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'70s inspired hand shaped surfboards by Simon Jones.

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Incoming from another foreign correspondent @saltedmemoirs  Back to the source
More foreign correspondents reporting at minus 10 @torrenmartyn @needessentials @ishkaimagery @laurietowner @tedgrambeau
Foreign correspondent @baanjo via @stevecollinson Mote Board
7’9” @needessentials  The Wing
6’4” Fiji @onboard_store @onboardstorebyronbay @onboardstorebali
Ye old Bali Board. There’s even roosters crowing in the background
Here’s Guil’s Fiji’s tripping in the wind. 6’1” and 6’6” at rear via @foamandfunction
Here’s a Mote Board that’s part of an order for Guil via @foamandfunction  Thanks for being patient!!
7’10” Massive for Dave in Victoria.
7’6” Massive
Fiji for Andrew.....hovering @onboardstorebyronbay
When I watch this I press from toes to heels and back again @torrenmartyn 🇿🇦 🎥 @ishkaimagery