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It’s a beautiful, glorious day when your home is enjoyed by other people you love. 💗💗💗 • This. This is a gift I’m grateful I can offer—gift of green, breathing space and unhurried time. Which is also our theme over at our community project at @montessori_on. Join us—start Montessori, keep on going, #Montessori_On this 2018! #goodday #favoriteday #nature #garden #outdoors #picnic #reading #family #gift #love #home #montessori #montessorihome #montessorilife #montessoribaby #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessorifamily #childhoodunplugged #gooutside #slowdown #earthing #connectwithnature #connectwithpeople #greenspace #unhurriedchildhood #slowliving
We gave our now 3.5-year-old Cara a globe that she can color and she’s only used it one day but already it’s giving me so much memories to treasure. We located and she colored Kenya 🇰🇪 (the red shape you see on photo 1) where Wangari Maathai, one of our favorite inspirations from Good Night Rebel Girls @rebelgirlsbook, lived and planted trees and changed mindsets and lives. Of course the Philippines 🇵🇭 and Australia (and I was amused that she remembered which one was the flag of Australia 🇦🇺 and which was New Zealand’s 🇳🇿 and was asking why the stickers sheet that came with the globe didn’t have “the flag that‘s not a rectangle”🇳🇵). She was so interested in the small countries on the globe; so we checked our atlas (photo 4) and northeast of Australia, we spotted Nauru 🇳🇷 which is one of the smallest countries in the world, an island in the Central Pacific just 21 square kilometers in size (for those in PH, Google says Marikina City is 22.64 square kilometers, Quezon City is 165.3). All in one morning picnic I’ll remember. But my favorite memory with this globe so far is when I was reading to Cara the letter I wrote that came with the gift. A letter that said, among other things, that our world is infinitely more beautiful because she is here; and that being a child, a citizen of the world, what she does, what she offers the world can make it even better (depending on the decisions she makes). And that there are people who will go to the ends of the Earth for her. I also said, “May we go places together. May YOU go places.” And what did she do while I was saying these—with her arms around me, her cheek on my cheek, she was nodding and nodding and sincerely, sweetly saying, “Yes, yes, Mommy. Yes.” 💗 And gave me a kiss. • And wherever you are in the world, may YOU go places, too—wherever and whatever “places” means for you this year. I’m so so so excited for how our world will keep on expanding as our little places and passions in it come together here. 💗 #happynewyear #newyear #montessori #montessorichild #montessorikid #childoftheworld #globalcitizen #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorilife
She received some money as gift and when she was asked what she wanted to do with the money—swipe to 2nd frame to see—she said to me, “You will be happy if I buy some plants for you, you will be happy again. And we will put it hanging plants so Max will not get it and Pascal will not get it” 💗 (because our dog Max uprooted our marigolds and sunflowers some weeks ago). • And some nights ago—swipe to 3rd frame—she just suddenly said, “I just want to make people happy. I make some people happy and loved.” 💗 I hope in one small way or another, at one time or another, our little girl Cara has made you smile. Thank you for being with us this 2017! 💗 #kindness #kindnessmatters #giving #gift #smile #happy #happiness #joy #love #gratitude #grateful #montessori #montessorichild #montessorilife #yearend #lastdayoftheyear #2017 #newyear #2018
Our new #shelf and #PreparedEnvironment for the newest member of our #home—a #gift from one of Cara’s aunts, Hopiti the #rabbit!!! It’s a gift that’s already giving us much more—one of the first questions Cara asked was “Is a rabbit oviparous (laying eggs)?”; second question/request was if she can see a rabbit skeleton; she declared that “If Max and Pascal, you have 2 pets. If you add 1 Hopiti, 3 #pets!”; and she spontaneously built Hopiti’s name with the Moveable Alphabet (see little video over at my Stories Highlight—my original spelling was Hoppity, but I’m changing it because of how Cara built it). And of course #PracticalLife—pouring water from the pitcher to the bowl, scooping food to the bowl and clipping vegetables and fruits on the line with clothespins, changing the litter box, cleaning messes. #CareForOthers. And it has already moved us to #BeMoreMindful. This rabbit came to us in a cage. And because animals in cages make me sad and because Hopiti already acquired a wound from his leg getting caught in the cage, I researched for alternatives and found we can let rabbits have access to the house and we can train them to use a litter box! Revelation!!! So that’s what we’re doing! 💗 And we’ve been enjoying how giving the gift of free, safe space and respecting & observing another creature’s time has expanded & enriched Cara’s own space & time, and her relationship with the pet/s as well—the rabbit follows us around, runs after Cara like playing a game; Cara plays hide & seek with him and sits beside him with a book. And I’ve been enjoying some little space and time for my own work myself—see 4th photo of our morning with the rabbit munching and Cara playing with play dough while I’m folding laundry. I hope you get to give and also enjoy the #GiftOfSpaceAndTime in your own homes and your own holidays. And do share with our community project over at @montessori_on—Gift of Space and Time is our theme this week—by using the hashtag #Montessori_On and mentioning me @montessorionmars. #montessori #childhoodunplugged #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorishelfie #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #cosmiceducation #math #language #science #pet #animallover
An entire wall/s for expressing and experimenting, creating and working hard (slide 3 is a video of her singing “I’m a hard worker er er...” She went on to explain that the end of that song line is “small lang (only)” because it doesn’t have the “oh oh oh oh oh” 💗), imagining and telling stories (in slide 4, she’s showing what some parts of her artwork are—“the isthmus”, “the bird what we saw... the kookabura” (both of which we saw in Australia), “the beautiful Northen Lights when Uncle Marc and Di-i saw”. She started doing this work a few days after her 3rd birthday in August (that’s why there’s a part there that she has named “The Birthday Girl”—there’s also another part called “Cranium and Brain” 💗💡) and often I think that wall/s of freedom and possibilities—it’s one of the best gifts we have given her. And what a gift it also is for us to see her work this way. She adds to all of this a little every day and I’m so excited to see what it will look like after a year, on her next birthday! • Incidentally, our last theme for the year and also our first theme for 2018 over at our community project @montessori_on (follow us there, too) is “The Gift of Space and Time”. Join us and share how you are giving and also enjoying this gift of space and time by using the hashtag #Montessori_On and mentioning me @montessorionmars. Let’s keep spreading peace, joy, love, Montessori! 💗 #montessori #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #art #childart #childhoodunplugged #artwork #wallart #painting #watercolor #gift #giftideas #giftideasforkids #create #createart #creativity #letthekids #letthembelittle #followthechild
I think this should be enough to convince Daddy that we do “need” the Montessori puzzle maps I may or may not have already ordered, yes? 😂😅 • Photo 1 (L-R): The map of Australia that 3.4-year-old Cara made with the Grimm’s cubes (remember/see previous post); the Australia page of an atlas she likes looking at almost everyday; and her own drawing of Australia. Photo 2: She was so intent and concentrated as she slowly copied mainland Australia and Tasmania from the atlas—her own spontaneous idea and work. Photo 3: On the next page of that atlas is another map of Australia showing the animals so she also drew an emu (the green one), the reds are Mommy and Cara and the black is Daddy, and that brown at the bottom is Antarctica she said! • I think my pitch for those puzzle maps is strong! 😆🤣 After all, Maria Montessori said, “And so we discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being. It is not acquired by listening to words, but in virtue of experiences in which the child acts on his environment. The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of motives for cultural activity in a special environment made for the child.” Tagging my husband @nixmedina so he sees the strong case I make here. 😂✌🏼#montessori #followthechild #thecurriculumisthechild #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #montessorichild #montessorikid #montessoritoddler #homeschool #geography #map #atlas #australia #childart #childdrawing #childhoodunplugged #grimmswoodentoys
She was humming while she was working with the Grimm’s Mosaic Square, then without really looking up from her work, she excitedly said, “I made Australia, Mom! I made Australia!” Then she happily added, as she placed that piece she’s holding on the photo, “And this, this is Tasmania!” She wasn’t copying anything so I all the more curiously looked at what she did. I had to check the map from our book (“A is for Australian Animals” by Frané Lessac) 😂, and there it was (swipe to see)—she really did build the cubes to look like mainland Australia and Tasmania! Ah, #travel, you are among my favorite teachers! 💕 #montessori #montessorichild #montessorihome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #grimmswoodentoys #cubes #blocks #openendedplay #openendedtoys #childhoodunplugged #australia #tasmania #map @grimmswoodentoys @thewoodenwagon
Pre-breakfast #work. • I have been asked to share my process and sometimes this is what “The Curriculum is the Child” / “Follow the Child” looks like. Why are we doing tracing dotted letters these days? Because one time a couple of months ago, Cara found (in our storage room) a paper with her foot traced on it—then she got a highlighter and slowly, deliberately; she used the highlighter to trace along the drawing of her foot. Another time, I was going through some of the scratch papers she has used and found that instead of drawing on the blank back, I saw that she traced over lines, letters, and numbers on the printed side. Clues!!! My interpretation: With previous practice with the sandpaper letters and our salt tracing tray, she’s ready for tracing on paper. So I brought out these old alphabet tracing sheets I made for my old school. In my classes in the past, when children start with tracing strokes and eventually letters on paper, we start with sheets/strips that have fewer dotted letters—3 to 5 letters to trace. But this set of sheets (there’s a dot on each letter to mark where you start) were what I readily had and Cara was so excited to do them that we used them anyway. That first time I brought them out, she happily did 8 sheets in one sitting—8 sheets times 12 dotted letters per sheet—that’s 96 traced letters in all! Each one traced thoughtfully. Her choice, her own internal motivation and fulfillment. That’s one way to know that you have successfully matched the child and the work—there’s concentration, repetition, joy. And we’ll also know when the work doesn’t quite fit 😂—but keep at it, #Montessori_On, keep observing, and experiment with enthusiasm for in our care and for our study and marvel is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world: Our children.💕 Keep taking what the child is giving and translate it, express it, give opportunities for it—that is what we call, as Maria Montessori said herself, the Montessori Method. #thecurriculumisthechild #followthechild #montessori #montessorionmars #montessorichild #montessorihome #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #gardenschool #writing #language #alphabet #letters
Stop and smell the roses 💗 #animportantlesson #WorldschoolWithCaraxAustralia2017 #australia #victoria #melbourne #mtdandenong #mountdandenongranges #englishgarden #garden #roses #TravelsandMarvelswithCara #nature #spring #montessori #homeschool #worldschool #travel
#Poetry #Picnic #TeaParty where we had juice, Daelmans Stroopwafels, apple strudels, and tangerines and we laid down on the grass too and read Emily Dickinson’s A Bird Came Down the Walk—a classic poem whose words and imagery are understandable for a 3-year-old. We also read “Little Green” by Keith Baker, following a hummingbird and emphasizing rhymes. Later on we each made a poem about birds. My top-of-mind was this, remembering experiences from our recent Australia trip: We run after birds, / At the parks and at the stations. / Before we caught our buses or trains, / We pretended to catch seagulls and pigeons. 🤣✌🏼 This is the free verse poem Cara made: If you catch a bird or a butterfly, / If a beetle comes to hide, / Love. / Rainbow of love. 💕💗(Bird, butterfly, and beetle are all part of the Dickinson poem we read—she said, if you catch them or find them, love them. And she said “rainbow of love” means happiness.) P.S. See who else was enjoying our morning of poetry with us. #montessori #montessorichild #sensitiveperiodforlanguage #poem #language #rhymes #montessorihomeschool #homeschool #montessori_on
If you ask Cara what her favorite is from our #Australia trip, with a smile, her consistent reply is, “The Little Penguins!” We saw the #PenguinParade in #PhilipIsland, some 2-hour drive from #Melbourne, #Victoria. Imagine sitting on bleachers on the beach; facing the wide sky and open sea, around you—mountains and birds; spotting a wallaby and her baby in the wild; and you’re waiting for a show—not of trained dolphins or seals—but a natural parade of the world’s littlest penguins (just 33cm tall)! There were 890 of them the night we were there! They wait in the water for the dark so that predators don’t see them, then they swim from the sea and waddle their way on the shore towards the surrounding land and mountains where their burrows are (some natural, some manmade). Glad we chose the Penguins Plus seats because the penguins were very near us (close enough to touch, but that’s not allowed and not respectful), and some were even exploring under the wooden planks where we sat which made Cara and me extra excited, but quietly giddy! Photos & videos are also not allowed to respect the penguins’ natural walk home—on paths that may have been used for thousands of years. So we got curated souvenirs that will spark and continue conversations even long after the experience: That stuffed little penguin (swipe to see the important reason why they’re wearing sweaters—it’s not just for cute—or ask Cara, she’ll also tell you why), a miniature one of course to add to our collection, and “Chooks in Dinner Suits”—which is based on a true story of how a local farmer in Middle Island (now permanently closed to the public) used Maremma guardian dogs to protect the little penguins because they were hunted by foxes and their burrows and eggs were trampled on by humans until there was a time when there were only 4 penguins left (and 0 active burrows) when there used to be hundreds marching from sea to shore to home. • If you ask me, that’s my favorite, too! I was in tears even before the first penguins came out and was so moved by the aboriginal message that was shared there—we welcome you here; protect our land; protect our children. #WorldschoolWithCaraxAustralia2017
Some snippets of 3.3-year-old Cara with one of her favorite things to do and some lessons about work she is reminding me while I watch her. [Swipe to see; every number corresponds to a slide/video.] 1) Concentrate and celebrate your successes, but 2) also keep your humor when you make mistakes. 3) Persevere; but when feeling a little puzzled, know when to pause (maybe for a hug 💕); then try again. 4) Enjoy the process (maybe hum a happy tune), 5) figuring out what you need, what you’re looking for; 6) and knowing what’s important—like how Cara said, “Wait, Mommy. This one’s important.” • Also, watching her, I’m seeing how working on puzzles can be a good opportunity for Language. She’s gaining vocabulary and using nouns, adjectives, verbs as she goes along looking for the pieces she needs (“Where’s the end of this shovel?” “Where’s the dancer with the green shoes?” “Who is harvesting the vegetables and putting in the wagon?”). And even when she’s not articulating these sentences out loud, they must still be part of her silent thought process—and that’s part of her work of language development, too. And most importantly, she’s practicing the language for soft skills—joyful perseverance and problem solving, management of frustration, enthusiastic hard work, etc (“That’s not it. I’ll try something else.” “I think, think, think.”). • Join our community project over at @Montessori_On with this week’s (until November 15) theme Sensitive Period for Language. Share how you support this by using the hashtag #Montessori_On and mentioning me @montessorionmars. Let’s Montessori On! • These 36-piece and 50-piece jigsaw puzzles are from @crocodilecreekinc, bought locally at @nbsalert.

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