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🖤Tattoo artist - Black Moon In Frome,UK. Married @fatplasterd 🖤07422665796/ NO INSTA DM's - dogs, coffee, family, love 🖤

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PIERCINGS AVAILABLE ALL DAY TODAY!! Come and check out our range of semi-precious gemstones set in surgical grade implant titanium that we can offer for fresh and healed piercings! Beautiful! 😍
#halloween #halloweentattoo available to book 🕷
Also today two little #moontattoos on Laura and Robin, again thank you guys for travelling to get tattooed! It's always a pleasure to see you!
A beautiful new sign for the front of the shop 😍
Little coverup from today on a lovely lady! 🖤 thank you for travelling to see me Hun it was a pleasure to have you here! Sponsored by @teamjungle #jungletattoosupplies and #pennyblacktattoobutter
On your head be it! 
Hand tattoos for £10 will be as low in quality as they are in price. For a decent set up of equipment, decent needles or cartridges, good quality inks, just the basic set up is around £10! the tattoo artist should be spending more than £10 on the basics! If it's shit equipment it will be a shit tattoo. #scratchers
We can offer coverups starting at our minimum charge of £50.
1. Send £10 (as a friends and family or gift) to PayPal 
2. Share this photo on your Instagram page 
3. Hashtag #WIN200MJB Competition closes 31st October 2017.
A teeny slice of watermelon for Dotty 🍉🍉🍉
Did this #raven on Rob today to cover part of his Celtic band. Will be a full sleeve eventually sponsored by #pennyblacktattoobutter and @teamjungle #jungletattoosupplies using @swashdrive_tattoo_official #swashdrivebrush #newtattoo #newink #tattoosformen #armtattoo #darkartists #darkart
Here is a little bit of #stencilporn for you on this grey rainy morning! 🤤
Lower leg #colour #rosetattoo from today. #tattooart #tattooing #besttattoos #uktattoos #newink #newtattoo #tattoosforwomen #legtattoo sponsored by @teamjungle #jungletattoosupplies and #pennyblacktattoobutter and using @swashdrive_tattoo_official #swashdrivebrush
SPACE TOMORROW! @simonsi83 has some last minute space tomorrow - drop him a message to to book it!