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Lino printing fun in the Lower Sixth. We’ve been boggling our brains trying to work out which bit to cut next!
Happy Halloween! Year 9 have been working on a spooky still life to improve their quick painting techniques!
8HK loving the Anni Albee’s show @tate
Elisha, Hailey and Olivia working on their play inspired by The Guerrilla Girls @tate
The start of our @jenstark inspired installation has gone up in the art room this evening... come and add your own drips in art club on Monday afternoon or Tuesday second lunch!
Popppy and Hennie are printing some amazing PET PORTRAITS!!! #artclub #petportaits #linoprinting
Canterbury and Iona’s house banners are looking AWESOME!! Well done Giulia, Elisha and Trix. 🥇 🥈 🥉 #sportsday #housebanners
Lower Sixth have started the year beautifully with portraits. Well done girls!
Bob and Roberts Smith at the Royal Academy giving you all some good advice: get those BEAUTIFUL B pencils ready for the new school year! If you haven’t already signed up for Art Club on Monday’s speak to Miss Minto: we’re going to be risking life and limb creating Lino print portraits! #goodlife #artlife #Bisforbeautiful #artmakesyouhappy
Emilia and Daphne have been treasure hunting for Lubaina Himid’s work The Carrot Piece, 1985.
Margot and Jana are a bit confused about what a still life is 😂 #haveitaughtyounothing
The ultimate art educator, Joseph Beuys. We Are The Revolution, 1972. Beuys was inspired by the global student protests that swept the globe in May 1968. At this time Beuys work became far more political and he stood for election for the Green Party in Germany. This work is a call to others to take action.