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This is my entry for #kingdomofstoriesrep search! I have been in love with your bookmarks ever since I first saw the Falling Kingdoms ones! My name is Morrighan and I live on 70+ acres of forests in the mountains of Pennsylvania. My love of nature is represented in all of my photos. I am a single mama, book hoarder, and #bookstagram addict! I would love to be able to feature your bookmarks in my photos and I feel like I could really make them shine with my style! I am happy for the chance and I wish you the best of luck choosing your new reps! 馃挅
I picked up this duology because the covers were gorgeous! Yes, I am a coverwhore. Don't judge! I blame it on #bookstagram 馃槀

Have you guys read this? If so, how was it?! Look at this beautiful candle from @cornerfoldscandles 馃挅 It smells so delicious and I really am loving the general #bookish ones. Make sure you give their feed a follow; the ladies are getting ready to announce a giveaway and their Black Friday sale! 
I was tagged by the lovely @bookdragonellazara to do the #fivefemalecharacters tag. Thank you love!
鈥elin Ashryver Galathinius is my main girl crush!
鈥eyre is a close second.
鈥lue Sargent is my official side chick.
鈥leiona Bellos is my golden princess.
鈥ysandra is my badass snow leopard!

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My electric has been out since late last night and I'm trying to conserve battery life on my phone! I live so far out in the woods that it usually takes a couple of days to get it restored when it goes out. I am not a fan of little house on the prarie living, let me tell you. 馃槶

On a happier note, this amazing Queen of Terrasen candle from @lunarbazaarcandles smells wonderful. The dried jasmine blossoms on top are not only beautiful, but add a floral undertone to the overall scent. There will be a 20% off sale starting the 24th for Black Friday, and my rep code can be used on top of the sale prices! LUNARROSE10 *Sale runs until Cyber Monday, the 27th*

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I saw the sun come out and ran outside for this photo. By the time I had it set up, the elusive light in the sky had disappeared and the clouds were endless. I really like how it turned out though! 
I've had family visiting all weekend and haven't had a whole lot of time for #bookstagram sadly. I did manage to get a new booksleeve started and it looks gorgeous. (Check my story for photos) 
I'm STILL reading All the Crooked Saints and while I love the story, my reading time has been nonexistent. I'm hoping to finish tonight and maybe start A Darker Shade of Magic series. Fingers crossed baby beast behaves herself!

The Fjerda candle is from the lovely @cornerfoldscandles and smells ahhmazing! Use my code, ROSE10 to save some moneys when ordering from their beautiful Etsy shop! 
Make me your villain candle from @_iceydesigns was a gift from the sweet @travelerofnewlands 馃挅

What is your favorite candle company and why?! 馃暞锔 #bookish #soc #sixofcrows #grishaverse #grisha #igreads #booksofinstagram #bookphoto #bookporn #cornerfoldscandles #bookishcandles #bookishmerch
Hey guys. I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. I recently got this book because I've seen it all over #bookstagram 
My heart is broken today. Last year on Thanksgiving, protesters of the Dakota pipeline; natives and non natives alike were being sprayed by tear gas, hit by trucks and basically being terrorized by police because they were protesting a pipeline construction on their own sacred land. Today, the very thing they feared has come to pass. The pipeline has leaked and spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil onto this sacred beautiful area of South Dakota. Who knows if the water will ever be safe again. My heart hurts for these Lakota people that will now likely have to leave their land AGAIN because of the greed of men. Humanity makes me sick today and I am shedding tears for our earth. 
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The Darker Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab is super high on my #tbr ! I have heard nothing but amazing things about her writing and I cannot wait to jump into this world and find out what all the hype is about. 
I was able to sneak in this photo just as it started sleeting. The weather is so gloomy and it feels like a snowstorm may be coming my way. If that happens, my photos will have to change so I thought today would be a good day to kind of ease into my winter theme. I hope you guys like the new-ish feel 馃尣

I am currently waiting on my mailman to deliver a package I won in a giveaway from the lovely @travelerofnewlands ! I will unbox it in my stories hopefully this evening and it is all a surprise so I'm super excited! I also wanted to thank everyone for entering my giveaway. I picked a winner last night and I can't wait to send out her package. I hope you love it @bookwhit 馃挅 I will be organizing another giveaway soon. Any suggestions about what to include as prizes?! #bookstagram #bookish #booksofinstagram #nature #beauty #igreads #instabooks #books #bookporn #adsom #readers
I love everything about this Muse of Nightmares candle from @lunarbazaarcandles ! Strange the Dreamer was one of my favorite reads of the year and Sarai's character was wonderfully written. This candle smells freaking AHHMAZING and is topped with dried chamomile buds. Just look how gorgeous Kim's labels are. I highly recommend checking out the Etsy shop and you can use my code: LUNARROSE10 to save yourself some moneys!

The Etsy shop also has some amazing holiday bundles right now; a Queen Maas bundle includes exclusive candles, a Honeydukes Harry Potter box, Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls, AND a custom bundle where you can get this candle right here!

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I love these general #bookish candles from @cornerfoldscandles Being a single mama, I can't buy a candle for every book I love and this #bookstagram candle makes the perfect prop for any book! Not to mention that it smells AMAZING! Be sure to check out their Etsy store and use my code: ROSE10 to save yourself some money. 
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I absolutely LOVE my candles from the wonderful ladies at @cornerfoldscandles ! Swipe right to see a close-up of the amazing Fjerda candle from the Grishaverse world. Check my stories to watch my unboxing and be sure to check out @cornerfoldscandles Etsy shop! My code, ROSE10 saves you some moneys 馃榾

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Mondays are a big pile of dog poo flaming on the porch. Especially after a nice, long weekend. 馃槶 It's super gloomy outside and I'm feeling the same way so here is a black and white #bookstack 馃摎 
Most of these books are still patiently waiting on my #tbr pile for me to find the time to read them. I am about 100 pages into All the Crooked Saints though and I am loving the story. The quirky way Maggie Stiefvater describes people and even things is fantastic. 
At the moment, I'm waiting for the mailman to deliver my rep package for @cornerfoldscandles ! I cannot wait to do another awkward unboxing for you guys this evening 馃槀 Hopefully baby beast will stay asleep for this one!

Have you read any of the books in this stack? Which is your favorite?

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Hey guys! I was able to finish my Raven Boys book sleeve today and I honestly couldn't be happier with it. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Baby beast is napping and I'm going to snuggle her for a bit. Sorry for the short post and quick photo but nap time is serious! 馃槀馃槝 What is your dream book sleeve? Colors, quotes, imagery? I may just start making these for other people as well. 馃挅

I was tagged by the beautiful miss @bookdragonellazara to do the #spellthemonthinbooks tag. Thank you love!
N - Night Circus
O - Orphan Queen
V - Vicious
E - Ember in the Ashes
M - Mirror King
B - Blue Lily, Lily Blue
E - Exiled Queen
R - Roar 
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I am curled up by the fire on this freezing cold day in the mountains. I've got my chai spiced tea and a good book (that I haven't read a single page of yet 馃槀) This weekend has been so relaxing! 
I've started sewing the Raven Boys booksleeve and I'm hoping to finish it this evening at some point. I will post updates in my story if you all are interested! 
#bookishscavengerhunt17 Book with pirates - Blackhearts is a story about Blackbeard!
#fanaticalbirdnov latest bookish merch buy - this amazing bookmark from @littleinklingsdesign is GORGEOUS! 
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Who is your favorite pirate?! #bookstagram #bookish #bookishmerch #bookmark #books #booksofinstagram #igreads #ravenboys #bookporn