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His Excellency Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, a UAE poet and a man of letters, one of the innovators in the vernacular Gulf Arab dialect.

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Bicycle made by James Harrison

MADE: 1934-1987 in Hulme
Surgical instrument set, London, England, 1940

MADE: 1940 in London
MAKER: Down Bros Limited
Isaac Newton’s reflecting telescope (replica)

MADE: 1668; 1924
MAKER: Isaac Newton
20-ton Goods Brake Van

MADE: 1933
Working replica of Rocket

MADE: 1979
Jar for sublimate pastilles, Germany, 1914-1918

MADE: 1914-1918 in Germany
MAKER: Unknown
Plaster relief model of a portion of the Moon

MADE: 1850-1871
MAKER: James Hall Nasmyth
EM2 Electric Locomotive

MADE: 1954 in Manchester
MAKER: London & North Eastern Railway
Thames Tunnel opening commemorative medal, 1843

MADE: 1843 in England
MAKER: William Joseph Taylor
Iron Baby

MADE: 1999 in England
ARTIST: Antony Gormley
Portable paraffin cooking stove

MADE: 1930-1935 in Willenhall
MAKER: John Harper and Company