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My heart is full 🌈 just like my tummy
@studio_airfitdance got me drenched in sweat with their air cardio 🤷🏻‍♀️ had a hard time to carry my heavy ass body with my skinny ass arms, making my core muscles doing all the work. Gotta work on my arms man  before the Body Transformation Challenge that I’m going for in a few weeks time 😅😂 journey to be a fit alvy 2018 😂 Who wants to be fit this year?! ( ps:// ya girl was forced to smile for a picture, I was actually about to scream) #airyoga #airfitdancestudio #airyogis #sponsored
Being a frequent traveller and having to adapt with different environmental changes, it’s always important to keep my skin protected. Thank you so much @elizabetharden for this limited edition Around The World with Eight Hours, I can keep my body and skin protected and hydrated. Not forgetting,  Take Down and Touch Down Lip Duo that can protect and hydrate my lips especially when I’m in a long haul flight 💖 #elizabethardenmy #eighthourtravels (swipe left to see how cute is the packaging! ) 😍😍😍😍
I have constantly gotten questions on how I keep my skin looking fresh and hydrated, recently I’ve been using this @natashaskin_my facial skincare oxygen (02) bubble that helped me to achieve the skin that I desire! 😍 have I mentioned how my face smell so good after using this?  #natashaskinmy #skincaremadeforyou #naturemeetstechnology (swipe left to see the magic product)
I’m usually afraid of food or beverages that’s too colourful because of food colouring😨, but ‘s beautiful colours are natural and they’re  from fruits,tea and their special ingredient, buttlerfly pea 🦋 it’s super healthy. It is available at Sunway Giza, IOI city mall Putrajaya and now they’ve open a new store at KLIA2. I found a perfect place to reenergise myself before my next getaway! Congratulations on your new opening in Klia2 💫 #dreamcolormy #dcklia2
How to be an Instagram model 101 😀 posing tutorial anyone? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 📹: @zoeypky hypegirl 
Ps:// check out @mynarrations for my final photo of this weird ass candid 🤙🏼 and also my real life story about how I overcame depression and cyber bully and congratulations my boo @zoeypky for her inspiring new venture @mynarrations 💫💫💫
I have never been to Australia myself (I know!) but I always wanted to visit Australia, hopefully next year! Gold Coast is one of the states in Australia that I am dying to visit! I’m an adrenaline junkie, so If i have the chance to actually visit, there are few activities I would love to do, especially checking out Warner Bros. Movie world or Australia Sea World! I LOVE THEME PARKS! Oh and Of course, don't forget their beautiful beaches! I really would love to learn how to surf and take epic instagram photos, especially in Surfers Paradise Beach! So, visit Gold Coast 2019 maybe? #sharethedream #seeaustralia (pictures are not taken in Australia, swipe left to see my love for theme parks in places that I travelled to over the years, don’t mind my short hair)
[GIVEAWAY] I’m a huuuuge fan of cute and sexy lingeries, It always make me feel more confident and sexy , I’m sure you all feel the same way! 💫 Stand a chance to win this sexy @jujumellointimates exclusive Quincee Chemise in red! 
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Brought one of my favourite campanion along with me today which is the Silky White Whitening 2-Way Powder Foundation, it’s formulated with Dual White Technology for brightening effects especially for a girl with dull skin tone like myself! Also, it has vitamin C & E for your skin needs! 💖 #silkywhite #silkywhitewajahberseriku #ilovesilkygirl #silkygirlcosmetics #makeup #cosmetics #makeuplover @silkygirlcosmetics
2017 was a hell whole of goodness, fun times and amazing opportunities! Met new individuals that I can keep for a lifetime, and friends who I can call family who stays throughout all my ups and downs. 2017 is by far one of my best years, and I’m grateful for everything; the good and the bad, I am grateful for it all. 2017 has been a year of healing, getting back on my own two feet, a year of just love and gratitude, 2018 will be another great year, and a year that I will focus more on giving than taking, and I hope everyone will have an amazing 2018 too. 🌱☺️ #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinbali
Practice gratitude everyday 🌱 can’t believe 2018 is in 3 more days! #missalvyinbali #flywithmissalvy
Growing my food baby with all the amazing good food in @lafincabali 🤰🏽 what’s diet? 😂@theasia.collective @hungryin.bali  #theasiacollective #hungryinbali