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His Excellency Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, a UAE poet and a man of letters, one of the innovators in the vernacular Gulf Arab dialect.

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تابعونا في فيس بوك
Fleming diode valve, 1889
MADE: 1889 in London
INVENTOR: John Ambrose Fleming
Nintendo DS lite, model USG-001
MADE: 2006
MAKER: Nintendo Company Limited
Sharp J-SH04 mobile telephone, 2001
MADE: 2001 in Japan
MAKER: Sharp Corporation
Foucault Pendulum for demonstrating the Earth's rotation
MADE: 1988 in Cambridge and England
DESIGNER: Brian Pippard 
MAKER: Cavendish Laboratory
Rotative steam engine by Boulton and Watt, 1788.
MADE: 1788 in Birmingham
MAKER: Boulton, Watt and Company,James Watt and Matthew Boulton
Queen Alexandra's Saloon
MADE: 1902 in Wolverton railway works
MAKER: London & North Western Railway
Replica of the 'Baby' or SSEM computer
MADE: 1998
replica of Bell's 1876 centennial telephone transmitter, 1959
MADE: 1959 in Science Museum
MAKER: Science Museum, Workshops 
INVENTOR: Alexander Graham Bell
Thomson's (Lord Kelvin) First Tide Predicting Machine, 1876
MADE: 1876 in London
INVENTOR: William Thomson
Pewter bleeding bowl, Europe, 1701-1900
MADE: 1701-1900 in Europe
MAKER: Unknown
Post Office telephone kiosk No. 6, 1936-1968
MADE: 1936-1968 in Falkirk
SUPPLIER: General Post Office 
DESIGNER: Giles Gilbert Scott