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The one thing I really took granted of when I’m in America is definitely my health, I became super inactive and tired most of the time and eat food that I wouldn’t be eating back in malaysia, like Fried Oreos, how the heck Fried Oreos taste so good?! 😭🌚 I thought to myself “well, just this once” and then it became daily meals 😂people be saying “you’re on holiday! It’s okay” and I’m like, I’m on holiday for 6 months so am I supposed to be eating unhealthy for 6 months?! It took a toll on me mentally, I became unhappy and negative (heck I’m on a break, what am I worrying or being negative about?) , thought I could run on the beach everyday but weather too hot for me to run, so I decide to sign up for a gym here 😂 the gym here is SOOOO MUCH CHEAPER THAN MALAYSIA’S GYM! 🙂 I’ve never felt so happy! And I’m so happy I met a few friends here that love wellness and fitness as much as I do too! My baby abs still here tho but I really wanna make it more defined, so let’s go let’s go! ✨  #thisisamerica #nomoreburgers
How’s your summer going? 🌞 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinnj
One thing I’ll miss the most is probably all the beautiful souls I met throughout this journey, te iubesc ✨#flywithmissalvy #missalvyinphilly
A picture after my mental breakdown pretending I’m all good but yes I’m aware that to have a good life is to feel good inside and I’m really working on it. I guess being away from home for too long in a complete new environment alone took a toll on me 😂 like, im the only asian I know so............ I don’t have any friends to ching Chong with y’know. And can I say I really don’t like the food here 😭 Culture here is so different and because of that, I appreciate my home more than ever. I love travelling exploring new culture, but when you’re away for a long long time, you’ll realise nothing beats home. ✨ but in all that craziness, I appreciate the life I live here, I appreciate the simplest things in life, I am more living in the moment instead of chasing time to be successful ASAP, and I appreciate all my friends here that made me feel like I belong here, im gonna miss all our crazy outings when I’m back home. swipe right to see all my favourite people in one post. #missalvyinnewjersey #flywithmissalvy
Nothing beats a perfect brunch while doing a little people watching in the states. ✨ #tastytravels @hotelsdotcom #ad
Okay I’m in concrete jungle way too long I’m already dreaming of an actual jungle 😂 who would’ve thought I can get bored of New Jersey or New York City 🌚 jk I’m not bored just just missing home, and I can’t wait to fly to Los Angeles 😭 hows everybody doin??? #flywithmissalvy
Oh man, needa start taking nice pictures where I’m at, been too busy living life I forgot I have social media 🤷🏻‍♀️ anyone in malaysia have forgotten I exist yet?
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see, so what do you see in this picture? 🌛✨🤭 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinNYC
I’m never gonna leave this city 🌃 #missalvyinnyc #flywithmissalvy
Ready for breakfast 🥑?
Why does the most vibrant city in the world looks so sad and dull this spring? 🌸 #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinnyc
I don’t need no molly, I’m already high on life ✨ new overdue Phuket vlog is up on my deadass YT channel; watch and subscribe if you wanna ✨(link on my bio) #flywithmissalvy #missalvyinphuket #missalvyvlogs