR AND MY SKIN LOOKS SO GOOD NOWWWWW
what’s your goal this year? my goal this year is to help YOU to build the confidence and love you deserve for yourself through body and health. I’m not just a social media and travel content creator, i’m also an entrepreneur which i’m pretty silent about, i’ve been trying out the wellness and fitness entrepreneur line for a year (part time), helping people get their body goals and as well help them earn extra side income, and i loved every second of it. Not only, i get the happy “thank you” from people, it allows me to work online and as well as travel anywhere i wanted, afford my own wants and needs. THIS IS AMAZING. if you are a person who is seeking health for yourself and as well as building a career out of fitness and influencing people through fitness with ur social media, you are in the right time and right place. We have a great support and training system to help you get the dream job you’ve always wanted 🥳 this year, i want to build a VERY strong team to empower everyone around the world. So if you are one of them, feel free to email or dm me, i’ll be gladly to show you what is our team all about. Remember, only YOU can decide what you are destined to become. #fitnessentrepreneur
2019 content goals; more genuine contents, less commercial contents, means more videos on youtube and insta this year so ya’ll get to see the “real” me behind all these soc med stuff! have you watched my latest youtube video for new york vlog? 🥰 (link in bio if you haven’t) took me awhile to edit them because.... i get lazy. lol. #flywithmissalvy
mood; reminding myself to be presence, to cancel out negative noise from my mind this year.
it’s the first day of 2019, it is what i literally see in almost every insta story 🤪 A kind reminder for everyone to enter 2019 right 😚🥰 #happynewyear #newyearnewmebs #sorryforbeingannoying sorry for the puffy face lmao #gonnadeletethisafter