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The food is too aesthetically pleasing to not post on IG 🍽
Us. Where no word can describe our friendship. 💕
I now know friends from Virginia, Maryland and New York 🙆🏻
Feeling the summer vibes ☀️
📷: @jxnice____
Much needed drinks last night with @ministryoftransport & @_yijieeee ☺️
At age 10, mama was cool.

At age 18, mama was controlling.

At age 23, mama’s the best.

To mum: I havent been thinking in your POV almost all the time. We’ve had our differences, our fights. And through all that, you support me in my decisions, good or bad. You’ve always been in my heart, together with daddy. 您女儿长大了, 别再那么担心. 💕🙆🏻 Happy mother’s day!
I want this ice cream again 🤤
The youngest of the xiaobitches grew up! 😘
I miss these 2 😭
Finally, I understood why this was a trend.
Can I just say I love and miss this girl so much? 😘🙆🏻
Do I look as angry as this merlion? 🙊 Lack of a stream cause Im just so busy trying to get used to working 😭