Mitch Lum
Got myself a new tumbler that makes the old one I used for tumbling reloading brass look like a toy :) #malihini #flashlight #edc #wip
A couple of Aluminum and Copper combo #malihini #flashlight made it from the build box into the mail to @arizonacustomknives . These should get to them today or tomorrow so keep an eye on their website!
Built out my first @cwf_lights #dragon driver based light engine and put it into one of our very early #malihini #flashlight prototypes as a test and evaluation vehicle.  Ordered some components to offer these as a future option.
Put a @cwf_lights Dragon engine that a friend built for me, in my #malihini while I work on building one of my own :) #edc #flashlight
MegaMoab from @galyeanknives circa 2009. 556 rounds for size reference.  Was quite a beast. Grinds were amazing.  #usnstagram #edc #customknives
Before one batch is even completely done, teeing up for the next batch! @dawson_machine_craft #collab #malihini #flashlight #nichia
I'm so stoked about @galyeanknives coming back, my IG will be pics of his work for a couple days :) The blade on the #timascus and pearl Moab was mirror polished. Was impossible to capture with normal angles so I did this to illustrate how perfect the finish was. #usnstagram #edc
So I hear this guy @galyeanknives is back at it! His knives were amongst the best ever made. So glad he's back. I had the honor of photoing this #timascus and pearl. Phenomenal peice.
Auction for #timascus #malihini #flashlight running in our FB group Laulima Metal Craft (link in profile). If you dont have FB and want to bid, bid here.
Cozy in tight guys! Family photo! #timascus #malihini #flashlight all present and accounted for.
Close up on the 2 tone #timascus finish on our #malihini #flashlight

There is one more #timascus still inbound from @dawson_machine_craft , but I wanted to do a little photography this morning.

As noted previously, we've got 3 Timascus lights ready to go.  We're going to run an auction where the winner gets to pick which of the three lights they want.  Joshua and I will then fight over the remaining two. 
The last light should be arriving today, so I'm hoping to photograph all three in the morning before work and get the auction started to run this weekend. 
I'm super excited about these. :)