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22 😊
Im back with a throwback photo! Korea withdrawals still around. 😭
I admit, I have hurt and been hurt. But that's how life tests us. I might have failed a couple of times, done some major damage I never intend to, but in the end, what's meant to be, will be. And I'll always believe in that. #nightthoughts
Blessings I have in my life 💕
The 8 months brought me nothing but fun and laughters. And an A2 piece of paper. #graduation
Missing this girl so much cause Singapore's a holiday destination for her. 💁🏻 Keeping me sane and taking care of my needs when I needed her 🙆🏻💕 Come back and plant your butt back in SG soon please !
Spending my last day with SKT ~ #sktt1 #lck #leagueoflegends #korea #lcksummer2017
In the end, it doesnt even matter //
#day30 I've never been a social person but I'll miss the countless friends I've made this month. We've graduated ! 👩🏻‍🎓 #ewhasummer
Out of reach.
Really happy I got to do my hair in Korea. The purple looks amazing and the staff were really patient with the language barrier. No regrets!
Can't judge life in Ewha yet, but as for now, it's amazing ❤️ #ewhasummer #eiscgiveaway