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NEW MISSY single & video #ImBetter ft @daRealLamb FIYAH!🙌🏾🔥available EVERYWHERE! Watch NOW


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I know this is random @JanetJackson but I want to say Thank you for all u have done for the CULTURE musically & your brother MIchael & da Jacksons. Let me say this while u are still here u are LEGENDARY ICONIC & 4 ever will be🙌🏾 You are Appreciated Jj❤️ btw Janet so Legendary she had NO DANCERS/NO PROPS JUST A CHAIR! NO EFFECTS IN THIS VIDEO just herself & SHE KILT THIS solo dolo🙌🏾👑 yes & she did hit the DAB in this video✔️ she been ahead of the game! LET US GIVE HER THOSE FLOWERS NOW TAG HER🌺🌷🌸🌹🌼💐 sidebar @Janetjackson hair is LAID!
Ok last 1 for Ms. FENDI Dior but this girl wilding she really be watching cartoons & don’t want to be distracted🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😂🤣 now me & Ms Fendi not gonna battle it out over no damn TV🙄 somebody done gassed her up & must of told her she human🤷🏾‍♀️ GURL SIT DOWN MS FENDI!🐶😂🤣😂 I love my lil fur baby😍🐾
What a Beautiful day! Thank God🙏🏾💜. Good looking out @SupportBlackCollege for my hoodie.  @themuaalex @kellonderyck
Ok wait I forgot to show yall how grown my baby Ms FENDI Dior is now peep how this girl is leaning in her bag 1st of all she leaning like she driving a Ross Royce girl bye🙄 girl u da passenger😂& u a pet🐶now this baby know she cute but shy at the same time do yall see the way she hold her head down after I compliment her on her prettiness & her pose🤚🏾 STAAAWP Ms Fendi! But Come through half shy half diva ness🤣😂🙌🏾✔️💯
Let’s get this Timeline cracking🙌🏾 I had a lot of people ask me had I ever written for guys the answer is yes😉 this joint by @ginuwine “Ill Do Anything” I wrote & @timbaland on da beat but I remember when I wrote it thinking Ginuwine was so fine & Sexy😍so instead of making a song about him smashing a chick or dogging or cheating on her give him something that made him seem compassionate & remorseful & girls already loved him so I figured they would fall for him even more! He kilt this joint too! & once again our whole camp had a different kind of sound all of our records made u bounce if u notice how Ginuwine was bouncing in the video we did that on all our music which at the time ppl weren’t hip to that kind of rhythm because we actually had been on that style years before the world even knew of us🙏🏾 but Ginuwine was the perfect guy to pull this song off! Timeless & SUPAFRIENDS FOR LIFE✔️💯 & much respect to the Legendary Stevie Wonder sample🙌🏾
Sometimes you be so so distracted with those that doubt your skills that you end up in a dark space🤷🏾‍♀️Well listen just know as long as the world turns there will always be doubters but DON’T LET THEM DIM YOUR LIGHT👎🏾 you just keep GOING & GLOWING💡🙌🏾
NOW THIS GEM RIGHT HERE CHANGED THE SOUND OF MUSIC “One in A Million” I remember @timbaland & I recorded Aaliyah in Detroit & we wanted to do a balled for her so I said Tim let’s give Aaliyah our sound no one has heard yet that we was doing years ago because Tim had the bounce style that was new to the world but we had been doing it years before & I wasn’t really a great singer so I used to Sing/Rap every song I wrote meaning I turned my R&B songs into a singy rap bounce feel which all our ballads had that bounce! But Aaliyah never 2nd guessed our sound she understood me & Tim & she heard the demo & recorded so fast she was speedy with the vocals & she believed in this joint I can’t thank her enough for believing in Tim & I FUTURISTIC SOUND! Big up @ginuwine in this video to🙌🏾 sleep peaceful Babygirl🙏🏾😇 btw this record was hard to get played at at first because it was so different radio gave it a hard time UNTIL they gave it a chance & the WORLD LOVED IT!
Big up my lil sis @diddiemah I’m mad late for her bday but u know I ❤️ u sis Happy Belaaaaaated!🎂🎉🍰🎈🎁& she rep #Nigeria🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬& my sis be getting it she so saucy some things you CAN NOT be taught & dance like this comes from the soul🙌🏾🙌🏾 issa FEELING! 🔥🔥🔥I LOVE our people!!!👑🙌🏾✊🏾BIG UP song by @teknoofficial “Anyhow”
Where’s my true Destiny Child fans at?? if y’all there y’all will know this one! Called “Get On The Bus” This another joint I wrote & @timbaland on the beat🙌🏾🙌🏾 this wasn’t put out as a single it was a video & shot for “The Why Do Fools Fall In Love” soundtrack so y’all prolly not familiar so LET’S GET FAMILIAR cuz this beat prolly 1 of the DOPEST EVER! I remember thinking I wanna give them a bounce flow because Tim & I music always made u bounce & I knew they would be able to ride the beat & give it that sauce🔥🔥🔥& I was happy they rocked with it because believe or not I was always scared the artist wouldn’t like my style for some reason because it was different😩😱 but LOOK at GOD🙌🏾 but @timbaland this BEAT SO NASTY🤦🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💯 @Beyonce @kellyrowland @iamlatavia @letoyaluckett Aaliyah also helped with this choreography🙏🏾
ALRIGHT LET’S GET THIS TIMELINE POPPING AGAIN🙌🏾🙌🏾this another joint I wrote for Total called “What About Us” with @timbaland on da beat👍🏾man this my jam🔥🔥 & I remembered they needed a song for the 1997 soundtrack to the movie Soul Food so Tim & I got in the studio & cooked this up specifically for Total & I Remember after they recorded it they  actually was dancing in the studio like it was the video especially Pam coming up with the Saucy moves but this joint can drop right now in 2018 be crazy for the summer!🔥🔥🔥🔥 CLASSIC HITS/TIMELESS🙌🏾💯 yes and I was hitting with the line shady way back then😂🤣
I lost my dog Poncho last year it was so TOUGH for me & still is😩😢he can NEVER be REPLACED so i didn’t know what to do I finally found the right fur baby so I got a little girl now y’all Meet my new baby FENDI DIor🐾 (Hoodie lil sis) & as you can see she is a lil DIVA & she don’t want NOBODY touching her face she like NAH SON BACK UP🖐🏾don’t play with MY BEAT FACE & CONTOUR😂🤣😍🐶🐾 look at how she lean back & look at the finger at the end hilarious look like she saying DIDN’T I TELL you NOT my FACE😂🤣😂Thank u @woofwoofpuppies❤️
Here’s another CLASSIC from @officialswv called “Can We” that I wrote & my bro @timbaland on the beat🙌🏾 now I remember being SUPA GEEKED to work with SWV because they had them BOPS🔥 now I originally wrote this with TLC in mind but they were going in different direction so When we got the call for SWV We played  It for them & THEY MERKED THIS🙌🏾 I knew this was gonna blow when the night Biggie passed he came over to me in the club in LA & said Ma did you & Tim do this for SWV I said yes😬 NERVOUS AS HELL & he then said oh dat shit hot I like that👌🏾 I was sweating 😅because his opinion mattered to me🙏🏾 so here we are 2018 & this joint #CanWeGetKinkyTonight still SLAP🖐🏾🔥🔥ahead of its time...@cokoclemons @therealleleeswv @tajgeorge