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Hello Jakarta 🌛 came here just for a weekend getaway #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinJakarta
Where I’ll be at every @urbanscapes event, the food section ofcourse. 😅🤷🏻‍♀️ have you guys went to any #urbanscapes2018 #umobilexurbanscapes2018 events yet?
Can never get enough of @itstheship #itstheship2018 🙆🏻‍♀️ thanks @moses.paren for being such a sport and filmed this whole experience for me! 😭 he vlogs me more than I vlog myself 😭 who likes this type of video??? 🙆🏻‍♀️ #flywithmissalvy 🎵: Better (Shockone Remix) by What So Not & LPX by @therealshockone
Just a day before I dragged my ass to get oxygen in the emergency room. Nevertheless I had fun without alcohol consumption hahaha. Check out my cute bikini I got from @islandergirls.ig 😍 a little haram but that’s fine! #itstheship2018 📷: @moses.paren
Trust me when I say I did this video thousand times & only got one right lol 😭 
Join #sekkiseitiktok  challenge and stand a chance to win one year skin care products worth rm5000 #tiktokchallenge #kosemy #雪肌精
Where’s Amy? I’m looking for her. She’s my virtual assistant from AmOnline, she keeps my work simple, easy and fast, and I need her! Let me know when you found her ☝🏻 #AmOnline #ambank @ambankmy 👗: @myzarrel
3rd times in a row with @itstheship and spent my birthday there, it’s always been crazy! withdrawal coming thru (I didn’t get tipsy at all this year tho hahaha cuz I spent my money on Emergency room also wasn’t allowed to drink) god’s way of asking me to stop drinking 😂... Thanks #madhatpr for the invitation, y’all are the best 💖 #itstheship2018 4th year maybe? 🤣🤣🤣
My first mv yall.. Am i excited for Halloween or @itstheship ?? 😂 Counting down the days to IT'S THE SHIP! Just 4 days to go, then i'm off to Asia's Largest Festival at Sea. With all the themed pop-up parties happening, I'm wondering if I've packed enough... Dinosaur for Onesie Party? •
Anyway if you see a girl dancing awkwardly around the ship, that’s probably me 😂 you can pass me some free booze 🍾 cuz it’s gonna be my birthday weekend 🤣🎂🎂🎂 ( I figured I don’t wanna be too serious in my insta hahaha, I’m always this crazy y’all ) #itstheship2018
To ease my mobility and keep my travel experience simple, fun, convenient, pack light is the key. My Laneige Covering Cushion or I called it LCC , two in one, simplify my move, beautify my experience! #LaneigeMY #RealMeRealPerfect #LayeringCoverCushion 🌴💖🦋
What keeps you alive? Is it the sun, the moon or the stars? 🌙 The highs and lows of life? Or is it love? •
What keeps me alive, is everyday I get to learn something new about myself. Years back, I wasn’t aware of my surrounding, I was floating on this earth just getting by this crazy life, not so sure what goes in and out of my life, not sure what’s ahead of me. Not so sure if I was happy, buying things I don’t need to satisfy the void in me. Being in different types of relationships that I thought was “real”. Unable to give out love or take in love, because of the walls i’ve built around me. Masking my sadness and emptiness with my sarcasm and anger. Telling people I’m not feeling well to avoid social gatherings, in truth, I locked myself in bedroom because I was feeling unwell mentally. Clutter my space that clutters my mind. Succumbed to anxiety and depression and emptiness. Today, I’m living, I’ve lived, I took care of my well being, aware of what surrounds me, aware of what energy I wanna bring to this world, I’m happier. For every souls that I’ve met, I brought a little piece of them with me around, for session of meditation and every book that I’ve read, I’ve grown little by little. It’s only normal to be broken, mended, damaged and be healed again, we are only human. And for every breathe that I take on this life journey, I am eternally grateful. I am not perfect in social media nor am I perfect in real life. I’m a little crazy in real life and that’s okay cuz in my heart, I am at peace, i’d like to believe so. Thank you thank you thank you, universe. 🦋 and dear you, please take care of your mindfulness and mental well being. On this platform, I would like to be as transparent as I can, even if it’s so hard for me to do so. I love you.  #gratefulness #highlymeditated #practicegratefulness
A night with @airasia @sony #makestorieshappen #throughthelens  #airasia🌙 (me standing in between destinations I wanna go, please sponsor me thx)
Not everyone is going to resonate with who I am and what I do. I’m never going to change anyone to try to think the way I do. But, I am going to lead by example, to channel my inner well being focusing on transcendence and growth through experiences. If you love the idea of what’s my thinking, I invite you through this journey with me. Meditate, and chant the word of affirmation of the dream life you could possibly think of of, everyday. If you don’t agree to what i channel in this platform or what message I’m trying to project, I will still continue to stay true to myself and I will love you just the same. 🌙  My dream has always been to inspire people to achieve the dream life, to love oneself, to feel gratitude, to always self discover, what’s yours? #highlymeditated