Mitch Lum
Just got my @nalpakgroup customized #pelican 1120 set up to hold 10 #malihini #flashlight that @dawson_machine_craft and I will have at the @alphaknifesupply booth during #bladeshow . Thanks @knife2knowya for turning me on to these guys. Sweet little travel case for our lights.
Finished up a 2-tone patina #copper #malihini #flashlight with a 2-tone blasted and tumbled clip.
Interested in getting a #Malihini #flashlight configured like this? Sign up sale running now. We have 4 lights being offered up (see preview from earlier in the week. Enter by following link in my profile.
#R53 ready to go for this Friday @sccaofficial #tracknight at #pir with @dale.clough . @wilwooddiscbrakes on from Todd at TCE.
In the build box for a weekend #sus we have two brass, one copper and one al/cu #malihini #flashlight .
Folks seemed to like my 2-tone patina copper, so I used a tip from @cwf_lights to give this brass a 2-tone patina. I think it'll look good with @steelflamejewelry #Crusader shield clip. #malihini #flashlight #edc
My version of Edward Scissorhands.  I all it, Mitchy Flashlight Finger. Happy Monday everyone.  #malihini #flashlight #edc @dawson_machine_craft
I may have gotten in a little over my head. Will seek professional help from @snowmansgarage #r53 #brakeduct
Copper with a finish that I'm calling "inverse 2-tone". It was tumbled by @dawson_machine_craft after being machined then I patina'ed the "flats" and the machines flutes and dimples still mostly shiny. I think this finish will wear in very nicely.
Phenomenal photo from @knife2knowya of his new #malihini #flashlight with @steelflamejewelry clip on it.
#Malihini Bronze Prototype Auction!

2-tone Patina Bronze Prototype Body
@cwf_lights Dragon Light Engine
Nichia 219C 4000k Primary LEDs, Dual red secondaries
@steelflamejewelry #Bronze #Crusader Shield Clip
Green Glow Gasket
Winners Choice of Switch Boot Color

Auction will end Saturday 6pm Pacific Time
This is cross posted between my Instagram (@mitchlum) and our Facebook Group - Laulima Metal Craft.
You MUST have a bid in 1 hour prior to the close of the auction if you want to be eligible for any last minute bidding (trying to discourage someone swooping in at the last moment)
5 minute anti-snipe in effect - so the auction can go beyond close time if there's active bidding and will end once 5 minutes passes with no new bids.

Shipping: USPS Priority insured shipping included, $25 extra for international

Thanks for your continued interest and support!
Mitch & @dawson_machine_craft 
#flashlight #edc #dragon #nichia
Will be running an auction this weekend for a 2-tone patina #bronze #malihini prototype with @cwf_lights #dragon light engine with red secondary LEDs.