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Nestled on over 4 1/2 acres by a small mountain lake and stream only 2 blocks walk from Highlands, NC beautiful Main Street. Come see us!

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Another picture to celebrate 80 years that Mitchell’s Lodge has welcomed guests to Highlands. “Doc and Peggy Mitchell are seated ,their daughter Margaret Mitchell is standing behind her mom and beside her son, Al, and daughter in law Renee . Peggy and “Doc “ Mitchell built the Lodge in 1939.
Still snowing..........
Happy Easter!
Spring snowfall and stream sounds this morning in Highlands!
Reminiscing on this rainy day . We use to leave this note on the desk when we were out and about working on the property and the front desk was unattended.
The picture of Alli,our daughter, in the rocking chair in the Lobby of the Lodge where she spent a lot of her time.
A chilly 32 degrees this morning , perfect morning for a fire in the the fireplace.
Beautiful day in our postcard town.
Beautiful sunny day in Highlands. Call today and book a room for that springtime getaway !1-800-522-9874.
Third generation owner Al Bolt has seen a lot of changes in his 31 years as an innkeeper!
Happy Sunday morning from Highlands. Springtime is here. We hope to see you soon!
Remember mailing postcards? Here is an older one of Mitchell’s Lodge.
It is always nice to reminisce and especially since we opened the building pictured in the postcard today for its 80th year in Highlands.
Springtime , don’t forget to slow down and smell the flowers!