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Artisan jewelry by Michaela Batstone 🔨🔥🍃
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✖️ Raven Collection: Sun, Nov 18 @ 7pm EST

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The ravens are all fluffed and preened for tonight's shop update. Silky black feathers and smooth beaks. The house is aclatter with the excited movements of this sterling silver flock, and I can hear their chatter all the way to the coffee shop down the street! They are even more anxious for their intended keepers; faithful familiars waiting for their kindreds. See you in 5 minutes in the Etsy shop! ▪️ Keep in mind, these are the last of the raven designs until next autumn!
Phew! All of the raven pieces are officially completed and photographed. Now I will be  sipping coffee with anime on the tv while I write the 60+ listings for the next 6 hours.
What does your Sunday contain? A cozy dinner with your fella? Napping, books, and self-care? Tossing on your red dancing shoes and hitting the town? I would love to know how this day finds you.
✖️ The Waiting Raven Collection Shop Update: TONIGHT, November 18th at 7pm EST ✖️
Tonight, tonight, sweet corvids! I am currently finishing the last of the four raven and onyx cuff bracelets and then everything will be ready for tonight's shop update.
✖️ The Waiting Raven Collection Shop Update: Sunday, November 18th at 7pm EST ✖️
"The way a crow 
Shook down on me 
The dust of snow 
From a hemlock tree 
Has given my heart 
A change of mood 
And saved some part 
Of a day I had rued."
I thought of this Frost poem tonight. We are in the midst of our first snowstorm of the year, feathery clumps of snow curently swirling past our window. Earlier we walked to the coffee shop for soy peppermint hot chocolates, and when we cut across the park we heard scratchy movements and deep chatters coming from the tippy-tops of the oak trees above. There was a proper murder of crows holding what seemed to us like a rather contentious meeting! We stood there for a while, blinking through the snowflakes and watching the crows amongst the branches silhouetted. And this moment reminded me of the above Robert Frost poem, and also my upcoming collection. I am continually wonderstruck with the way in which life and art swirl and mix.
These are the two different sizes for the two ravens with onyx briolettes. There will be 13 of each size in this Sunday's shop update!  I just love holding these in my hand, the perfect November guests.
The back of my favorite picasso jasper raven pendant. Leafless branches against an evening November sky. ✨
This is how the smaller raven and onyx necklace looks while worn; light as a raven feather, a quiet companion. See you tomorrow!
✖️ The Waiting Raven Collection Shop Update: Sunday, November 18th at 7pm EST ✖️
"How sweetly did they float upon the wings
Of silence, through the empty-vaulted night
At every fall smoothing the raven down
Of darkness till it smil'd."
✖️ The Waiting Raven Collection: Sunday, November 18th at 7pm EST ✖️
Simple waiting ravens silhouetted against the dark gray of early evening, faceted black onyx suspended below, and on the back of the pendants, a few inscribed stars, the first of the evening.
There will be a bunch of these in Sunday's shop update; thirteen smaller ones and fourteen larger ones.
✖️ The Waiting Raven Collection Shop Update: Sunday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m. EST ✖️ The shop update has been officially decided upon! The raven pieces will alight in the shop this Sunday evening. 
I still have to somehow finish the four cuffs before then, but the finished ravens have been encouraging me on as I work with the rustling of feathers and short, scratchy cawing. 
Pictured here is my face-out raven design, with a multi-faceted onyx dewdrop broiler suspended below. I have been wearing this necklace all day, and have decided to keep one for myself. I love it for its lightness and the subtle movement of the gemstone, like the brush of a feather. 
Tell me, which design do you prefer? This, the Picasso jasper with the raven window to the back of the stone, or the onyx and raven cuffs? I would love to know!
In addition to my Picasso jasper pieces with the raven window to the back of the stone, I will also have lots of these simple raven pieces, for those who wish to have their raven facing out watching the world. ▪️ A simple waiting raven silhouette set against an oxidized backdrop, a faceted black onyx suspended below, and on the back of the pendant, a few inscribed stars, the first of the evening. ▪️ There will be two versions of this design, thirteen smaller ones (like the one pictured) and fourteen larger ones with a larger onyx briolette. ▪️ It is looking like the Waiting Raven collection will be hitting the shop this Sunday, November 18 at 7pm EST. I am waiting for a few pieces of onyx to arrive in the mail, and then I will be able to finish everything! ▪️ Keep in mind, these are the last ravens until next autumn!
After tallying up all your feedback from yesterday on whether I should list them with an adjustable chain (17-20") or a fixed chain (to be finished at the buyer's desired length), I found that it is quite evenly split! So, despite the fact that it will take a bit more prep, I am going to offer both options for these. ▪️ If I can get all my ravens in a row, it looks like the shop update with be either Sunday, November 18 or Wednesday, November 21 at 7pm EST. Tell me sweet friends, do you have a preference? Since this collection is only visited once a year, I want to try to accommodate as many people as possible!
I just finished all the Picasso jasper raven designs for the "Waiting Raven Collection," and goodness, it is a veritable flock! They are patiently roosting around my studio as I finish the pieces in the two other raven designs, but I can tell they are anxious to fly into the world. ▪️ Isn't Picasso jasper something?? Like the dark branches of a leafless tree silhouetted against an evening sky. And these ones were polished to saturated perfection by @daileycutgems ▪️ This will be the only Waiting Raven Collection until next fall, so I am making sure to have lots of pieces available in each of the designs for anyone who has been waiting or is planning to pick some up as gifts. ▪️ I don't have an exact date  for the release yet, but it will likely be a week or two from now! ▪️ Question for you! Would you prefer these necklaces to come on adjustable chains from 17"-20" or would you prefer to choose your fixed chain to be finished after purchase? I would love to know.
"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion." ▪️ Feeling a tad misanthropic tonight. When I was young I used to read lots and LOTS of books pertaining to Arthurian legend. (Still do!) And I was quite convinced that Merlin's crystal cave deep in the forest was the ideal living situation. The word "hermit" had no negative connotations, just impressions of a quiet mind, intentional living, and being on a first name basis with all the animal neighbors, of course. (Though that bit likely came from the movie "The Sword in the Stone.")