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No filter, no foundation, just pure happiness and I changed my skincare routine ✨ take care of your soul, and your body, fuel your body and mind with nothing but love and share your glow with others 🍓🥑🍒 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinNJ
Hi all, I’m doing well here. Except I’m stuck at home for 2 straight days because I’m literally freezing and it’s been raining all day. EVEN THERE’S SUN IM FREEZING. 🤧 where’s my sun? anyway, here’s a picture of me being a tourist. Enjoy ✨😂 #missalvyinPhilly #flywithmissalvy ps:// shoutout to my chilean friend who is a victim of my insta life he’s not bad for taking my picture
Sunday vibes ✨🌿🌼 #missalvyinNYC #flywithmissalvy (ps:// my awkward hands taking a picture 🤳🏻 for miself, solo traveller probs)
My current daily travel essentials for everyday use for a perfect #juicylip ✨ 
@MACCosmetics PREP + PRIME LIP for perfect base that make my lip colour last all day and #MACVersicolour Varnish for the perfect natural shine on the lips! 👄 
New York and its bipolar weather ✨⛅️ #missalvyinnyc #flywithmissalvy
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My everyday morning routine before I go out and explore the city is drinking in style with my new limited edition mini dispenser by Spritzer! Now available in black & white colour, not only that, it came with stickers that matches my personality! My style is definitely anything related to travel, so putting on stickers on my Spritzer Dispenser of places I visited or wants to visit get me excited everytime! 
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Note: this contest ends in 5 DAYS ! Better hurry🏄‍♀ Good news : The lucky winners will be announced in 2 weeks! Stay tuned  and goodluck! ✨💖
Told myself, I don’t wanna be touristy when I’m in New York City, but who would’ve resist going up to observatory for the view? ✨🇺🇸 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinnyc
It’s only right to take a cute ass picture when you live right across Central Park, while freezing to death... where’s the sun? ⛅️✨ #missalvyinnyc #flywithmissalvy
Who says living healthy means staying away from the delights you get in life? Lipton will prove you wrong with their brand new low sugar flavors, Jasmine Lychee and Mango Pandan! Its so refreshing to have it after a good workout, you would want for more! 🍃 #LetsLITMove #LETSMOVE
Where dreams are made of ✨🇺🇸 #missalvyinnyc #flywithmissalvy #darlingescapes
Hey sir, you’re in my picture 😪 (asked the sandwich seller to take a picture of me lmao, not bad!) I’m in upper east side, where’s Serena? ✨ #missalvyinnyc #flywithmissalvy
Brb, preparing for The Met Gala ✨😂 tips: get yourself an expensive ass travel tripod to get a nice insta photo because strangers make you look ugly hahahah, jk i Just couldn’t find a traveller tripod that’s cheap :’-) // cute ass top perfect for the spring from @shopcherie.co #missalvyinNY #missalvyinNYC #flywithmissalvy