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Well the sunrise was nice the run not so much. .
From mile 1 I just felt off, and by mile 5 I wanted to be done but had 7 more to go. I kept moving forward either by walk, jog, run! It wasn’t pretty by any means but I still have 12 miles in the training bank. 
Why did it suck? Combination of things I think, vacation fatigue, full week of training schedule plus adding in cross training at @burnbootcampbattlecreek, plus dehydrated. I stopped at McDonald’s to refill my handheld and that water never tasted so good! I obviously did not hydrate well enough yesterday. Which if you know me or have followed along in my journey hydration is struggle for good and bad runs. .
But I made it through my first true week of training for @indymonumental with no distractions or changes. Let see what the the next 98 days will bring, @resolute_running @bham_alex_runs .
But with each run we learn something from it and move onward. .
Happy Weekend!! How did your long run go this weekend?
Sunrise Run
Again did not disappoint.
Today was a workout and I honestly had no expectation for it. Just wanted to see if I could come close or even hit targets. And I got to say the during the first 2 miles I was not confident at all. But was pleasantly surprised that I did hit HMP during the next 2 miles. It wasn’t easy but wasn’t overly hard. •
But I’ve got 100 days to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! •
Happy Friday’s Eve!
Sunrise run is just not the same without the ocean in the background.
Back to reality! And time to focus on the goals for fall. 
But first.....all the coffee, 1st Monday after vacation is rough one😉
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Tomorrow you can sleep in your own bed.
Final sunrise run at the beach with the final mile running on the beach! And again the views did not disappoint. 
It was another amazing week making memories with family and friends. Now time to drive back north and back to reality. 🌅🌊🌅🌊🌅🌊🌅🌊🌅🌊🌅🌊🌅
No filter necessary.
17 years.
Same beach. .
Happy Anniversary to my best friend, biggest supporter, and best father I know. ❤️
Mid week Long Run complete! 
8 miles at the beach and temps in the 60’s with cloud cover was too good of an opportunity to not get in my long run in for the week. 
It’s vacation schedule is already a go with the flow for the week. .
Happy Wednesday!
Go out and enjoy the day!
Vacation Run, number 2.
Did Not Disappoint!
Vacation running is the best running.
10 miles on the treadmill in July....and I have no shame! We leave for vacation today, as in on the road 7:30-7:45am, there was no wiggle room for slow downs or crawling especially in today’s weather! Woke up and real feel was at 89 and dew point at 77! So I am happy I made the decision to go on treadmill and get caught up on Big Little Lies! And for fun did a fast final mile....because I’m headed to the beach and just wanted off 🤣🤣
Stay Cool out there! Be safe!! Don’t push it, fall races are far enough away no need to derail training due to heat stroke! .
Happy Friday!!!
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