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Risograph printing service.
Owned and operated by @janemaloney.mk ⚡️⚡️
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The time has come to shut down for the Christmas holidays! I’m overloaded, so it is much earlier then usual and I won’t open again for new jobs until the end of feb. Sorry if this effects your riso printing plans, but with a few big projects on the go I need all the time I can get to focus on them. I’ve had loads of general questions recently as well so I have made an FAQ story highlight and your questions about pre-Xmas and the summer break will probably be answered on there.
This picture is unrelated, but it is yet another sick poster the crew at @deathrayrecords asked me to print for them this year 😎How cool are they, if only I was in Wellington!
Its been a minute since I’ve posted because things are crazy at the moment. In better news though, @fiksate_gallery just had their biggest exhibition opening yet! ‘Bad Company’ by @jacobyikes is open until the 7th of December so do check it out if you are in Christchurch. Catalogues printed in black on recycled paper 🖤
The riso wall is back up! I’m in a new studio now in the central city. The gallery is open but DM me if you want to come in and chat all things Risograph 😎🖨
I’ve been super busy, maybe you can tell by the lack of posts since before I last went to Melbourne, but I’ve been finishing off four books this week! First of which is this photozine for @charlierosecreative, printed in black and fluro pink. This is the first book I’ve fully made from design all the way through to binding and trimming, since M/K is now fully set up with heaps of finishing equipment ✂️ Anyway, this is turning into a long caption, but you should really go buy a copy over on Charlie’s website (charlierosecreative.com/shop) because her photography is pretty damn amazing 📸💕
We wrote and printed a zine about zines, to accompany the @chchzinelibrary exhibition we organized at CoCA in the Lux Espresso gallery. These are free from the exhibition! If you head in feel free to take a copy, they are on the counter where you order your @allpressespresso coffee ☕️
A huge thank-you to everyone who came down to the opening on Friday of the @chchzinelibrary exhibition we put together. It was great to see so many people from all across the arts community! It’ll be up until 16/9, at @coca.chch in the Lux Espresso gallery 🖤
Posters we made for @southpawbeer. Based on the actual beer labels and adapted for riso ⚡️🖨
I’ve been busy cataloguing all the zines for the new @chchzinelibrary which we are launching for the @tcschch x @coca.chch colab in Lux Espresso. What goes better together then coffee and self publishing 🤷‍♀️ August 3rd, exact details to come 👍🏻 The Chch/Ōtautahi Zine Library is bought to you by the Christchurch Zinefest team (special mention Alice Bush) and M/K Press ⚡️
Black ink on yellow paper for @_dr_suits new zine 🖤⚡️🖤⚡️
Christchurch Zine Library is coming! Follow @chchzinelibrary for updates 👀 If you would like to donate any zines to the collection we would be very greatful. Send us a DM or email chchzinelibrary@gmail.com. Launching August 3rd!
Posters by and for @deathrayrecords fresh off the press today. They are one of the only people who ask for green ink! Photo backdrop provided by studio mate @jen_heads ⚡️ A3 posters on 135gsm Eco recycled paper in green, fluro pink and black 💚💕🖤
It’s been a bit quiet on the IG feed, but I’m still working away off social media. Getting some new colours soon (thinking blue, orange and teal 🤩) and I’ll have a zine making workshop coming soon! I’ll work on being back on insta a little more too ⚡️ Old workshop snap from @charlierosecreative