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High of the day: seeing old plantations + not being murdered by the random local man that just happened to be sitting by the fork in the road and told us to “head down the dirt road for a mile or so” 🙌🏼
cinco de margarita, amirite? 🙃
some high water stuff w these losers 🎶
no boys pt ✌🏼I guess
no boys allowed 👏🏼
First pic: girl running who set new PR for a 10k (even after stopping for the free rosé samples 🤷🏻‍♀️) •
Second pic: girl who set PR for how many mimosas she could drink after a 10k race  #hadtodoittoem
SNACK TIME 🌴☀️fun weekend with this dude, but now that you’re gone please don’t contact me anymore. This friendship is done.
Molly Wickham, professionally trained florist + fake laugher 🤷🏻‍♀️ One of the parties I hosted with @fetesdefleurs just made it into @charlestonweddings! 💕 Ahh! You should prob hop over to @fetesdefleurscharleston and see all the prettiness from the magazine and maybe give us a like or a follow!? Or click the link in my bio. Either or! ✨
Fangirled so hard and did not dab one time. And yes I went to another Beatles concert cause their music is too dang good not to ✌🏼
Sometimes the crew behind the computers + cameras gets to have a little fashion fun too! 😘 (last pic is why we are behind the computers) #LexusCFW
warm weather, where u at?
Only took four oyster roasts this year, but I think I’m finally a fan 🤷🏻‍♀️