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she’s currently snuggled up behind me, spooning as much as a kitten possibly can - she’s the most beautiful & affectionate bundle of fluff a girl could ask for 💛
wow I actually look nice sometimes haha who knew
these lil’ muffins are keeping me going at the mo 💖
tb to when I was having fun at the beach with my fav people instead of being an anxious wreck who’s too scared to leave my home, keeping it real with a little s/o to PTSD
omg, i thought you were like, 12 ?! -
happy 16th bday, I’ll let you ride shotgun today and even temporarily cease from demanding back all my sports bras/hooped earrings/whatever else you’ve stolen without me realising 💋
pink paper packages tied up with string 🎶

yup so David made me go and pose on this doorstep and take one of *those* cliché photos AND THEN THE OWNER TURNED UP. “I promise this house is empty” my ass
Wonky eyes and messy brows are more interesting, right? 💩
omg I left the house today 🍉