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🍃Spring Glow Ring🍃

The Dryad Leaf Ear Jackets and Unfurl Rings in the sizes most requested are on the bench in various stages of completion. But I took a moment to jump over to the simplest, sweetest design in the entire collection.

The intricate veining set into silver taken from a real leaf wraps around a soft green prehnite that seems to glow from within. Komorebi in a ring.

Komorebi is a Japanese word with no English equivalent. It refers to that particular kind of light that streams through the warm green leaves of a forest canopy.

The last two batches of these I made were claimed so very quickly, perhaps because of their glowing gemstones or perhaps because of the simplicity of design. And so this time, I am going to make a few dozen in the hopes that there will be one for all those who hope to claim one.

But I need suggestions for ring sizes! I haven't made the bands yet, so shout out your US ring size below if this design speaks to you and you would like to scoop one up. I am hoping to make 20-30 of these. A few handfuls of rings, leaf filtered light that sits upon the hands.
As you may remember, last year's Mossflower Collection was steeped in Tolkien, specifically "The Silmarillion." There were earrings created for the Vala of flora and fauna. There were necklaces for the trees of Valinor that gave forth light. I heard Tolkien all while sawing out ferns and setting stones. In my mind, prehnite and leaf print are inseparable from his writing.

And so, this year I am again returning to Tolkien, though with a specifically botanical perspective. I could scarcely believe it when I discovered this book existed, written by a well-known botanist, whose work my fella knows well.

For a few weeks now, I have been reading it while working on this year's collection. I am absorbing every word about the etymology of common plants in Rohan, economic uses of Kingsfoil, the importance of the white tree of Gondor, the visual identification points of whortleberry, and the symbolism of the harts-tongue ferns at the eaves of the Golden Wood.

If you need me, you can find me tinkering with prehnite and leaf print in Middle Earth.
🍃Dryad Leaf Ear Jackets🍃

Soft green prehnite gemstone studs with sterling silver leaves to hang behind the ear. Named after those elusive creatures of mythology who dwelled in trees. Every time I wear these, I sprout a few more leaves atop my head and across the shoulders, I think I am becoming part tree myself!

There will be 15 or so pairs of these available in the Mossflower Collection. I haven't chosen a date yet for the release. I am waiting patiently for all the designs to unfurl themselves before I try to determine how long it will take to complete everything. But it is looking like it will be in 6-8 weeks. A bit of a wait, but it will be worth it, I promise!

What do you lovely souls have planned for the rest of the weekend? Participating in a half-marathon? Simmering the first strawberry jam of the season? Finally starting that giant book that has been on your nightstand for weeks? I love to hear where you find your joy and fulfillment!
🍃Unfurl Ring🍃

Like the first soft green leaf of spring, here is the first finished piece of the Mossflower Collection. A gentle curving leaf set below two small sterling pebbles and a round prehnite that has been faceted to catch and hold the light.

Last night I took this piece to the river, the fella with his fly fishing rod and me with my book. I wanted to feel its gentle weight on my hand, see the way in which the prehnite glows even in dusk.

What do you think? Are you as smitten as I? This one I made for myself, but I have ten or so others just like it nearly finished, waiting for split half-round bands. If this is a design you'd like to try to scoop up during the collection release, call out your ring size below!
This right now is my joy in creative work. I have been working for a few days on the Mossflower Collection, and I have just slipped into that flow where finished pieces are spilling from my hands like flower petals. New design ideas sprout up during brazing or sawing and then are quickly jotted onto paper. You should see the scraps of paper that have been flying around my bench. It takes all my effort to complete the half-made pieces rather then bound off to try a new idea. This collection is unfurling hundreds of soft green prehnite leaves and entwining its silver vines around every crystal and bauble in my studio. I wish you could see this little verdant bower I am working in.
I have now fully waded into the thicket of the Mossflower Collection, and it feels so wonderful to be back with the shady greens and leaf print. This year the ivy has stretched its arms around one whole side of our house, blanketing the windows and tracing along the siding. I hope they don't tear it down, I feel like a transcendental poet lolling in a shady bower whenever I find myself in that part of the house. It has been an ideal spot to finally put onto paper the new Mossflower designs that have been sprouting in the shade all year. Sketching and writing at my desk drenched with komorebi, infused with chlorophyl, a spot worthy of Tolkien.

What would you like to see first from this collection? Earrings, cuffs, necklaces, or rings?
Sweet friends, there is so much happening here behind the scenes. So many special projects and life changes in the works, I can hardly contain myself!

In the coming months, we will (if all goes well!) be moving back to our beloved Maine for a little while after my fella completes his Ph.D. at Cornell. I will be throwing myself fully into metalsmithing (did you know I currently work two other part-time jobs in addition to smithing!?), which is both incredibly exhilarating and frightening.

Your support of me in this work has been so unwavering. But that plunge still looks deep and a little scary. But the kitties, fella, and I will pluck up our courage and lean into this life of making we've created.

Despite my anxieties about "quitting my day job," I am over the moon that I will soon have time to create more of the collections waiting patiently in the corners of my mind, write more consistently about the process and inspirations, and share more photos from our home and life. Like this photo above, a secret little glen blanketed for a few short weeks each year with white and burgundy trillium flowers.
✨Honey-dipper Necklace✨

And here, the last of the new honeybee designs! A single triple-layered honeybee hovers below a gradient of micro-faceted citrine beads, like drips of honey descending the chain. Simple and understated, an everyday honeybee.

This and nine others like it are part of the upcoming last honeybee shop update. I will let you know here once they alight in the Limited Collections shop!
✨Summertime Waltz Necklace✨
A honeybee's constant movement to keep time with a flower in the breeze, swaying and circling to alight on a flower for pollen and nectar.
Honey-colored citrine rondelles with faceting to catch the light set above a swath of beaded chain to sway in the breeze. And above it, a hovering honeybee, which moves locations as the chain is adjusted.
They will land in the shop sometime in the coming days!
✨Summertime Waltz Necklace✨
This necklace design, like the earrings before it, remind me of the alternately sun-drenched and shaded waltzes honeybees must participate in with flowers, vines, branches, and leaves. Constant movement to keep time with a flower in the breeze, swaying and circling to alight on a flower for pollen and nectar.
Honey-colored citrine rondelles with faceting to catch the light set above a swath of beaded chain to sway in the breeze. And above it built into the chain, a hovering honeybee about to alight on the golden gemstone. The chain length is adjustable, which moves the location of the bee as well. A restless little gal!
Twenty or so of these with varying shades of citrine will arrive in the shop as part of the upcoming update sometime in the next few days.
What do you think of this one? I would love to know!
✨Gift of Summer Necklace✨
The bees have been working tirelessly in in the garden next to our house, endlessly towing heaps of pollen to be turned into amber colored honey in the darkness of the hive. It is like a wonderful alchemy, the gift of that work.
With the vision of honeybees lolling and swaying on the wind with their burden of pollen, and the promise of sweet honey gobs and crystals, I made this necklace. A  honeybee hovers above a heated amethyst crystal, the solitary worker and what will be her gift to the hive.
This and only three others like it will alight in the new shop, which can be found under Shop (Limited Collections) in the linktree, sometime this weekend or early next week, as part of the last honeybee update. I cant wait to show you the two other necklace designs!
I asked and you answered! After asking as to whether you would like to see the last (I swear last!) honeybee designs ahead of the surprise shop updates, most said "Yes!"
So I have finished photographing the three necklace designs for the surprise shop updates, and will share them over the next few days. And they will land in the new shop either over the weekend or early next week.
As I mentioned before, the reason I held a few designs back for surprise updates is I wanted another way for people to purchase before I move away from bees. Big shop updates can be exciting, but chaotic, and can be disappointing if more than one person is trying to buy the same piece. Some people are in time zones or have work schedules where the regular shop updates are hard to participate in. And so, it is my hope that these few surprise updates will allow serendipity to help a bees find homes.
I have to say, it felt very strange and a bit sad to saw out my very last honeybee. At least, last for a few years. While I wont exactly miss painstakingly sawing around those teeny-tiny fragile legs and antennas, I will miss being able to hold a tiny swarm in my hands. I will miss hearing their buzz and scuttle while sipping my coffee before starting my work. I will miss their tiny bodies hovering above sticky citrine. This collection has been a joy to create, and my greatest solace is knowing there are hundreds of these little honeybees out in the world, soaking up the warmth of distant suns and buzzing around the hands, wrists, ears, and throats of so many bee-charmers and garden-tenders.