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His Excellency Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, a UAE poet and a man of letters, one of the innovators in the vernacular Gulf Arab dialect.

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Queen Victoria's Saloon

MADE: 1869 in Wolverton railway works
RAILWAY COMPANY: London & North Western Railway
Arkwright's water frame, 1775.

MADE: 1775 in England
DESIGNER: Richard Arkwright
Steam locomotive 'Green Arrow'

MADE: 1936 in Doncaster Railway Works
RAILWAY COMPANY: London & North Eastern Railway 
DESIGNER: Nigel Gresley
Two gold cuff links, Russia, 1894-1918

MADE: 1894-1918 in Russia
MAKER: Peter Carl Fabergé
module from SAGE computer, 1963-1984

MADE: 1963-1984 in United States
Ivory opium pipe with metal mount and terracotta bowl, Chinese

MADE: Unknown in China
MAKER: Unknown
Plaster relief model of a portion of the Moon by

MADE: 1850-1871
MAKER: James Hall Nasmyth
Supermarine Seaplane, S.6.B. S.1595

MADE: 1931 in Southampton
MAKER: Rolls-Royce Limited
V2A Marconiphone receiver (long-range model) , 1922-1924

MADE: 1922-1924 in Chelmsford
MAKER: Plessey Co. Limited andMarconiphone Company Limited
Fantascope disc

MADE: 1833 in London
MAKER: Thomas Talbot Bury andAckermann and Company
(( 🌷عيدكم مبارك🌷 )) يسرنا أن ننقل لجميع أصدقاء دارة السويدي الثقافية، وأصدقاء القرية الإلكترونية، تهنئة الشاعر الإماراتي #محمد_أحمد_السويدي بمناسبة #عيد_الفطر_المبارك
Eid Mubarak! May the spirit of Eid-Al-Fitr bring happiness, peace and prosperity in our lives!
أعاده الله علينا وعليكم وعلى الأمة والعالم أجمع بكل خير وسعادة.
Mortar, stoneware, impressed "Wedgwood Best Compos"

MAKER: Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Limited