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For some years, a Montessori teacher; for a while, a school owner. Now I'm a mother, forever. • Started and #Montessori_On!

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Montessori is not just about the materials and the prepared environment, and not even just about how you see and treat children—it’s about how you take in the world and how you give yourself back to it. #cosmictask #cosmiceducation • Cara has been saying that she’s a vet; someone who takes care of animals. Upon hearing this, someone asked, “Oh, you want to be a vet when you grow up?” Cara firmly and seriously said, “No... I’m a vet now. Not a pretend vet; a real vet.” And I thought, why not—she CAN do real work right now. And she can speak for animals, right now. So I thought we’d go to an animal shelter so we can see how people are rescuing, rehabilitating animals, and helping find families and homes for them and also so we can see how we can, in one way or another, help. Here’s a little video of that visit and some more on our Stories Highlight. I’ve been getting some messages from people wanting to have #pets in their homes (since I posted about our rabbit, cat, and dog)—I urge you; please give these animals a chance—visit the shelter and see the beautiful and sweet cats and the enthusiastic and playful dogs there, all waiting for someone to take them home. Please make adoption your first option. Check out @pawsphilippines to see more. • I know there are so many other challenges and concerns in the world, but these animals are really just counting on us. And I’m always reminded what Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” #montessori #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessorilife #montessoriliving #montessorieducation #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #lifeschool #animals #animalwelfare #adoptdontshop
You remember on the last day of last year I posted about what 3-year-old Cara said she’d do with the money she received as gift? She said to me, “You will be happy if I buy some plants for you, you will be happy again...” (because I was sad when our dog destroyed some of our plants). And so we did buy some plants using her money and now I’m propagating them—that pothos in the glass jar is from a single potted pothos Cara bought for me during the start of the year! And I have more than 10 more of those all around the house! And I’m using them as a reminder—everywhere I go here, when I see these plants I remind myself: A single, little act of kindness, of generosity can spread and grow.
This small spare bathroom used to be crammed with plastic boxes stuffed with blankets and bedsheets and towels and etc and etc (#keepingitreal #realmoms). But I’m so happy that after #decluttering, it has now become a little #careofself #selfcare #preparedenvironment where Cara and her playdate friends can wash up after spending afternoons outdoors. With a little chair for dressing which can also be carried to the sink just across and be used as a step stool for washing. And with a basket of goodness that is #BabyDovePH. #montessori #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorilife #montessoriliving #montessoripreparedenvironment
Some notes on reading which is actually decoding (the codes are the letters) and blending in an old blog post (I just realized—it’s from 8 years ago!!!) the link to which is on my profile for now or search “Memory and Reading” on the blog. • And another longer video of our homeschool morning over at Montessori on Mars Facebook page

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This area by our backdoor is more than just a cleaning materials area. It communicates to the child—“you are capable of mending mistakes and messes, of correcting certain consequences, of restoring order back to your environment”. #montessori #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorilife #montessoripracticallife #practicallife #cleaning #cleaningmaterials
When you’ve been working on the #PreparedAdultFirst so much so that you truly, truly #FollowTheChild, learning and development becomes—NOT a matter of fast or slow, early or late—but a question of “How have I sat back, observed, and trusted the child’s natural drive”, “Am I respecting her rhythm and readiness and celebrating her choices”, “Am I pursuing her passions and her pace”, “How can I communicate to her that she and her work, efforts, investigations, experiments, explorations; AND her pauses, perseverance, practices, mistakes; and her time are all valued”. #unhurriedchildhood #thecurriculumisthechild #montessori #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessorihome #montessorihomeschool #montessorimath #seguinteenboard #math #homeschool #numbers #outdoors #nature #garden #gardenschool #childhoodunplugged
Our mixed-age playdate over at @mama_the_explorer’s—one of my favorite Montessori homes. 💕 What joy it is to have spent the afternoon with these people who are in one way or another, part of my everyday—Addy (6 months) and my longest best friend, my sister @malaiangmaryka; Pablo (16 months) and my best Montessori friend who’s like a sister to me @mama_the_explorer; and Cara (3.6 years old). 💕 • See Stories Highlight for my (I was the designated documenter) conscious—though not very good—effort (otherwise we’ll forget—again—because we’ll just chat and chat away) to take some photos of today. #montessori #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorikids #montessoriplay #montessoriplaydate #play #playdate #friends #playmates #outdoor #nature #unhurriedchildhood #childhoodunplugged
A new work for blending exploration—a simple stand that goes with the #sandpaperletters—on the shelf. AND the main reason I’m posting this is—slide to see what Cara did when she saw me taking a video of her—how she just suddenly introduced herself! 💕💕💕 You’ll also see a bit of her own idea on how she can work with these materials—blending the two sounds and thinking of a word that begins with the blend. #montessori #montessorikid #montessorichild #montessoritoddler #montessorilanguage #montessorireading #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #montessorishelfie #homeschool #language #reading #letters #phonics #childhoodunplugged #sensitiveperiodforlanguage #followthechild #thecurriculumisthechild
Cara and I, we could be anywhere and we’d be doing some simple casual sound games with words. I’ll clearly isolate and say each of the phonemes/sounds of different words (say, we could be on the road and I’d say the phonetic sounds “/b/, /u/, /s/” or we could be waiting at a restaurant and I’ll say “/c/, /u/, /p/“), and I’ll invite her to guess what I was thinking of. No printed letters. Just articulated sounds. She doesn’t guess right every time; but that’s not the point—she’s exploring, practicing, and enjoying. • And then one time, she initiated the game herself. We were at a home/furniture store and she said, “Guess, Mama,” then SHE sounded out “/b/, /e/, /d/“. And before I could actually guess, she excitedly said, “Bed! B... e... d... Bed!” Then she raised her hand and started making strokes in the air like she was writing the letters and she added, “You know, Mama, I see, I learn the letters in my head.” • And that’s the experience, the observation I had as guide as I set up and brought out the work you see in this post in an effort to follow her lead. I thought the then 3.4-year-old Cara you see in this video (video shows the 1st and 2nd time she’s worked with the material) would enjoy getting a word card, sounding out the letters she sees, using those sounds to figure out what the word says, matching the word to the object, and writing (because she also enjoys building and writing words). • She loves this tray! Always asking for more whenever she’s done. And it’s because every process involved in this work was based on previously observed interest and readiness (and if she didn’t quite enjoy this, that would just be part of my observation, too). So I encourage you to OBSERVE. To learn Montessori observation. And then give the child opportunities to INDEPENDENTLY, REPEATEDLY, SUCCESSFULLY, JOYFULLY do what she’s, naturally, internally guided; already doing. And then cherish mornings like this—when I get to enjoy listening to my daughter beginning to explore reading amidst chirping birds—2 of my favorite sounds in the world. • And check my Stories Highlight for a closer look (and some tips) at this work.
It’s a beautiful, glorious day when your home is enjoyed by other people you love. 💗💗💗 • This. This is a gift I’m grateful I can offer—gift of green, breathing space and unhurried time. Which is also our theme over at our community project at Join us—start Montessori, keep on going, #Montessori_On this 2018! #goodday #favoriteday #nature #garden #outdoors #picnic #reading #family #gift #love #home #montessori #montessorihome #montessorilife #montessoribaby #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessorifamily #childhoodunplugged #gooutside #slowdown #earthing #connectwithnature #connectwithpeople #greenspace #unhurriedchildhood #slowliving
We gave our now 3.5-year-old Cara a globe that she can color and she’s only used it one day but already it’s giving me so much memories to treasure. We located and she colored Kenya 🇰🇪 (the red shape you see on photo 1) where Wangari Maathai, one of our favorite inspirations from Good Night Rebel Girls @rebelgirlsbook, lived and planted trees and changed mindsets and lives. Of course the Philippines 🇵🇭 and Australia (and I was amused that she remembered which one was the flag of Australia 🇦🇺 and which was New Zealand’s 🇳🇿 and was asking why the stickers sheet that came with the globe didn’t have “the flag that‘s not a rectangle”🇳🇵). She was so interested in the small countries on the globe; so we checked our atlas (photo 4) and northeast of Australia, we spotted Nauru 🇳🇷 which is one of the smallest countries in the world, an island in the Central Pacific just 21 square kilometers in size (for those in PH, Google says Marikina City is 22.64 square kilometers, Quezon City is 165.3). All in one morning picnic I’ll remember. But my favorite memory with this globe so far is when I was reading to Cara the letter I wrote that came with the gift. A letter that said, among other things, that our world is infinitely more beautiful because she is here; and that being a child, a citizen of the world, what she does, what she offers the world can make it even better (depending on the decisions she makes). And that there are people who will go to the ends of the Earth for her. I also said, “May we go places together. May YOU go places.” And what did she do while I was saying these—with her arms around me, her cheek on my cheek, she was nodding and nodding and sincerely, sweetly saying, “Yes, yes, Mommy. Yes.” 💗 And gave me a kiss. • And wherever you are in the world, may YOU go places, too—wherever and whatever “places” means for you this year. I’m so so so excited for how our world will keep on expanding as our little places and passions in it come together here. 💗 #happynewyear #newyear #montessori #montessorichild #montessorikid #childoftheworld #globalcitizen #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorilife
She received some money as gift and when she was asked what she wanted to do with the money—swipe to 2nd frame to see—she said to me, “You will be happy if I buy some plants for you, you will be happy again. And we will put it hanging plants so Max will not get it and Pascal will not get it” 💗 (because our dog Max uprooted our marigolds and sunflowers some weeks ago). • And some nights ago—swipe to 3rd frame—she just suddenly said, “I just want to make people happy. I make some people happy and loved.” 💗 I hope in one small way or another, at one time or another, our little girl Cara has made you smile. Thank you for being with us this 2017! 💗 #kindness #kindnessmatters #giving #gift #smile #happy #happiness #joy #love #gratitude #grateful #montessori #montessorichild #montessorilife #yearend #lastdayoftheyear #2017 #newyear #2018