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Competition is on!!! FaceTiming with my boy @bennysmusic from #phoenix to #brooklyn let’s see who gets more likes!!! @mendyhershkowitz.  please like mine not his 🤣😝😎
1M in 1 YEAR!!! Thanks to all of you!!! And it’s on my anniversary!! So ill consider this your present to me 😜#LECHA #GRATEFUL #HANC #hancmakesithappen @shimmsocool @hanc_west_hempstead
Happy birthday to me!!! 😊🎉🙏Another incredible year has passed and I have so much to be thankful for. My wife and kids for always being so supportive no matter how far I traveled or how long I was away. The rest of my family and close friends for always chipping in and being there when we needed you most. And of course to all of you who continue to support me day in and day out. What would I be without you guys!! Wishing you all another great year ahead filled with Simchas and health and happiness for you and your loved ones!! Happy Chanukah!! #birthdayboy #dec9
Happy Chanukah everyone!! Baruch HaShem I had a crazy busy week but i gotta make some time for the Chevra... 🎉🎈🎁🎸🎼
Another show with the legend @shwekey in #boca.  2500 people here at a sold out show. The energy in the room was mamish incredible!! The chanukah tour continues... Happy Chanukah!! #cleveland #boca #miami #newyork #phoenix
YO YO YO!!! Kdei Lehodos - my brand new single is now available on iTunes!!! Go get it!! Happy Chanukah everyone and thanks for all of your incredible support!! #itunes #single #musicvideo
SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE MY BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO ‘KDEI LEHODOS’ IS NOW LIVE!!! Go check it out and share!! Happy Chanukah!!! @shimmsocool @zvika_born #musicvideo #single #newsong #happychanukah
Tune in!! We’re live now and having a blast at the RCCS auction 🎉@beriweber @mendypellin @kosherguru @countryyossi
Make sure to tune in tomorrow night to the @rccscancer live auction and talent show. We’ll be raising money B’ezras Hashem for this amazing organization. I’ll be a judge along with some fine geshmake gentlemen @beriweber @mendypellin @itscountryyossi and the host for the evening is @kosherguru should be a blast!! Don’t miss it!! #live #talentshow #auction
I had such an incredible weekend in israel. Finished it off on Motzei Shabbos with an interview with  @menachem.toker from KOL CHAI radio. Then I went to a beautiful event in Ramat Beit Shemesh for @chaiyanu_chai_lifeline_israel raising money for children who have nebach cancer. The community gave me such a warm welcome. Won’t forget this event ever!! Israel hope to be back soon!!
Doesn’t get much better than this. ירושלים של זהב ושל נחושת ושל אור #ירושלים
The holiest place in the world with big bro Duvie.