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• Melbourne based Tattoo Artist ⚓ Piercer • Tattoos @ Purple Haze Tattooz Beaconsfield 97070066 • @999luke ♡ ✖️Personal IG- @missvicky_adventure

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Wheel and anchor for Rob ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
Smoking pipe 🚬 @missvicky_tattoos
Couple little pieces from Anna’s Harry Potter sleeve ✨ @missvicky_tattoos
HEALED with the exception of the little touch up, of Ben’s life sleeve ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
WORK IN PROGRESS: #WIP great start to Josh’s chest piece [text not done by me] ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
Pretty girls cry too, on the beautiful Dina 😍😍 if you haven’t already check out my insta story to see the whole progress of this piece ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
Black work Anubis for the lovely Lillie ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
Eagle for Sammy ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
Angler fish head bangers, thanks Ben!!! ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
Skulls in bandannas 🤙🏼 thanks Cale ✖️ @missvicky_tattoos
FINALLY got to finish Ash’s arm some freshies but majority healed 🙌🏼🙌🏼 thanks Ash had sooo much fun doing this one and having a laugh 🤙🏼 @missvicky_tattoos
Hey guys and gals!! I’ve got some free time tomorrow if anyone’s feeling a sneaky tat!!! Inbox or call me on 9707 0066