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Always pumped. She hasn't worked out today yet.
@spomenka_ifbbpro  3 weeks post show.
Miss making it happen , are you ready ?🤔🤔watch me work, I can do all things 🙏🏾#backworkout #pushyourself #gymmotivation #gym #ifbb #ifbbpro #npcbodybuilding #npc #fitnessmotivation #fitness #workout #workoutmotivation #workhard #cardio #gymtime #love
Really happy with the direction my bench has been headed lately. Did 8x3 at 115 plus 78 in chains, finished my 9th set with 8 reps. Big numbers coming up @working_class_barbell .
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A Champion. Aja'Nel Williams - IFBB Figure Pro ** 2019 NPC USA Figure Overall Winner ** @lenaja_williams
"I started competing in 2016 and I was actively trying to lose weight for my job in the Marine Corps. Lifting weights, I loved the positive changes in my body and decided to hire my first coach to get to the next level. My first show I placed 3rd at Leigh valley championships in Allentown Pennsylvania and decided to take some time off. I didn’t compete again until 2018 at the San Diego border states championships, I placed first missing the overall title by one point. Shortly after that show I competed at the USA championships taking the overall title as Miss figure USA and my IFBB pro card. One week later I made my pro debut competing in the Tampa pro show placing 6th."
"The confidence I received from competing comes with just loving myself and loving the process of evolving. So many women spend time hating their bodies in the current state but once I learned I have the ability to transform my physique into whatever I want I started to love and appreciate myself at each stage of my journey."
"The lifestyle that I live is just that. It’s my life. I don’t see it as a diet and I don’t see it as a means to an end. Training and nutrition are a part of my life. I center my priorities for the day and make eating and training a part of that. Being a full time active duty Marine causes me to have to prepare and be flexible and there are obstacles but I typically have no issues if I use My time wisely. I don’t know what the future holds for me in this sport but I am just getting started and I plan to go to the Olympia one day. Right now I’m enjoying the journey and enjoying helping women find the same confidence that I did by transforming their bodies."
#ifbbpro #olympia #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #nevergiveup #hardwork

Push-ups help build strength, burn more calories, increase mental toughness and instill confidence." They work every muscles in your body, from your neck to your toes, also strengthening your chest, abs, shoulders and triceps.

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CHECK-INS: 8/5/19 💥
16weeks out.

Am I happy? Of course not. To be precise I’m neither happy nor sad, I’m a person who always strives for improvement. 
But I do look good for Post-Show; Thanks and a Huge shout-out to my coach @ifbb_broku (P.s. Drop him wishes for Olympia❣️). He has been the best coach you can ask for, and if he says I look just fine. Then I am.
Tuning in with my diet and trying to bring up my weak points. I will be back STRONGER. 💪🏻🔥
Just doin my best to grow. Keeping consistent & making tweaks as needed. Dialing things!😈😈
📥DM For Coaching/Prep/Nutrition Plans 📥
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A rising bikini star. Say hello to Vanessa Yepez,
2019 Southern States Overall Winner! "My most recent overall win (NPC Southern States 2019 Bikini Overall Champ) would have to be my most significant win/experience in the NPC/IFBB industry. This It was, at this show where I recognized after 6 years of competing all the growth I’ve achieved thanks to this sport. This overall not only opened my eyes to appreciate the given point in my life I was at, but also gave me the momentum and spiritual energy and faith to bring an undeniable package to the 2019 USA Championships. To give a little background, I’m a very independent female. I’ve been taking care of myself since I graduated from college."
My experiences in my personal life has made me into a very guarded individual – and because of that, I keep a very small circle of peers. Due to this, I would have to say that I am one of those few individuals/competitors that has 100% shown up to her events, alone. While I’ve had the opportunity to have my mom’s support at very few of my competitions, the reality is I had always shown up alone. There had never been anyone in the audience screaming my name or wishing to see my success and/or smile. While I am grateful and appreciative of these experiences as they make me a strong/independent female, it doesn’t deter the fact that I too, want the comfort of knowing I’ve got people that support me. This is exactly what I experienced at Southern States. Winning the overall and hearing the expeditors, promoters and judges be excited for me made me open my eyes to the fact there has always been people cheering me on and wanting my success! I was just too focused on pre-defining a picture in my mind as to “who” needed to be there. Seeing this growth is priceless, and I know I will forever hold this show near and dear to my heart, EVEN when I reach the pro league".
#npcbikini #overallwinner #procardbound
Kyla Roberts @skyla_24_/
I surrounded myself with positive influences and people who were either competing, planning to compete, or have already competed (and are at the top like IFBB Pro or etc). This sport is just as mentally and emotionally challenging as it is physically... so I had to get my mindset corrected and I couldn't have done it without my inspirations. One of them being my coach, Sheena Jayne Martin. Plus, I'm a very competitive person... so when I'm after a goal, I usually throw myself 100% into that journey. 
My most recent show was the USA NPC National MuscleContest show. Throughout the entire trip, I was so excited as well as nervous to be able to compete on one of the most prestigious amateur stages of MuscleContest. I felt like I was on cloud 9. I was truly blessed and grateful to be there! During prejuding, I was so shocked when I got first call outs for my first National show!
During finals, I did not make top 5, but I found out later I was top 6! I felt so motivated! I just hardly made top 5 and that gives me so much motivation and inspiration to continue to compete since I feel so close! 
Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: Honestly, my diet doesn't change that much. I've only been competing for a little over a year and I've had my coach, Sheena Jayne Martin, for almost the entire time... She creates a meal plan and I follow through... So far everything she's recommended and given to me, has helped me improve my physique! We keep my diet mostly on the "clean" side.. meaning most of the time I just eat things like: 
Protein: chicken, protein shakes, etc. 
Carbs: white rice, rice cakes etc. (possibly multi grain bread during off season, pasta during off season, tortillas during off season...) Fats: peanut butter, avocado, etc. 
Veggies: usually anything... but I like to stick with spinach leaves 
I’ve been called a female bodybuilder (the actual division) twice this week. When I corrected both guys and said no I’m figure they were taken aback but in a good way 🤗 this just means things are going accordingly 🦄🦄
Never stops grinding!

#BodybuildingMotivation #fitfam #determined