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On a plate from @wilfriedzaha 汨条沛サ汨条沛サ
Morning spin 沽泅エ沛シ #wattbike 
Tough game in the heat tonight, happy with the win and clean sheet.
had an amazing time in Hong Kong thankyou to the fans out here for giving me an amazing reception 汨条沛サ the last time I was here was 2009 and the fans are even more passionate now! 笨交沛シ笞スク
A little picnic on Reigate park today 沍 this little cutie behaved well for once hey @katherinebetsy19 沽洟歴沽汨ィ窶昨汨ゥ窶昨汨ァ
Me and Katherine saying anything to see lux's first smile 沽洟汝洟ァ洟歴汨カ沛サ #goals #firstsmiles
Last home game at selhurst 泗交沛シ笞スク #family
The boys stepped up when it mattered today!
It would be wrong to say we wasn't nervous before the game, but as soon as the fans started singing in the warm up it settled us. Thankyou for your support!
#CPFC #EAGLES #EPL 沐エ沐オ沐エ沐オ
Wow what a feeling becoming a father, so proud of you @katherinebetsy19 you've been amazing洟, can't wait to make memories together! 汨ィ窶昨汨ゥ窶昨汨ァ welcome Lux Valentina kelly 沍ケ汳沛サ
Birthday boy 沽酒沁Å沁解沚ー 汨嬉沛シthanks for the messages ppl! 泗交沛シ and thank you @katherinebetsy19 for my presents 沁 the soon to be mum, I'm so lucky 沽愚洟歴汨ィ窶昨汨ゥ窶昨汨ァ
Massive 3 points for us today! 泗交沛サ 笞スク条沐エ沐オ沐エ沐オ #cpfc #palace #benteke #team #awaydays
Poker night up north 笙」ク鞘劬ク条气
Happy Valentine's Day @katherinebetsy19 沽坂擘ク