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He's starting to laugh those sweet baby laughs. (But still won't smile if he notices the camera! 😂) 💖🦊 #roryallen
😭💖 #roryallen
He is so determined to start moving already! Managed to army crawl about 2 ft across the bed before he got tired! WHAT EVEN LITTLE BOY? 😰😭 #roryallen #growinguptoofast
HIS HAIR. OMG. 😭🦊💖 #roryallen #redhead #mamasmini
He has officially lost his first tooth!! He was worried the tooth fairy would be mad because be accidentally swallowed it. 😌💖
I'm happy/sad. He's growing up so damn fast. 😣 #jamesorville #firstlosttooth
It's not perfect, but I'll keep it because
A) All 3 of us are in the photo
B) Nobody is screaming! 😅💖💙 #jamesorville #roryallen #firstdayofprek
Just dropped my big boy off for his last First Day of Preschool. Next year he'll be in kindergarten. 😭💖 #jamesorville #classof2031
I am the luckiest mama in the whole world. 😍🌍 #jamesorville #roryallen
LOOK AT THAT LEANING TOOTH. SHOULD BE ANY DAY NOW!! 😀😱 #jamesorville #loosetooth
Austin says this onesie makes him look like he's in the 90s. 😅
Happy 3 months, Squish! 🍄🦊💖 #roryallen #roryinthebasket
Today was tough. I am feeling incredibly stressed and a little lost. But I am still here, I am still breathing, and I know this feeling will pass. I am so very thankful for these two little moon beams on days like today! For they keep me going even in my darkest of moods. 🌙💖 #jamesorville #roryallen #everythingidoisforyou