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“Livin' in Ladera Heights, the black Beverly Hills
Domesticated paradise, palm trees and pools
The water's blue, swallow the pill
Keepin' it surreal, whatever you like”
🌴☀️🏖🏄‍♀️🧘‍♀️ #missalvyinla #flywithmissalvy
No filter needed, when california has the best sunlight ever ☀️ back to one of my favourite city in the world after 3 years! Hello LA 🌴 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinLA
It’s just alvy ranting (deleting this soon) 🙃 what I’ve been dealing the past months  #malaysiangonemad #donttakethistooseriously ( tell me that I’m not alone in this 😂 )
One of the 7 wonders of the world, Chichen Itza 🌴 understanding Mayan ancient culture was definitely amazing! #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinmexico
What’s autumn? Everyday is summer for alvy 🌴☀️ #missalvyinmexico #flywithmissalvy
Spanish summer 🇲🇽 missing these two crazy girls because they made my summer a little crazy and adventurous; they made me fall in love with the idea of enjoying the uncertainty of life and cheers to corona. See you girls in Romania 🇷🇴🇷🇴 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinmexico
What to do in cancun: 1. Visit playa 2. Drink Victoria/corona 3. Party on the beach 4. Peeing by the bush because there’s no bathroom around at night and local said you can do so 6. Being escort by police and almost went to jail for TRYING to pee and being told to serve jail time in mexico for 36 hours wtf hahaha ; not being el pablo 7. Tell the police that you need be let go because you have flight and being asked to pay them 100usd, so you can atleast fly home lol 8. Then go home, drink more corona because it was a funny experience lmao and tell your dad about it and he ignored the fact that you’re crazy 😂 you were never in Mexico if you never went through crazy shit 😂🇲🇽 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinmexico #thuglifechooseme
Damn mexico, you are one hell of a crazy adventure. Celebrating Mexico Independence Day with the locals here 🇲🇽🌴 ps:// lost my abs because of how much I eat and how much corona I’m drinking here. Can’t wait to go back to gym life lol #missalvyincancun #missalvyinmexico #flywithmissalvy
Just bring me back to tropical city, and I’m good for the rest of the days 🌴 #missalvyintulum #missalvyinmexico #flywithmissalvy
Spreading my Bahasa Sarawak knowledge all over the world! Because I am so proud to be Malaysian! Show your Malaysian pride with Digi’s #MalaysianMade GIFs in your post! Just search “DigiLAH” in Gif!
I can’t believe I’m sippin’ Pinã colada in Mexico 🇲🇽 it’s been a dream for me to visit Tulum and I’m finally here! 🌴 Happy to be back in the tropical again 🌴 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinTulum #missalvyinMexico
Two girls, one city 🌃  I’ll see you soon New York City, you never fail to make me in love with you again 🌃