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Yr 10 and L6 made it to the Basquiat  @ Barbican and have some AMAZING work to show for it! 👑
Steele and Merelina made some super connections relating to Anthony Hill's 'Relief Construction'.
Lily and Izzy taking on the challenge of Frank Bowling's 'Mirror'
Thananya, Matilda, Bayan and Amelia have worked on Peter Blake's 'Portrait of David Hockney in a Spanish Hollywood Interior'
Lucy, Ella Bea, and Eenes working on Derek Boshier's 'the identi-kit man'
Hailed, Olivia and Lexi, looking at the imposing sculpture of Anthony Carro 'Twenty Four Hours'
Saffron, Erin, Olivia, Georgia, Vittoria working on Richard Hamiltons 'fashion plate' and Jamie Reid's 'No Feelings'
Elisha and Maysie have been focusing on Richard Hamiltons 'Hommage à Crysley Corp'
Elisa, Grace and Bella have been looking at Denzil Forrester's 'Three Wicked Men'
Sofia, Tavy, Phoebe, Ella and Julia have been doing some fabulous work on Chris Ofili's 'no woman, no cry' #chrisofili #nowomannocry🎶
Basquiat @the Barbican centre- L6, year 10 and year 8 are visiting it next week / just before Christmas. Miss Devine's review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️