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Nerdy alvy coming thru, after work and feeling lazy 😴
Travelling around the world can be so much fun but can be tiring at times; so my hungry self always bring around snacks. kinder bueno dark definitely the perfect snack for me to bring around! Super yummy too! #KBDark2017 #KinderBuenoDark #LimitedEdition
As a Sarawakian, I could not be more proud of my home state! I won't be around to celebrate this proud moment with you all but I have a gift for all sarawakian (Miri & kuching) to explore our beautiful state this weekend, all made easy with Uber now. Come join in the celebration by using my promo code "SARAWAKDAYMISSALVY" to ride for free all weekend with Uber too! Just download the app, apply the promo code and start riding around your city. Tell me in the comments how you celebrated this weekend! (21st of July - 23rd of July) #uberkch #ubermiri #ubermy @uber_my •
Swipe right for gift! Kmk sayang Sarawak! 💗
Stay classy, sassy and abit of bad ass-y 💯
4 SUPER DUPER EASY HAIRSTYLES for lazy people like me 😝 watch how I achieve 4 really easy hairstyle with my all time favourite hair curler from @vodana @charis_official ✨✨ you can purchase this curler from my shop -------------------https://charis.net/missalvy 💗✨#charisceleb
Staying alone gets a little lonely sometimes, i've been thinking to get myself a fluffy cute friend to accompany my lone self 😭. Guess what, i found my bestfriend on #MudahMY! How convenient 😱😱( link on my bio)
What's crakin'? ✨ Behind the scene shot with amazing @raisasphotography and @femalemag for #female50g (outfit styled by: @zzazainal ) 💗💗 #uniqlomy #laneigemy #mylorealpro #ootd
B L I S S 🍃🍃 #flymissalvy #missalvyincambodia
The carvings, the history, the engineering behind this magnificent Bang Mealea is just phenomenal ✨ #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinbkk
This picture would have been perfect without the amount of people at the back 🙊 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinbkk
I had the opportunity to check out and stay in all the @holidayinnexpress in bangkok, and this time I really enjoyed my stay in @holidayinnexpress sukhumvit 11, it's just opposite all the bars & clubs and my alcoholic self thank the hotel for that 😂 my drunk self don't have to travel far when the night ends. 😂😂💯 // Top: @shopwildcreature •
#missalvyinbkk #flywithmissalvy #holidayinnexpress #missalvyxholidayinnexpress #ootd
Found a denim gem in chatuchak market, it was crazy 4 hours of hustling through the crowds, drenched in sweat under crazy hot & humid Bangkok weather, trying to find something I like. ✨ and btw, that natural sun flare is caused by my broken iPhone camera lens, it's not that bad after all 😭😂 (yeah I got tanned, ain't complaining) #ootd #missalvyinbkk #flywithmissalvy