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She found this sign on my own arts & crafts shelf in the storage room, stood in front of it, and said, “What this says? Cr... Cre... Cre... Cre... Creyon??? 😆💜 I love her own internally motivated, fearless (no fear of being wrong, of being judged and corrected) explorations and this child-led discovery approach! And wherever you are, I hope you get to create something this weekend—any sort of art; a project, a passion; something off your immediate to-do or your bucket list, your dream; or create memories, joy! #montessori #childleddiscoveryapproach (my bestfriend said that 💕 @mavsungco) #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #montessorichild #montessorilanguage #language #literacy #reading #letters #montessori_on
#Poetry #Picnic #TeaParty where we had juice, Daelmans Stroopwafels, apple strudels, and tangerines and we laid down on the grass too and read Emily Dickinson’s A Bird Came Down the Walk—a classic poem whose words and imagery are understandable for a 3-year-old. We also read “Little Green” by Keith Baker, following a hummingbird and emphasizing rhymes. Later on we each made a poem about birds. My top-of-mind was this, remembering experiences from our recent Australia trip: We run after birds, / At the parks and at the stations. / Before we caught our buses or trains, / We pretended to catch seagulls and pigeons. 🤣✌🏼 This is the free verse poem Cara made: If you catch a bird or a butterfly, / If a beetle comes to hide, / Love. / Rainbow of love. 💕💗(Bird, butterfly, and beetle are all part of the Dickinson poem we read—she said, if you catch them or find them, love them. And she said “rainbow of love” means happiness.) P.S. See who else was enjoying our morning of poetry with us. #montessori #montessorichild #sensitiveperiodforlanguage #poem #language #rhymes #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #montessori_on
If you ask Cara what her favorite is from our #Australia trip, with a smile, her consistent reply is, “The Little Penguins!” We saw the #PenguinParade in #PhilipIsland, some 2-hour drive from #Melbourne, #Victoria. Imagine sitting on bleachers on the beach; facing the wide sky and open sea, around you—mountains and birds; spotting a wallaby and her baby in the wild; and you’re waiting for a show—not of trained dolphins or seals—but a natural parade of the world’s littlest penguins (just 33cm tall)! There were 890 of them the night we were there! They wait in the water for the dark so that predators don’t see them, then they swim from the sea and waddle their way on the shore towards the surrounding land and mountains where their burrows are (some natural, some manmade). Glad we chose the Penguins Plus seats because the penguins were very near us (close enough to touch, but that’s not allowed and not respectful), and some were even exploring under the wooden planks where we sat which made Cara and me extra excited, but quietly giddy! Photos & videos are also not allowed to respect the penguins’ natural walk home—on paths that may have been used for thousands of years. So we got curated souvenirs that will spark and continue conversations even long after the experience: That stuffed little penguin (swipe to see the important reason why they’re wearing sweaters—it’s not just for cute—or ask Cara, she’ll also tell you why), a miniature one of course to add to our collection, and “Chooks in Dinner Suits”—which is based on a true story of how a local farmer in Middle Island (now permanently closed to the public) used Maremma guardian dogs to protect the little penguins because they were hunted by foxes and their burrows and eggs were trampled on by humans until there was a time when there were only 4 penguins left (and 0 active burrows) when there used to be hundreds marching from sea to shore to home. • If you ask me, that’s my favorite, too! I was in tears even before the first penguins came out and was so moved by the aboriginal message that was shared there—we welcome you here; protect our land; protect our children. #WorldschoolWithCaraxAustralia2017
Some snippets of 3.3-year-old Cara with one of her favorite things to do and some lessons about work she is reminding me while I watch her. [Swipe to see; every number corresponds to a slide/video.] 1) Concentrate and celebrate your successes, but 2) also keep your humor when you make mistakes. 3) Persevere; but when feeling a little puzzled, know when to pause (maybe for a hug 💕); then try again. 4) Enjoy the process (maybe hum a happy tune), 5) figuring out what you need, what you’re looking for; 6) and knowing what’s important—like how Cara said, “Wait, Mommy. This one’s important.” • Also, watching her, I’m seeing how working on puzzles can be a good opportunity for Language. She’s gaining vocabulary and using nouns, adjectives, verbs as she goes along looking for the pieces she needs (“Where’s the end of this shovel?” “Where’s the dancer with the green shoes?” “Who is harvesting the vegetables and putting in the wagon?”). And even when she’s not articulating these sentences out loud, they must still be part of her silent thought process—and that’s part of her work of language development, too. And most importantly, she’s practicing the language for soft skills—joyful perseverance and problem solving, management of frustration, enthusiastic hard work, etc (“That’s not it. I’ll try something else.” “I think, think, think.”). • Join our community project over at @Montessori_On with this week’s (until November 15) theme Sensitive Period for Language. Share how you support this by using the hashtag #Montessori_On and mentioning me @montessorionmars. Let’s Montessori On! • These 36-piece and 50-piece jigsaw puzzles are from @crocodilecreekinc, bought locally at @nbsalert.

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I’ve mentioned quite a number of times here the role and importance of observation in Montessori. I daresay that if you have just discovered Montessori and was wondering how to start, drop everything first—the blog posts you are Googling, the Pinterest pins you are ogling, the materials you’re adding to the cart—and just take the time to OBSERVE THE CHILD, remembering to look at “evidence instead of expectation”, “process over product”. • But friends here, I hope you won’t think I’m overly corny if this is my observation. 🤓 We were at a restaurant in Hobart—Cara was busy talking to herself, enjoying a bowl of shredded corn. Then she exclaimed, “Three! Three corn!” Amongst her bowl of shredded corn, she was holding up a row of 3 corn kernels that were still together! Three! Then she went on to look for more kernels that were still together—two! Three! Four! My interpretation: She’s ready for the number beads! Counting a row, a string of something small, the colorful number beads! The curriculum is the child! • So here she is on a cool drizzling morning. We started with just exploring and counting the beads, then moved on to matching with the wooden numerals. [In the video she “kidded” and put the yellow four bead beside the numeral 3—then she said, “Just kidding... I kid a lot.” 💜] That day she also brought down one of her favorite books, “Handa’s Hen” by Eileen Browne; which was perfect because we got to count the animals and point to the corresponding numerals. • She’s indeed ready—She’s sufficiently challenged (especially when you have the cat sitting on your work 🤣—swipe to see), she enjoys the practice and repetition (see her own way of practicing and arranging the wooden numeral tiles on the last slide), and she’s happy. #montessori #montessori_on #montessorichild #montessoritoddler #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #math #numberbeads #beadstairs #followthechild #sensitiveperiodformath #counting #numbers #montessorimath
Slide 1 & 2: After nap yesterday, our 3.3-year-old Cara declared she wanted to “work on letters,” she said. She brought her box of Movable Alphabet to the dining table and took out an /o/ and a /n/ and said, “o... n... o... n... on! On! Turn on the light!” On!!! Decoded AND used in a sentence! I wish I was able to capture that exact moment on video—my daughter’s first time (spontaneously, all on her own, without previous presentation/lesson from me) to do one of my favorite sounds in the world—a child working to read a word! • Slide 3: She read “on” on this page of her Sa-i’s (aunt) book this afternoon. • Slide 4: At a restaurant a while ago, her Di-i (aunt) asked her to look for “on” on the placemat. • While we have so much isolating of stimulus and difficulty and subskill work to do (for one, when she was asked to look for “on” on the placemat, she’d also read “no” as “on”), I’ll just put this here to celebrate the first word she decoded and read! And we’ll #Montessori_On! • Incidentally, join our community project over at @montessori_on this week! Our theme is Sensitive Period for Language. Share how you support this sensitive period by using the hashtag #Montessori_On and tagging me @montessorionmars! Let’s keep motivating each other to start, carry on, keep on doing Montessori!

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Food Coloring (We’re thrilled to find a bottle of PINK 💕💗! 🇵🇭 See comments where we got it locally.) + White Paper Napkin + And those water tubes they put on bouquet flower stems! • See more from an old blog post (temporary link on profile or search Flower Water Tube Stamping on the blog). • And swipe to the end to see a #montessorishelfie of our outdoor space. #montessori #montessori_on #montessorichild #montessorihome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #outdoor #finemotor #garden #preparedenvironment #processart #art
Often when adults experience the beauty of nature, we are compelled to reflect, marvel—just pause, stop. Children, in nature, are called to move—to run, to leap, to climb a tree, to collect sticks, to splash in the water. I think nature, if we let it, makes us do exactly what we need to do. Grown ups, to pause, stop; children to move. We adults are familiar with that need to stop sometimes. But why do children need to move? Maria Montessori said, “When mental development is under discussion, there are many who say, ‘How does movement come into it? We are talking about the mind.’ And when we think of intellectual activity, we always imagine people sitting still, motionless. But mental development must be connected with movement and be dependent on it.” Also she said, “Mind and movement are two parts of the same cycle.” What does she mean? Google a little neuroscience and “Myelination”. It’s amazing! • Cara had some favorites from our 3-week Australia trip, but nothing made her laugh as heartily as just running barefoot along the coast. I hope wherever you are, you get to experience and enjoy some nature and you get to #Montessori_On! • Photos are from Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Victoria (where we spent an afternoon enjoying the row of 80+ colorful bathing boxes that have been there since 1860s, the low tide, and the seagulls); Coogee Beach, Sydney, NSW (where we started our 6-km coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi—along which we saw tails of whales and 2000-year-old aboriginal rock carvings); Adventure Bay Coastal Reserve in Bruny Island, Tasmania (the same beach where the Europeans who discovered the island anchored their ship in 1770s and where they replenished their water at the nearby Resolution Creek—both bay and creek were named after ships). • This post is contribution to our community project over at @montessori_on. The theme is Sensitive Period for Movement and we’re sharing how we support this. Let’s keep motivating each other to start, carry on with our Montessori work. To #montessori_on! #montessori #movement #nature #WorldschoolWithCaraxAustralia2017 #worldschool #worldschooling #homeschool #TravelsandMarvelswithCara
No costumes around here, but here’s 3.3-year-old Cara singing and tap-and-ballet-dancing—looking like a dancer in a music box—after completing a 36-piece (left) and a 50-piece puzzle! #joyfulchild #montessori #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessoritoddler #montessorihome #montessorihomeschool #puzzle #jigsawpuzzle #montessoribedroom #bedroom #homeschool #play #crocodilecreek #crocodilecreekpuzzle @crocodilecreekinc
She’s been pinching. Even when she’s asleep! Sometimes soft and gentle; sometimes undeniably painful—but never to intentionally hurt. Janet Lansbury’s book “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame” reiterates that this is a form of communication—our children are telling us something—a concern, a need. Very Montessori. What is she saying then? Sensitive Period for Refinement of Movement. • But freedom within boundaries and loving limits—the limit of the good—so I knew the approach here should be to give her opportunities, work that would allow her to explore and practice this sensitivity while still respecting the needs of other people around her. #ThankYouMariaMontessori. Thus, dropper transfer work (swipe to see our little tray)! She uses the dropper (5ml bottle with dropper from @keeping_it_together) to place a drop of water on each circle of the anti-slip suction (from @japanhomecentre). Then later on cleans up with the sponge. Excellent pincer or three-finger grip practice and concentration work! It answers the need of a sensitive period! And “it’s so fun, Mom,” Cara said! Montessori always has beautiful, respectful answers to parenting questions and challenges. #Montessori_On! • Incidentally, this week’s theme over at @montessori_on is Sensitive Periods: Movement. Do join us and share how you spot and support the sensitive period for movement (both gross and fine motor). Please use the hashtag #Montessori_On and tag me @montessorionmars. • Also, see a Montessori shelfie of our outdoor shelf over at @montessorium where I’m still doing an Instagram Takeover! #montessori #montessorionmars #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessoritoddler #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #practicallife #finemotor #outdoorwork #waterwork
I realized that we’ve been living in our home for 3 years and I still have never just lazed on our sofa, alone. So after working for Montessori On, at 2:30 in the morning, I just sat here, eating chocolates (sometimes the work for a #PreparedAdult—theme/prompt over at #Montessori_On—necessitates chocolates yes?). See a closeup of our updated shelf over at @montessorium where I’m doing an Instagram takeover for the week. 💜 #montessori #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #preparedenvironment
Some snippets of our #homeschooling days are over at @montessorium as I do an Instagram Takeover this week! See you over at Montessorium! #montessori #montessorihomeschool #montessorihome #montessorichild #homeschool #montessori_on